Week 91:

When certain characters in Moonside who do not look like characters in the Onett Library ask 'Shall I?', what are they asking you for permission to do? They're asking you for permission to teleport you elsewhere. Not all of those characters teleport you to the Doorless Room, and the guy who asks you if he can "sharpen you" is wearing a mask and therefore looks like someone in the Onett Library.
Ignoring Jeff, how many characters who join your party (even if they're just temporary party members) do you first meet in Winters? Three: Tony, Bubble Monkey, and Brick Road (joining you later as Dungeon Man).
What terrible pun concerning Pokey's maid is cracked by a patron of Jackie's Café? The patron says that "Pokey's maid, Electra, is 'maid' to order." Haha. No.
What is the only adjacent population centre to which you can head from Twoson without having to risk fighting a Ramblin' Evil Mushroom along the way? ('Adjacent' means it is accessible on foot, without teleporting, from Twoson and no other population centres lie between it and Twoson.) There are three population centres that are adjacent (as I defined it for this question) to Twoson: Onett, Happy Happy Village (since no other population centres lie between it and Twoson), and Threed. In the first two cases, you run the risk of finding a Ramblin' Evil Mushroom. Hence Threed is the answer.
What is Ruffini's affliction? Possession by the spirit of the game designer.

The Big Rhino, Colin-, Diamond Dog, EB Espeon, EBisumaru, EvilJim Christo, FalconPain, GGCrono4, Ghost of Foppy, Giampi, Great White Travis, kingrick56, Krem, Mr. Joshua, N3ss's N1ghtmar3, Name, Napa, Paper, PSI322 and Tobias26 all won this week. Congratulations.

Weeks 92 and 93:

Of the heroes and heroine, which is the only one who you do not first control in his or her hometown? (Hometown being their primary place of residence.) Paula. You first control Ness in Onett, Jeff in Winters, and Poo in Dalaam.
What is the most expensive food item which is just as effective (not more effective, not less effective) for Poo as it is for everyone else? The Magic pudding. It's $680.
After the Department Store Spook is defeated, what does the bodyguard-looking guy near the condiments stand say he was doing? He said that he was sitting around in the dark. Wonder what kind of stripes are on his back.
What is the first Dungeon one can enter where an enemy containing the word "Mook" in his/her/its name can be found? Dungeon Man.
What is the importance of the Contact lens to the man who lost it? 'Tis a memento of his grandmother.

Crazyswordsman and Daveman Deluxe were the only winners for this two-week period.

Week 94:

What effects do the "Life Recovery Rule", as mentioned in the library, have on Ness' HP and PP, respectively? (In your answer, indicate what effect goes with what *P.) HP goes to full, PP goes to zero.
What are all the fish enemies one fights in Deep Darkness? Manly Fish, Manly Fish's Brother, and Zap Eel. Yes, the eel is a fish.
Where were you headed when the Sky Runner didn't crash upon its arrival there? Andonuts Lab, in Winters. All other times, it'll crash.
What is Lier X. Agerate's self-professed real job? (That is, not a treasure hunter.) Billboard guy.
Which hero[ine] has the most weapons which cannot be sold? Jeff, with 4. That's weapons, not equippable items.

BlueAntoid, CPTCrunch, Crazyswordsman, EarthBrent, EB0und, FalconPain, Gauntlet, Ian Keen, Karl Couture, Leeman, Napa, RCRawdon3, Shy, Starman Kev, Triple10X, Venom, Zombiepaper and zztman won this week.

Week 95:

If you continue after a game over with the full four-member party, how many angels will be following Ness? Three angels will be following Ness.
You can sell the Defense spray and the Slime generator, but not the Defense shower and the Heavy Bazooka, yet all four items come from Broken items. Why is this the case? You can buy the Broken spray can [Defense spray] and Broken iron [Slime generator], but you cannot find the Broken trumpet [Defense shower] and Broken bazooka [Heavy bazooka] outside a single present box. This maxim applies to all Broken items; if you can buy them, you can sell their repaired form, but you can't sell the repaired form if you can't buy the broken form. Note that the Slime generator is not single-use and therefore any answers referencing number of use would be considered wrong.
What is the affliction, exclusively given to your characters in a battle but which lasts beyond that battle, which can be reversed by visiting a Your Sanctuary point but not by using healing PSI or by calling your mother? Possession and Mashroomisation. I messed up and forgot about the former.
Where can you meet the first non-party-member character in the game who is Mushroomised? He is also the last. The Twoson hotel.
Besides unconsciousness, what other status condition renders a character completely uncontrollable both inside and outside battle? Diamondisation. You can still use the character's items if they're paralysed (outside battle); Mashroomisation does not make you lose control; Possession does nothing; Homesickness does not affect Ness' ability to use items; and all other both-in-and-out-of-battle status conditions do nothing beyond causing the afflicted character to lose HP.

Avictory, Chibi Schala, CodeHunter64, CPTCrunch, Crazyswordsman, Dan-chan, Devin, Dr. Ancookie, EB0und, EBMaster, El Jacko, FalconPain, Jeff's Radio, Joel Rego, Juicy Baboon, King Foppy, Lounge Tenda, MadWilliamVane, Master Criminal Worm, murkkie, napa, PikaChan, Rust Tyrano, Sam, Sarahsuke, sHADOW, SimonBob, Starman omega, Who and Zaron X were winners this week.

Week 96:

Of the three items left by the enemies which Jeff can fight north of Lake Tess before he takes the Sky Runner, will either food item taste better because of the condiment? If so, which of the items tastes better? The enemies: Spiteful Crow, Runaway Dog, Gruff Goat. The items they leave: Cookie, Bread roll, Salt packet. The Salt packet makes neither item taste better.
Which enemy leaves the Gutsy bat? Actually, the question is this: in terms of the maximum number of each pendant which you can obtain in any standard way (no "editing", no Game Genie), what is the rarest pendant? (Hint: it's probably not the one you're thinking of. Note: I wasn't being serious when I asked who left the Gutsy bat.) The Sea pendant. There is a maximum of one Sea pendant which one can get. If you play long enough, you can get two Star pendants; you can buy multiple Earth pendants, Night pendants, Rain pendants and Flame pendants.
Of the human towns which have pay hotels at some point during the game, which town is the only one whose hotel's name does not clearly identify itself as a hotel? Happy Happy Village. Meagre Livin' Farm's name does not suggest that it is a hotel, although the sign which names the building does say that lodging is available.
Which character has the most PSI levels (see the Things to watch out for section) which can inflict a status condition on the enemy? Ness: four Flash levels, two Hypnosis, and two Paralysis.
Which town with a named hospital is the only one whose hospital is not generically named? Onett's. All other hospitals are either not named or are named after the town in which they reside (Twoson).

Belisius Artain, EB0und, RCRawdon3 and SimonBob won this week.

Week 97:

In what building will you find Aloysius Minch at the end of the game? Jackie's Café.
When you fight him, is Frank a minor (underage)? Yes, he is. As someone (I believe Daveman Deluxe) pointed out, unless you can age backwards, Frank is older at the end of the game than when you fought him. At the end of the game, he refers to the fact that he is "still under age" [sic].
Ignoring differences in the buildings that house each, what's most peculiar about the Onett branch of Mach Pizza compared to the Twoson and Threed branches? It is not open. It never opens.
In terms of physical appearance, what are the two most-human enemies in the Fire Spring dungeon? The Psychic Psycho and Major Psychic Psycho.
Which is more common in Summers: enemies which appear only in Summers, or enemies which do not appear only in Summers? Neither. There are the Shattered Man, Over Zealous Cop and Tough Guy; and the Crazed Sign, Mad Taxi and Mole Playing Rough. Three each.

Antoine, CodeHunter 64 and Daveman Deluxe won this week.

Week 98:

How many pharaohs (rather, the Scaraban equivalent thereto) have curios housed in the museum in Summers? Four.
Assuming that the Ram Raisin(s) with displayed curios was (were) the last one(s), how many Ram Raisins do not have any curios in the aforementioned museum? The museum has curios from three Ram Raisins: the third, fourth and fifth. There are no curios for the first and second Ram Raisins, hence 2.
How many pardons does the Scaraban fortuneteller offer you if his augury [prediction, you uneducated villeins] happens to be false? (NB: I apologise for any hurt feelings as a result of my aside in the square brackets in this question. [Or do I? Don't answer that.]) He offers you one thousand pardons.
Consider the status condition which the Guardian Hieroglyph can afflict you with. How does he do it? I.e., what action does he take that will cause someone to come down with the condition? He lets loose with a hacking cough!
Consider what enemies look like outside of battle, ignoring colour. Which above-ground Dusty Dunes enemy is the only enemy which looks like that outside battle? That would be the Bad Buffalo.

Krem was the only winner this week.

Week 99:

What is the name of the serial story about the demon child in the $7500 house? "My Secret Life". (It's the third chapter.)
What other building do you have to enter in order to get the item which you need in order to complete a trade in the Twoson Hospital? Threed's hospital.
Besides cell, what other four-letter word do the zombies use to refer to the cell where they imprison Ness and Paula? "Cage".
How many bosses do you fight in Fourside, or in areas intimately connected to Fourside? (Examples of "intimate connections": Belch Base and Milky Well are intimate to Saturn Valley; Lilliput Steps are intimate to Happy Happy Village. Dusty Dunes is not intimate to anything other than itself.) Four: Mani Mani, Clumsy Robot, Plague Rat of Doom and the Department Store Spook.
Before you give the Tendite chief Overcoming Shyness, who is the only Tenda besides the talkative one to give you any valuable information? Could it be ... the chief?

CPTCrunch was the sole winner this week.

Weeks 100 to 103:

Where is the only iron pencil statue whose removal by the Pencil eraser is not necessary to complete the game located? Winters.
Of what relation (sister, brother, cousin, etc.) to Orange Kid is the only person who identifies himself/herself as a relative of Orange Kid? Grandmother.
Who is blamed for the blackout at the department store in Fourside? A mouse.
What item which only Paula can equip can you receive beneath Stonehenge? This would be the Saturn ribbon. Not the Pixie's bracelet.
During what event do Dr. Andonuts and Apple Kid return to 199X from the place where the heroes' souls are transplanted into robots? The battle against Giygas. More specifically, the prayer sequences.

Please ignore the fact that these questions were up four weeks, yet the only people to actually win Tomatoes were Chibi Schala, Crazyswordsman, Cyberquad, earthboundrox, Falcon24, FalconPain, The Floppy, Ghost of Foppy, kperson, Master Criminal Worm, Miss Andrea, napa, and William Davis.

Week 104:

What does Everdred say to do "when on your way out"? He says to do two things: be sure that you say goodbye, and lock the door tight. Please note that the quotation marks ought to have indicated that the answer somehow related to the quotation.
Doing what, states a theory posted somewhere in Threed, may help you recover if you are bitten by a zombie? Biting back is what allegedly will help you recover.
Who occupies Monotoli's personal office after Giygas is defeated? Enrich Flavor.
What would Mayor Pirkle's assistant like Ness to do in the upcoming election campaign? The assistant would like Ness to give a speech supporting Mayor Pirkle.
What must Ness do to cause the Self-service Stand in Happy Happy Village to close? He has to defeat Carpainter, which effectively "frees" Pokey from Carpainter's control. Then Pokey takes off with all the Stand's merchandise.

AmzRigh, CPTCrunch, Fishsticks and SimonBob won this week.


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