Description of Trivia:

At its heart, Mother trivia exists to get you thinking about the game. Questions will vary from very straightforward to potentially difficult (though not quite as hard as Plo's Hard Trivia). Answering all of the week's questions correctly places you in the Hall of Fame.

Questions can be pulled from any of the games of the Mother series, but each week's questions will usually stem from a single game. If the questions span more than one game, I'll indicate it at the top of the questions for the week.

For submissions, please try to be as clear as possible. If there's any significant ambiguity in your answer, I can't accept it. (I'd rather you be too specific than too general!) Most browsers support basic spelling correction, but as long as I can tell what you meant, I won't count spelling errors against you.

Rewards for many-time winners are currently in the works. Nothing is firmly set as of yet, but many-time winners may receive a badge on the forums for their efforts in addition to recognition on the Hall of Fame.


Trivia will be updated Wednesdays, usually in the early or late night. The winners from the old week, along with the questions for the new week, will be posted then.

Submitting your answers:

One set of answers may be submitted each week. If I receive multiple submissions, I'll only accept the first set (unless the submissions are no more than a few minutes apart, then I'll take the second set if indicated).

If you do not understand a question (how you're expected to answer, or even if you just don't have a clue at all as to the answer), or if would like to dispute an answer, please contact me through e-mail, PM on the forums, or IRC (I often hang around for RadioPSI shows. Also, your quickest responses will generally come from IRC, PMs, or e-mail, in that order.)

To submit answers for each week, either send an e-mail to my username (Aurilliux) at the gmail domain, or PM me on the forum. Use the subject line: Trivia Answers, so that it doesn't get lost. If you send me an e-mail, be sure to include your username (or whatever you'd like to go by)!

Additionally, if you so choose, you can submit the logic behind your answers to the week's trivia. This helps me write future questions more clearly, and also more accurately gauge the difficulty of each week's question set. I'll never take away credit even if all of your answers are just (correct) guesses, nor will I require the logic in order to accept submissions.

The questions:

I have a new job and it's eating all of my free time ever, but this is getting an update soon.

Be sure to get those answers in before Wednesday!

Last Week:

Last week's question set:

Theme: "What's ailing ya'"!

Question 1: This nasty status effect is actually pretty helpful in defeating the second Sanctuary boss.

Question 2: This effect is a direct result of winning battles, and the only prevention is to gain more experience.

Question 3: This status effect can be crippling if you're unprepared for it, stopping you from taking any action except to cure it. The only cure is a single item, or leaving combat. It can only affect one member of your party, thankfully.

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