Mother 3 Complete Guidebook:

Mother 3 Complete Guidebook

This guidebook came out shortly after the others, was slightly smaller, and was the most expensive. However this guidebook more then proves its worth. The guidebook is broken up into the games chapters. Each section contains one full chapter detailing all objections, maps, items, characters, rare enemy locations and more. At the end of each chapter is a complete list of enemies, their stats, and locations. In between chapters is a more detailed look at characters and events in the game, and even a brief look at Mother 64! There is a character section containing all info on each party member such as their PK and Skills. And finally, at the end is a small Q&A style look at the game which is entitled "Mother 3 for Adult."

This guidebook is not that text heavy. So any non-Japanese speaker could easily pick this guidebook up and use it to play the game. This is possibly the second best, or even best, Mother 3 guidebook! Written in Japanese, 224 pages, full color. Originally sold on June 30th, 2006 for 1,460 Yen.

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