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The plural form of a stag, though not literally. It has a sinking tune to it.

Yellow Submarine

The plural form of a stag, - Remember the item you can purchase in Saturn Valley? The Stag Beetle. The plural form would be stag beetles.

though not literally. - It's not really a stag beetle, but something else with a similar name.

It has a sinking tune to it. - Sinking? Tune? Stag Beetles?....Tune.... like a song... Stag Beetles... Stag... Beetles.. The Beatles!!!!! Hmmm... Sinking... Hey! They made an album called Yellow Submarine! HOLY MOLEY PEPPERONI!! Theres a yellow submarine in EarthBound!!! HUZZAH!!!! (Or something like that ;-)


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1 (ph33r Frank...he r taquito madam!)

Day 1 Hint:

Before the caliginous abyss, you take the road less traveled

Before the caliginous abyss, - Caliginous means dark. Abyss means deep. Now wheres a place in EarthBound thats dark and deep? *coughdeepdarkness*

you take the road less traveled - Before you go to Deep Darkness, you've gotta take the submarine to get there.

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Day 3 Hint:



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