Q: What is Plo's HARD Trivia?
A: It's a riddle based trivia game for EarthBound that I started it back in 1999. It began when reidman would use his IRC script called "AutoEB" to conduct trivia sessions in #earthbound. He'd ask simple trivia questions, but unfortunately the winners were usually decided by whoever could type the fastest and/or had the best internet connection. Being a crummy typer on AOL, I didn't fare so well. I decided to start another trivia game that would be slow, difficult, and would create long pauses of contemplation instead of frantic keyboard racing. It was on Starmen.Net for a long time, then it wasn't, and now it is again! Yay!

Q: How do I play?
A: Read the current riddle, think about what it could be referring to from EarthBound, and submit your answer. The answer will either be a person, place, or thing (and is usually pretty esoteric).

Q: Does it involve all of the MOTHER games, or just EarthBound?
A: Currently just EarthBound (MOTHER 2), so you'll be swingin' at the wind if you make MOTHER 1 or MOTHER 3 based submissions.

Q: How often is it updated?
A: Once a week, probably on Friday or Sunday (or maybe even Funday).

Q: Can I submit multiple answers?
A: No, only once a week. If you guess multiple times, only your most recent one will be valid, so make it count.

Q: What if I submit two answers in one submission? (two answers at the same time)
A: Then your submission becomes invalid. Don't do it!

Q: Do I have to spell everything "coorectly"?
A: You don't HAVE to, but I would appreciate correct spelling. It still has to be understandable to be valid.

Q: What if I give a vague answer like "Antoid"?
A: You have to be specific and say either "Black Antoid" or "Red Antoid". No blanket answers will be accepted.

Q: What if I guess something that fits perfectly with the riddle, but wasn't what the answer was?
A: I'll consider each answer, and will accept alternate answers if I think they fit perfectly with the riddle. Riddles can be fairly subjective, but I'll do my best to be fair.

Q: What if I guess wrong?
A: You hit yourself with the SPoD.

Q: What if I guess right?
A: You get 1 point.

Q: What do these points do?
A: 5 points gets you a green PHT badge, 10 points gets you a red PHT badge and a forum rank, 15 points gets you a blue PHT badge and a forum avatar, and 20 points gets you a purple PHT badge.

Q: Where can I keep track of my points?
A: You can see them in the Hall of Fame.

Q: Can I give points or rewards to someone else?
A: nope.

Q: Can I have a group discussion on the forum about what I think the answer is?

Q: Where can I see the answer to the previous riddle?
A: Below the current question, you'll see a list of the previous riddles. Check em' out!

Q: Can I come up with a riddle for you?
A: Sure, but I won't use it. I'll only use riddles I come up with myself.

Q: If the answer to last week's riddle was "Worthless Protoplasm", will it never be the answer again?
A: It could be; I'll occasionally re-use previous answers in different riddles.

Q: Why does it tell me to log in?
A: You have to be logged into the forum to submit an answer.


Q: What if I have a question that's not listed here?
A: Feel free to send me an email: [email protected] or PM me on the forum: Ploqazxswm.



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