Mother 2 Item Guide:

This is a guide to assist those that do not know Japanese and are playing Mother 2. This lists the American name counterparts to the Japanese text and also contains other info such as the item price values and if there are any HP or PP gain effects, or what offense or defense "up" bonus it yields. This is especially effective in areas such as the Monkey Cave, stores, Escargo Express, and figuring out what item you have gained in a battle, and in many other places and situations.


This guide is a replication using various Japanese Mother 2 guides. Variables may vary slighly due to the regional difference between Mother 2 and EarthBound. Consult the American EarthBound player's guide along with this to get the most effective results when playing Mother 2 for the Super Famicom or Mother 1+2 for the Gameboy Advance. If there are any blatent, large errors, please notify Jonk.



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