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This small senior is not what Ness holds close to him

Elder Batty

This small senior - Elder means old. So does senior. And bats are small. 2 + 2 = 4.

is not what Ness holds close to him - Ness holds a bat close to him (which I think is just nuts because any brainless fool would know that eating people is much more effective!). It's a horrible pun, I know. The complaint department is in my mouth. Come on in!


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    GREAT! NICE! WHATEVER! GWAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!! I could have eaten 27 people in the time it took me to update this thing!! If any of you win again, I'm gonna chew up your modem! Now anyway, Plo is doing just fine! A strong gust of 'randomly placed' wind blew him into a river, and he is now safely floating downstream! Awww, isn't that nice? NOW SCRAM!!!


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