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Beyond the corners of the mind, lies the power of the Earth, the source of salvation, and the coming of evil

PSI or psychokinetic energy

Beyond the corners of the mind, - PSI is beyond the internment of our mind. It is generated there, and is unleashed beyond it.

lies the power of the Earth, - All your sanctuary locations around the earth magnify your power. In a sense, the power of the earth is energizing you.

the source of salvation, - In the end, it was Paula's psychic prayers that defeated Giygas, and restored peace to the world.

and the coming of evil - Giygas influenced the minds of other people, animals, and monsters. It was the beginning. The beginning of a war, bound for Earth.


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    YEAH!!! You two rock! And everyone else, you all had great guesses! Now this is amazing. 2 out of more than 100 people got it right! Though, heh, that really isn't that strange in the world of HARD Trivia (hee hee, I live in my own little world!). Well, it's time for me to go to bed, and time for YOU to blow-up some brains! Oh, and speaking of brains, last Thursday, I went in for an MRI. I got to see whats inside my head! And I was right! Hamsters! Gwahahahaha! NOW GO PLAY OR PLOQAZ WILL EAT YOU!!!!!


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