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For almost two decades, Starmen.Net Radio is a long-standing tradition here in the EarthBound Community, one which has been passed from DJ to DJ and from style to style. In the beginning, it was initially a simple programming centered entirely on the simple musical ideas of Keiichi Suzuki in the forms of original soundtracks, official arrangements from Nintendo and an enormous amount of music covers from the fans at the EarthBound community.

Over the years, the programming evolved to not only cover the Mother series as a whole but also other RPGs, video games in general, anime and pop culture. Radio shows were built upon the taste of each DJs who ever broadcasted on the air waves of Radio PSI, each of them enriching the content with their identity.

Following the arrival of new technologies, more efficient Internet, stronger hardwares and new ambitions, Internet streaming and podcasts have grown to become a mainstream to people's lives and Radio PSI evolved along the way. It eventually started to offer various programming that could be enjoyed both in video and audio forms. At first, it was simply visual additions to regular shows but over time, new shows started to take form capitalizing the new format. Though we forever remember our roots as fans of that one little RPG video game that released in North America in 1995, we're also here to celebrate what brought us all together to begin with: our love for games.

Week in and week out, Radio PSI continues its tradition of broadcasting various programs including traditional radio shows, talk shows on certain topics, organized play sessions and ongoing playthrough series. Shows and DJs may come and go over time, but the show goes on and on.

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