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Under flashes of undecorated service, it may take more than just your life.

Military Octobot

Under flashes - You find them in the 3rd section of Stonehenge Base, in the area where the lights flash on and off.

of undecorated service, - This octobot is serving in the Giygas military, however it doesn't get to wear those cool medals like the starmen do.

it may take more than just your life. - Besides the fact that it can kill you, they are notorious for stealing your stuff.


Days Posted: About one year, two months. Good lord.
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First of all I'd like to thank all of you for still clinging to the hope that I may someday update. I'm sorry I've let it gather cobwebs, and then let it decompose, then let it grow mushrooms (not the red ones that make you bigger or the green ones that give you lives, I mean the blue ones that kill you). I'll try not to let it go again like that. Second, I've got a bit of a problem. Awhile back my email broke, and many submissions went into oblivion. For months I was wondering what I should do, either just update with no winners, or just update with whatever winners I could still find (which is what I'm doing now). It sort of discouraged me from updating, and then other stuff kept getting in the way and now it's a year later, heheh. So for those of you who got a point, congratulations, for everyone else who guessed the correct answer but wasn't listed, I'm really really really sorry and I hope itt'l never happen again :(. So anyway, good luck with this riddle, and have fun! :D (p.s. I quit World of Warcraft, so expect to see a lot more of me.)


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