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The cylindrical blockades in the land below, force you into the wasteland

The barrels in the sewer below Fourside

The cylindrical - Barrels are cylinders

blockades - The barrels block your way

in the land below, - The sewer is underground

force you into the wasteland - You can't get through them... sooo... Ummm... Ya have to wallow into the detour *shudder*


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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You all are now officially cool!!! As the updates keep rolling in, so do the winners! And anyway, I would like to thank all the people like SLing, who keep on guessing every day, but still don't have have any points. It's people like you who make Plo's HARD Trivia as popular as it is today. So anyway... GO NOW, AND GET SOME FREAKIN' POINTS!!!!!!!!!


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