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Who cannot extant; a specialist of sundry.
Giver of the world, feeder of the unhungry.

Magicant Merchant

Who cannot extant; a specialist of sundry: To "extant" means to exist; it is the antonym of extinct. The Magicant Merchant cannot actually exist because he isn't actually real.
Sundry is a term used for miscellaneous items. When you talk to him he says, "Hi! This shop specializes in puddings and pendants!"

Giver of the world, feeder of the unhungry: He sells you the "Earth" pendant and Magic Pudding. The Magic Pudding only gives you PP, so it won't help you if you need to restore your HP.


  • Incoherent Moron
  • Absoltastic
  • Starstorm Trooper
  • Gauntlet
  • Elobo


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