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Particles of bloodshot negative.

Electro Swoosh & Evil Eye

Particles of ... negative. - Negative particles = electrons, and electrons create electricity. Electro Swoosh uses electrical attacks and has those wicked lightning bolt eyebrows! While Evil Eye uses Brainshock.

bloodshot - Your eyes can become bloodshot when you have them open for a really long time, like if you stay up two days straight on the computer making stuff. *rubs eyes* Evil Eye and Electro Swoosh's eyes are constantly open, so I'd bet they'd be bloodshot if they weren't made of a few pixels.


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8 (Crap!)

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    WOAH!!! It has finally happened! Anthadd has broken the 20 points barrier! He now gets a purple badge! I'm gonna hook him up with it asap, as with everyone else who's earned one since the forum moved. Oh yeah, and remember, you can only guess once a day. If you submit a guess with multiple answers, it won't count! Anyway, sorry for the slightly late update, but you're all used to that by now eh? Heheh, see yaz!


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