SMN Resin Sculptures:

SMN Resin Sculptures

In the summer of 2003 our webmaster reidman was swelling with pride. Starmen.Net was running smoother then ever. Daily main page updates, plenty of new site content, and great monthly community events. reidman thought to himself, "how can I thank all of these hard working people?" Suddenly, as easy as falling off the roof of a barn, it came to him!

reidman commissioned Meeellla to create two very awesome clay figures and then cast them in resin - a Starman DX and a Mr. Saturn. These would be given out as part of the "Big Thank You" to the hard working staff and fellow supporters of Starmen.Net. Their existence has been kept as close secret for almost 2 years now. Around 30 were made, and only a small number were not given out (Meeellla and reidman are still holding onto them). The only way to receive one is constant involvement in supporting Starmen.Net and the community, donating as much as Gio, and lots of luck.

How To Get:
Making Of 1 - Making Of 2 - Letter

Starman DX Images:
Front 1 - Front 2 - Back - Side - Top - Bottom

Mr. Saturn Images:

Mini Mr. Saturn Images:
Front - Back - Side - Size



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