Mother 1 Encyclopedia:

Mother 1 Encyclopedia

The Mother 1 Encyclopedia takes much resemblance to the Mother 2/EarthBound Player's Guide with a bunch of small useless facts and pictures like an interview with the Mayor of Podunk and pictures of different kinds of food items, obviously you can see the Mother 2 Player's Guide followed along with this weird stuff. This has of course all the basic player's guide kinda stuff: Walkthrough, enemy stats, item prices, and secrets etc.

This Mother book takes the cake for having the most valuable information, all the other ones are just crazy funny merchandise that make the Mother series look cool, which they do. :)

How To Get:

Cover 1 - Cover 2 - Cover 3 - Inside 1 - Inside 2 - Inside 3 - Inside 4 - inside 5

Special thanks to Weldar for providing many of these pictures.



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