Mother 1 - Famicom & GBA Differences:

The version of MOTHER that appears in MOTHER 1+2 is closely related to the unreleased translation we know as EarthBound Zero, featuring a number of changes that first appeared in the English localization. For Japanese fans the expanded ending and the run button, among other changes, were a welcome surprise.

What follows is a list of changes made between the original MOTHER release in 1989 and the 2003 release of MOTHER 1+2. Thanks to Mother Online for taking the time to document the changes!

System Features and New AdditionsLocalization leftovers

Mother 2 - Super Famicom & GBA Differences:

There aren't too many obvious changes between the SFC and GBA Mother 2 games, but there do seem to be a few, mostly bugfixes.

  • The Rock Candy/condiment glitch has been removed.
  • In Burglin Park, a person talks about flies landing on the food and making it tastier. The text here was altered very slightly in the GBA version.
  • You can't use the Exit Mouse in the Cave of the Past in the GBA port. This was a bug in the SFC version and apparently fixed in EarthBound.
  • The Shattered Men in the Summers Museum disappear after you beat Giygas. In the original games, they would still be there if you avoided them earlier on. The game would also mess up if you died against them after beating Giygas.



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