Episode 1 - Runaway 5 vs. DCMC

Last Week's Prompt:
What would you like to see on Mailbag?

Runaway 5 vs. DCMC [TWEET]:

@TheAbsol (mATT bRANDL) says:
@smnetmailbag Serious question: Runaway Five or DCMC?


vid and Tofu respond:

It seems we can't come to a proper agreement on this- check out the video to see us debate the finer points of fake video game bands!

How aMUSE-ing [TWEET]:

@AppAwk (Hp Boost) says:
@smnetmailbag Perhaps I'll use Twitter to submit poetry to you all…

25th episode, be there or be square:

Emily says:

I want to see a crazy off-the-cuff rap battle on the topic of the struggles of a student living at the boy's academy in Winters.


vid and Tofu respond:

Whoa, let's not rush into this relationship! We need about twenty-four more episodes for momentum, training, and... technical adjustments. But rest assured, it will happen.

Mailbag Expectations:

Cultist says:

Hey guys, I'm not really share exactly what to expect from Mailbag, not being around during its first glorious run, though I'm hoping it'll be fun and interesting to hear you answers to the community's questions!


vid and Tofu respond:

Thanks! We're not sure what to expect either, but we're looking forward to it all the same!


Bootsness (AKA Amstrauz)

Hey guys! Glad to see that mailbag is returning after such a long time! I don't even think I was a member of the site when the last mailbag was released. In any case, I'll be glad to participate in the revitalization of this sweet section of the site!
Without any further ado, my question for you guys is this: Out of all the special events that have happened during your time as a member, what stands out the most as your favourite, most memorable site-related event of all time? Be it a specific funfest, quirky thread, livestream marathon, or maybe just a get together with some other members IRL, what have you had the most fun doing during your time here?
Thanks for giving this a read!


vid and Tofu respond:

This is a fantastic question! Glad we thought of it...


This Week's Prompt:
What is your favorite or most memorable Starmen.Net moment?

E-mail your responses to us, or mention us on Twitter!



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