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This rived monstrosity will rive you well if you canvass the trove

Shattered Man or Fierce Shattered Man

This rived monstrosity - rived means broken, or shattered. *a small light clicks above your head* Shattered Man!

will rive you well - this guy will lay the smack down on ya! Level up or use PSI paralysis, cause' you're in for a tough battle!

if you canvass the trove - canvass means to inspect thoroughly. A trove is a find/treasure of some sort. Like the hieroglyph upstairs in the museum (where the Shattered Men are), or the Hawk Eye in the Scaraba Sphinx (where the Fierce Shattered Men are).


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  • Kaz
  • SimonBob
  • Pineapple Kid
  • Zepheros
  • Dali's Clock
  • Imrahil
  • Gauntlet Wizard
  • CodeHunter64
  • Ghost Of Starman
  • Yig Sag
  • RPGuy
  • Bluegoo26
  • KrakenHunter
  • Anthadd
  • spaanoft
  • Diamond Dog

  • Plo's Crazy Comments:

    Muy Muchos Muerte Fuerte ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! You guys are racking up points quickly! I'm gonna need BloopBleepBlop, Kaz, and Yig Sag's forum names. Seifer, you should be gettin' yours soon! And Anthadd! DUDE! You're at 9! Thats the highest score EVER!!! One more point, and you'll get the next level badge! I tell ya, getting 10 HARD Trivia questions right DEFINITELY yields bragging rights!!!!!! Anyway, thanks to all who played, and good luck on this one! Adios!


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