MOTHER Figure Collection 2: Ninten, Lloyd, & Pippi:

Title: MOTHER Figure Collection 2: Ninten, Lloyd, & Pippi
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Licensed: Nintendo of Japan / HAL Laboratories
Release: August 2010 (JP)
Dimensions: 12cm
Price: ¥?
Rare Rating:
Get It: eBay
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The second set to the MOTHER Figure Collection. Added to UFO catching crane games in late August 2010. The complete set includes a 12cm Ninten, Lloyd and Pippi. Ninten is the same from collection 1. Each figure comes in its own box with their sprite representation on the side. Listed on the back are all the figures in that collection as well as figures that are Coming Soon.

In August of 2010 Banpresto started stocking UFO crane catching games with MOTHER series figures, and then MOTHER 2 series in September 2010. Every month or so up until February 2011, the crane games would receive a new collection of figures and mini figures. Figures must be assembled. (head, body, and stand)




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