Mr. Saturn Plushie:

Mr. Saturn Plushie

One of the most wished for Mother/EarthBound items. And now its finally here! You too can have your very own Mr. Saturn. In plushie form that is. The Mr. Saturn Plushie comes with the Mother 1+2 Art Book.

The Mr. Saturn Plushie comes vacuum form sealed inside a plastic bag. When you first see him he looks really really squished. To "inflate" him just open the bag and watch him take shape. You might need to fluff him like a pillow to get his full form.

Now, you might notice that your Mr. Saturn is REALLY WRINKLED! This is the big draw back of stuffing him in a box in a vacuum formed bag. There are a few ways to de-wrinkle him.

PLEASE NOTE! If you follow any of these ideas we are NOT responsible for any damage brought onto Mr. Staurn.
  • Put Mr. Saturn in a Dryer Machine at LOW heat for ONLY 2~3 minutes. Put some other light cloths like t-shirts in with him. This is so when he tumbles his eyes do not get damaged. Some Dryer Machines might have a De-Wrinkle setting. If so use that for about 2~3 minutes as well. When you take Mr. Saturn out you should notice that some wrinkles are gone. Throw him back in again to see if you can lose some more. If he comes back out with the same wrinkles then those you might not be able to get rid of at all. Just note, that not all Dryer Machines are the same so Heat Level and the Time you need to set them at may vary.
  • Try spraying a De-Wrinkle spray product on him. This might work. However, Mr. Saturn might also smell a little. Stinky pew pew.
  • Air Mr. Saturn out. By just being outside of the bag in time Mr. Saturn will lose some of his wrinkles, but not all.
  • DO NOT iron Mr. Saturn. This is the best way to damage him!
  • Throw Mr. Saturn in the Saturn Valley Hot Springs. Worth a try.
How To Get:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Squished

Mr. Saturn Plushie Box Scans:

Front - Back - Open

Thanks to GotARiverFenixEP for some of the Mr. Saturn pictures.



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