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Feasible to the rich, quixotic to the poor, and very asinine to the concerted, where the evil ageless one lurks

The old shack for sale in Onett

Feasible to the rich - Feasible means that it's do-able. So, the rich could afford this thing.

quixotic to the poor, - quixotic means that you'd just be dreamin' if you want this thing!

and very asinine to the concerted, - you're gonna need a beatin' with the WOoS (Wooden Oar of Stoopidity) if you wanna buy THIS house. It reminds me of the time I killed the sidebar! Asinine means to be foolish, and concerted means to be concerned of.

where the evil ageless one lurks - AAAA!!! The demon child!!! RUN!!!! PH33R!!!! It's unborn (so it's ageless) and evil! Evil! EEEEVVVVIIIILLLL!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!... But it's got NOTHIN' on Ploqaz though! GWAHAHAHAHA!!!!


The song by the waters below, - The guy who plays the horn by the cliff at the ocean.

ring past the ears of the defrauder - It's by the guy who sells you the house. A defrauder is a crook. And, for what he wants for that house, he's crazy too!

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The song by the waters below, ring past the ears of the defrauder.

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  • Plo's Crazy Comments:

    YeeeeeHaw! You got it! Very sweet! A million times sweeter than sucrose! Heh, anyway, I need Seifer to send me his forum name, so go do it Seifster. Anyway, have a good one, whatever that one may be. See ya!


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