• ~February 3
  • Mother 2 to EarthBound and Back Again site started.

  • February 5
  • EB-related mailbag submissions start to frequent IGN64, starting today.

  • ~February 11
  • A Mother on GameBoy Color petition proposed at at IGN64.

  • February 13
  • reid and Tomato start the Mother on GBC Petition.

  • ~February 13-16
  • reid is impressed with Tomato's HTML skills, lets him have access to the EB.Net server.
    Tomato makes better town maps, but realizes the site could be so much more.

  • February 16
  • reid's semi-ad for the Mother on GBC petition is posted on IGN64.

  • February 17
  • Tomato proposes plans for the modern EB.Net to reid.
    reid is reluctant, since Buzz Buzz owns the domain and the server account.

  • ~February 17-20
  • Tomato throws together a demo page of proposed new site.
    reid sees it and is instantly convinced it's the way to go.
    Tomato e-mails Buzz Buzz for permission to put up the new site. No response is had.

  • February 21
  • Tomato catches Buzz Buzz in the weekly EB chat room.
    Tomato eventually gets permission from Buzz Buzz to put up the new design.

  • ~February 21-23
  • Tomato builds more of the site up.

  • ~February 23
  • Very first version of modern EB.Net made public, put on Trip Records' server.

  • ~February 23-24
  • Trip Records deletes all files in EB.Net account due to sudden surge of bandwidth.
    Sometime after, Buzz Buzz says everything will be worked out by March 1st.


  • March 14
  • Trip Records stuff still not worked out, no word from Buzz Buzz at all.

  • ~March 14-16
  • Active members gather in the XOOM Java chat and take matters into their own hands.
    The decision to move the site to Virtualis is made.
    Tomato will pay the fees on his credit card, members will donate to reimburse him.
    There is much joy and excitement :)

  • March 16
  • EB.Net moves to Virtualis.
    Site is even bigger now, since Tomato worked on it during the downtime.
    Tomato updates the site everyday by himself for months. Slowly teaches reid the ropes.


  • ~April 22
  • Newsletter #1 is sent out.

  • ~April 22-24
  • EB.Net upgrades its account at Virtualis. (Went from MINI to MID)
    With more space and such, EB.Net offers free e-mail aliases to site visitors.

  • April 27
  • Super Smash Bros. is released in North America. Introduces more people to Ness and EB.
    reid buys SSB on launch day, unlocks Ness, and gets many exclusive pics and videos.


  • ~May 10
  • Mother on GBC petition is finished (1850 signatures) and sent to Nintendo of America.

  • ~May 23-31
  • Tomato purchases a UBB message board to replace the bare-bones wwwboard.

  • ~May 24-31
  • EarthBound.Net Radio debuts with meowse at the helm.


  • ~June 14-27
  • Virtualis doesn't receive payment for some reason, password protects EB.Net.
    Tomato and reid seek a new host and find Pharamond, which offers much more for lots less.
    Site is moved over to new Pharamond account.

  • ~June 27
  • Server move from Virtualis to Pharamond is complete. Site is back up.

  • June 27
  • News update CGI finished. More staffers can be hired to help run the site now.
    Many EB MP3s are put up now that there is extra bandwidth (or so the staffers thought).
    reid learns we entered all the e-mail aliases in incorrectly on the new server.

  • June 28
  • Meeellla submits a new logo for the site.
    Membership in the "EB Movement" is closed because very few current members do anything.
    reid freezes You Are Now EarthBound Again because EB.Net is his new focus.
    Tengu Man is EB.Net's most frequent visitor according to logs. Wins fake award.

  • June 29
  • Staffers notice that half the monthly bandwidth has been used in two days, due to the MP3s.

  • June 30
  • reidman sends Newsletter #10. Offers e-mail aliases again.
    Mother 2 to EarthBound and Back Again moved to EB.Net's server.
    Xodnizel's first front page post is made.

  • ~July 1-14
  • Staffers think of ways to make the site bigger. Interviews and IGN-affiliation are considered.

  • July 1
  • Julia's site, Ness' Nightmare, is EarthBound.Net's "Site of the Month" for July.
    reid takes down MP3s, retracts statement that we're accepting new aliases. Goes crazy.
    Tomato and Ultimoo mention that a big fanfic -- Project: Mr. Sparkle -- is coming soon.

  • July 2
  • Winamp skin section created. Becomes very popular for the next month or so.

  • July 3
  • Tomato does 10 updates in a row in a 5 hour period. Takes over front page
    reid announces another server switch. Bandwidth was 3 gigs per month, not day. Oops.

  • July 5
  • Tomato announces move will happen that night, passwords site to avoid bandwidth overage.

  • ~July 5-9
  • Xod transfers 35 MB of files to the new MatrixCubed server and makes things work right.
    Julia redoes all the e-mail aliases herself.

  • July 10
  • Tomato asks people NOT to download stuff. Crazy.
    Tomato announces a new sidebar will be up soon.
    Tomato announces Project: Mr. Sparkle was on hold but will now continue again.
    Tomato says the site is in "deep financial doodoo", asks for more donations.
    M2EB is updated with the all-important Ness Nudity page.
    Mother 2/EB staffer opening announced.

  • ~July 11
  • Ray Larabie, reid's favorite font maker, releases the Orange Kid TrueType font.

  • July 14
  • Newsletter #12 is sent.
    Tomato redoes all the e-mail aliases yet again.

  • July 15
  • New site design, site is reorganized internally quite a bit.

  • July 17
  • Sidebar "downgraded" to work with older browsers. Site design looks like this.

  • July 18
  • Upload script added to the site. Visitors no longer need to e-mail stuff to Tomato or other staffers.
    Deck690 is the first to win a prize from EB.Net. Can choose $5 or an EB.Net mousepad.

  • July 21
  • Newsletter #13 is sent.

  • July 22
  • Tomato announces that August 1st will be his last day working at EB.Net.
    Tomato's EarthBoundX game project officially frozen, Demo 8B released.
    EB.Net finally breaks the 3000 hits per day mark.
    reid is VERY excited by what's hinted at in IGN Pocket's mailbag that day.

  • July 26
  • Tomato is invited to a big 10th anniversary of Mother 1 chat celebration thing.
    Shigesato Itoi makes a post on the main Japanese fan site, people are awed.
    Worker and Parasite makes a post about the site being too fan-centric and lacks real game info.
    Interactive Fiction board added to the site forums.

  • July 27
  • Fan Games section is added to the site.

  • July 28
  • Newsletter #14 is sent.

  • July 29
  • reid shows a preview version of the EB.Net mousepad to be used for prizes.
    B13 fixes the Japanese banner/button that will remain in use for years to come.

  • July 31
  • EBounding kicks off EarthBound Funktastic Gameplay Summer '99, starts a new tradition.

  • August 1
  • Project: Mister Sparkle, a big fanfic written by the main staffers, is finally released to the public.
    Tigeryak's site, EarthBound Nation, is EarthBound.Net's "Site of the Month" for August.
    Tomato quits the site. For the first time. But he'll be back! They all float down here!