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Our Hack Database is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to the greatest hacks and patches we have compiled. In the past the hack listing was nothing more than a page with a small list of hacks; now we have split everything up into their own categories. Each category will feature the most up-to-date listings of hacks available for that category. Please enjoy! :)

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A Quick Guide to Categorization:

Hacks, in general, will fall under four distinct categories. The categories are:

  • Story Hacks: Also known as a "Script Rewrite", these hacks change the story of EarthBound while keeping the game itself intact. These hacks involve heavy text and sprite editing and maybe even enhanced difficulty and new features, but it is -- at it's core -- the same game as EarthBound.

  • Tacoriffic Hacks: These hacks are known as "Tacoriffic Hack Supremes." They are some of the best hacks available. These hacks completely change around the EarthBound formula and make it into something else entirely. Maybe Mr. Saturn is going on a LucasArts-esque adventure with Jeff, or maybe you're going to save EB no Matsuri with a cast of original characters like Arn and Dog. While a script rewrite takes EarthBound and gives a new story, Tacoriffic Hacks are completely different from the original product and offer fun, satisfying, and original adventures.

  • Technical Hacks: Maybe you're looking to play EarthBound on steroids. Or perhaps you're just looking for a way to make you run without having to use those Skip Sandwiches. If this is the case, then Technical Hacks are for you. Technical Hacks modify game content in some way without changing the story and game structure. Basically, this is kind of like the DLC and patches of the EarthBound world.

  • Experimental Hacks: This is an odd category. Experimental hacks do something to change the EarthBound experience in a major way or to show off a function of the EarthBound ROM.

Don't worry about trying to figure out which category your hack falls under. We'll do that for you when we add it to the database! :)

Submit a Hack:

So you want to submit something to this section? That's cool. You can submit things in a variety of ways, like sending a PM to either NESluver or Hyperbound with a link to what you are submitting, or by using the Submission Form (Just be sure to pick "PK Hack" as the section!). We try to add things as we catch them on the PK Hack forum, but sometimes we may miss something, so if you don't see a hack on the site and it exists somewhere in cyberspace, be sure to let us know!

That said, we do have rules that we would like you to abide by when submitting things. So here they are:


  • Hacks must make a significant change to the EarthBound ROM. This includes complete script overhauls, experimental hacks that change or add major gameplay elements, or completely new games. Simple graphic hacks will not be accepted. If you want to submit graphics to the site, submit them as a resource.
  • Do not submit the actual ROM. Send an IPS patch instead, preferably in a .ZIP file.
  • Keep your hack family-friendly. Keep your hack PG-13 or under (or to put it in ESRB terms, keep it rated T for Teen or under)
  • Hacks must be finished. They don’t necessarily have to be in a final version, but if you can’t play a hack from start to finish then don’t submit it. Demos will NOT be added to the official hack database, but we will make mention of them in our news posts.



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