Episode 2 - Hall of Memories

Last Week's Prompt:
What is your favorite or most memorable Starmen.Net moment?

I don't like avocados [TWEET]:

@heavenchai (Hustle Chumy) says:
@smnetmailbag Best moment? One word: avsdoda


DragonRaiderX9 says:

There are plenty to choose from. I remember the discussions on the kid in the balloon, or the kid named Adolf Hitler. But the one I keep coming back to is that ridiculous "avsdoda" incident. If I remember, the guy was trying to say avocados, but messed up somehow. For about a page and a half, people started coming up with the most ridiculous ideas, like it being a horrid conspiracy, or the kid being a bad typist due to being stricken with "super cancer". Falc showed up to lock it, since it was an exercise in idiocy, but I remember it fondly. ~DragonRaiderX9

AppAwk's Memory Album [TWEET...s]:

@AppAwk (Hp Boost) says:

@smnetmailbag My favorite moments, in no particular order: Being featured as a quiz whiz on the main page, sharing the news of two...

@smnetmailbag …different Mr. Saturn Plush toys (I own two giant ones), following with everyone in EB playthroughs, and learning about…

@smnetmailbag …@themegas, one of my favorite bands now. Now I get to see them, @SuperSoulBros, @Fangamer & more @rockageSJ! #community #love


vid and Tofu respond:

Awesome! We love it when people make connections to the greater gaming community through


@AppAwk (Hp Boost) says:

@smnetmailbag Also can't forget helping @ozwalled by doing voices for @RadioPSI once!


Tofu responds:

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES ME TO MAKE A GRAPHIC FOR THESE TWEETS?! ...Not very long, actually. But seriously, as much as I love social media, I think some Mailbag submissions might be more suited to microblogging than others. I think a Youtube video might get the Megas some more attention than an @ mention. :P

There once was a man from Nantucket [TWEET]:

@AppAwk (Hp Boost) says:

One shall lead us Two.
Three frightens us strangely, but
Four is just the start…
From the Earth, rise
From the mind, journey onward
From the heart, spread love
Beyond the horrors of greed and sloth,
a cleansing for the noxious froth.
To aid in journeys, far and near,
Cleanse your soul, and purge your fears
But before your quest begins anew,
a short respite, from me to you.


vid and Tofu respond:

We normally avoid focusing too much on one contributor per episode, but this IS our first poetry submission...

Cultist's Memory Chest:

Cultist says...

Strictly forum-wise there's been lots of great moments where discussions just reach hilarious or interesting points where you just can't stop reading. While many may call the former situation as a thread devolving and derailing, sometimes a little silliness is nice, especially if the initial OP wasn't a serious effort to begin with, and it's nice to see the forum come together to clown around and goof off until the joke is beaten dead and the thread is locked.
For the latter, there are moments where discussion on theories, beliefs, and what not, can just get so thought-provoking and interesting, and we can have a serious discussion with little to no issue. I always found it to be a testament to our ability to calmly communicate and converse with one another on a mature level, showing the best of our forums in that aspect.
But just general site-wise, I do really enjoy the moments where I actually got to tune into RadioPSI and hang out in the IIRC chat. It was p fun and neato to be interacting with the show and the other users in the chat, though it's a shame my request couldn't get put on before the show ended. : C
Another thing that comes to mind is the Earthbound Fanfest a few years back. Even though I didn't really participate due to sorta being a lurker at the time (or just too 'n00bish' or shy to participate), it was still cool to see all the stuff going on and contests and stuff, with lots of people participating (or at least from what I could tell.)
But that's just me, really. What are your favorite experiences?


vid and Tofu respond:

Ooh, do you mean the 2011 fanfest? That was actually how we first started talking to each other! See the video for more details- Grandma Tofu's got a story to tell, too!

Shots have been fired:

UnfoundedRevenge says...

My most memorable moment was when...
I dont even, I don't even know. I love every moment I'm on. I liked the Winter Funfest a lot this year. (Actually it was the first funfest I participated in.)
And by the way, DCMC is definitely superior to the Runaway 5. (The Runaway are just a ripoff of the Blues Brothers, anyways ;)


Tofu responds:

AWWWWW SNAPPLE. Hey Lucky, didyouwantsomePSIHealingbetafordat

BUUUUUUUUUUURN HAHAahaha what no please stop yelling at me

MOTHER 4 Speculation [TWEET]:

@robothair (robothair) says:
Mother 4 is coming this winter! What characters would you really like to see return? (Aside from the hint guy, who is confirmed)


Tofu responds:

This guy:

vid responds:

Brick Road. Possibly accompanied by an awesome new fan who is striving to create a sequel to the famous Dungeon Man!


This Week's Prompt:
Who is your favorite MOTHER series character, and why?

E-mail your responses to us, or mention us on Twitter!



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