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Guarded by many, known by all, haunting pierced darkness, handling garbage in lightfall.


Guarded by many, - Venus has a few bodyguards who ever-so-kindly escort Mr. Spoon off the stage.

known by all, - She's a big celebrity to everyone there.

haunting pierced darkness, - She sings a haunting melody which makes the audience go nuts. There's a spotlight above her, which pierces the darkness.

handling garbage in lightfall. - In her dressing room (where the lights go back on) she picks up and signs a banana peel for Ness and co.


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I'm not gonna touch this one with a 10-foot platinum crap pole

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    First off, I'm sorry I haven't updated + I suck + Please don't beat me + Okay I deserve to be beaten, lay it on me + Ouch. Next off, CRAMGRATULATIONS!!! Without updating in almost 7 months, I'd sorta figure there'd be more winners than this, but oh well, maybe you can score a point this round! Anyway, I've always been afraid of having a schedule, which is why I've never committed myself to weekly updates. But now that I have, I sure hope I can stick to them, as well as a lot of other stuff I've got to pick back up. I've been here for 5.5 years now, and I really love this site. I don't wanna start drifting away like so many other people I've used to know. I know the game it was based upon is almost 10 years old now, but I can't see anywhere else I would rather belong to. Anyway, enjoy the update, and see ya on Tuesday :D!


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