Week 1:

What is the name of Summers' beach? Carrillon Beach.
What can the Shattered Man leave as a present? The mummy wrap.
What broken item can be repaired into the Defense shower? The Broken trumpet.
Where does a Tessie Watcher think Tessie might unexpectedly be living? In the woods.
How many Hit Points does Paula have when she joins you? 30.

All questions were answered correctly by... Emperor Jade, Gauntlet, TsuramiSea, CPT Crunch, Mr. Accident and Brad Van Arnum.

Week 2:

On an Onett sign, what are you welcomed to? (complete phrase required) "Welcome to beautiful Onett, the wild flower of Eagleland".
Who personally gives you the greatest number of Apple Kid's inventions? Apple Kid's unnamed mouse.
What item can the Mechanical Octobot leave behind after being scrapped? The Meteotite.
What did a woman in the Onett bakery want to tell you a story about? The creature from the vegetable soup.
What are the names of the managers of the Chaos and Topolla Theatres? Mr. Poochyfud and Miss Fake.

All questions were answered correctly by... CPTCrunch, Technocratic Banana and Seifer.

Week 3:

What kind of sandwiches are the Clumsy Robot fond of eating? Bologne.
What is Belch's greatest weakness? Fly Honey.
What is the ONLY enemy that will give the same amount of experience points, no matter how many people are in your party? The Coil Snake.
What was Doctor Andonuts the first leader of at Snow Wood? The Ultra Science Club.
What is the only equippable weapon that can be bought for $1780 or bought for free? The Hall of fame bat.

All the questions were answered correctly by... Godeg, Gauntlet, PSI322, Chris, AmzRigh, Ben and CPTCrunch.

Week 4:

Who once lived in Scaraba but left because they were too innocent? The Tenda.
What did the ship captain do to aid in your battle against Kraken? Threw his slipper at the beast.
Where would you sit in the Topolla if you had to sit to watch the show there? Section B, seat 3D.
What is the full name of the Threed hotel? The Threed Sunset Hotel.
To whom do you give the King banana? Man K. Man.

All the questions were answered correctly by... BlueAntoid, Rorshacma and Technocratic Banana.

Week 5:

What was the name of the Tessie Watcher who was kidnapped and taken to Stonehenge? Sebastian.
What special day is it when Jeff crosses Lake Tess in the morning? It is Tony's birthday.
What enemy could leave the Sword of Kings behind after being defeated? What is the Starman Super?
Who gives you the Eraser eraser? Apple Kid's unnamed or nameless mouse.
How many equippable weapons in EarthBound have the battle command of "Shoot"? 19. The three Yo-yos, the two slingshots, and all of Jeff's guns.

All the questions were answered correctly by... Coreyback, BlueAntoid, Imago, Gauntlet, Zepheros, Hello...and goodbye... shall I?, and Technocratic Banana.

Week 6:

What is the name of the Onett Burger Shop? Down Home Burgers.
Who told the little blond girl in the Chaos Theatre she could go backstage? Lucky (of the Runaway Five).
Besides his casket, what personal items of Toten Karmen can be found in the Summers Scaraba Cultural Museum? His lunch and pencil boxes.
What are the names of the only two people (besides the Apple Kid) who can properly use the Yogurt dispenser? Jeff and Electra. "Pokey's maid" does not count, as it is not her name.
What element is required to power the second Phase Distorter? Zexonyte.

5 of 5 questions were answered correctly by... CPTCrunch, CodeHunter64, Gauntlet, TsuramiSea, Blue Antoid, SimonBob, Daveman Deluxe and Captain Spam.

Week 7:

What item can be found in the present closest to the Two-Three Tunnel? A Skip sandwich. Definitely.
What does the sign near Ness' house say it's south to? This is a most interesting question. Some people answered the city of Onett, when the sign says it is south to the SUBURBS OF ONETT.
How many helpers accompany Mondo Mole into battle? Zero. Mondo Mole is the first of many "loner" Your Sanctuary guardians.
What kind of apologies does Pokey give when he is a member of your party at the beginning of the game? And I quote from the beginning of the game, "Pokey apologized profusely!".
Whose shop can be found in Scaraba directly north of the bazaar there? Hassan's.

All five questions were correctly answered by Blue Antoid, CPTCrunch, Gauntlet, SimonBob, Emperor Jade and john.

Week 8:

Of all the items that Apple Kid develops, how many does he personally give you? An amazing, awe-inspiring ONE item! The pencil eraser..
What did Tony dream he and Jeff were doing? Some people mused about the improperness of this one question. What's so bad about taking a walk?
What are two chants, with a word repeated twice, that have been used by Happy Happyists? Blue, blue; green, green; blew, blew; and lagoon blue, blue.
What must the Moonsidians do before the knife gets rusty? Before the soup gets cold, we must care for Mani Mani. Before the knife gets rusty, we must care for Mani Mani.
What item could be won from a Major Psychic Psycho? The Star Pendant.

Persons answering all five correct were: AmzRigh, clusoe, CPTCrunch, PSI322, CodeHunter 64, Intelligent Qube, GuyInSummers, TsuramiSea, Gauntlet, Imago, Jeff's Not Evil Twin and Emperor Jade.

Week 9:

Based on the logic that if (X =Y) and (Y=Z), then (X=Z), where does an Onettian say the Drugstore there is? There's two answers here. One is "to the opposite of "west," and the other is "where the sun rises."
What two human clothing accessories do Spiteful Crows sport? Sunglasses (shades is acceptable) and a bowtie.
Which Onett enemy can you find in Threed? Runaway Dog caged after Belch and the Sprout are defeated; a Coil Snake very rarely during Threed's Dark Period.
From which town must you first go to Scaraba from? The port town of Toto.
To what does the waitress in the Summers Restaurant refer when she says they do not have such trash on their menu? Whatever you chose for Ness' favourite food. Try Pasta for a laugh.

All questions were answered correctly by... AmzRigh, Daveman Deluxe, Falcon24, Gauntlet, Wizmo, Zepheros, SimonBob, Jeffs Not Evil Twin, Clusoe, Skulryk, Starman Kyle, TsuramiSea, CPTCrunch and Guy in Summers.

Week 10:

In Dungeon Man, what is purely coincidental? (And for fun, why?) The yellow colour of the submarine. You could have just said the colour, though; I would have understood. And it's purely coincidental because of a certain Liverpudlian rock group making a record by the name Yellow Submarine, which represents it perfectly.
What do the Flying Men represent? They represent Ness' courage, as their dialogue and tombstones will tell you.
What keeps happening to Ruffini? Poor Ruffini. He keeps getting possessed by the spirit of the game designer. Someone should perform an exorcism...
Why did the suited man in the Happy Happy Cult Centre scream? He wasn't sure what else to do.
How many "friendly moles" are there? Four: Onett, Twoson, Happy Happy Village, Peaceful Rest Valley.

You scored 100% if you were: BlueAntoid, Falcon24, Pineapple Kid, SimonBob, CPTCrunch, CodeHunter 64, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, KrakenHunter, Clusoe, Salookanana, Emperor Jade, Emperor Jade or Guy In Summers.


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