Week 105:

How often does Penetella Giovanni think a tightwad is born? He thinks a tightwad is born every minute.
Other than the wrapped gift box, what are two of the other three non-enemy, non-Exit-mouse things from which you can get items which are found in dungeons? The coffin, the casket, the trash can, the chest and Mr. Saturn. Yeah, that's five; a few slipped my mind.
What adjective does Pokey use in reference to the meteorite when he says that he will tell you all about the meteorite tomorrow? Pokey refers to the meteorite as "strange".
What two enemies does Pokey send against you when you first encounter him outside Onett? The Insane Cultist and the Spiteful Crow.
Speaking of sending enemies against you, who is the first character to send enemies (potentially including but NOT limited to just this character) against you anywhere when you, this character, and the enemies he/she sends against you are all onscreen at the same time? Frank. He sends Frankystein Mark II against you.

This week's winners were FalconPain, Fishsticks and Will.

Week 106:

From what enemy might one receive the Xterminator spray? The Mad Taxi.
Where can you find what resembles a witch on a broomstick on traffic signs? Threed.
What is "hand-aid" an abbreviation of? Hand-made band-aid.
What game is Captain Strong having trouble with? EarthBound.
As you complete your objectives in Fourside, what is the final thing that is recorded by the newspaper as growing in percentage support? Anti-Monotoli campaigns.

Seifer was the one winner this week.

Week 107:

What two items are for sale at the Happy Happy Village self-service stand? One: the Banana; two: the Fresh egg.
What does Tracy offer to help Ness with once the adventure is over? Her offer pertains to Ness' schoolwork, or homework.
What do Annoying Old Party Men grumble about? They grumble about today's youth.
Where is the first place you can acquire a Night pendant? Moonside. It's in a present box.
During the final battle, who are three human characters who pray while onscreen with the Mr. Saturn? Dr. Andonuts, Gerardo Montague, and Apple Kid.

This week saw victories by Colin-, Kahran042, OMG Its Andrea, Phoney McRingRing, Pure Evil Entity, and Ultimagamer.

Weeks 108 to 110:

What is the claim to fame, of the traffic jam which forces you to detour through the Dusty Dunes Desert, which would land it a spot in a book of world records? "This is the world's longest traffic jam!"
What is the first enemy you will see who is capable of making you "unable to move"? The Coil Snake wrapped around you! Ness was unable to move!
On what floor, ground or rooms, of Ness' house in the black-and-white memory which precedes Magicant, will you find a young King? The ground floor.
From which two Tenda can you get a Bag of Dragonite? The pawn shop Tenda in the northwestern corner of the Deep Darkness village, and the chief of same.
How many bolts of lightning does Carpainter summon down if you accept his offer? He sends down three. This also occurs if you refuse.

Captain Spam, CodPor, CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, Dr. Ancookie, Incoherent Moron, king, Orbfighter, Rust Tyrano, SimonBob and whitemetal won these three weeks while I readied for university.

Week 111:

When you first enter the Sea of Eden, how many Kraken are swimming around in the water? You find three Kraken. And apparently the Gutsy bat debate has confused an entrant or two; one claimed that Bionic Kraken infest these waters in Ness' mind, not regular Kraken.
What enemies in the gold mine can poison you? It's interesting that last week's second answer was the Coil Snake, for one of this week's second answers is the Thirsty Coil Snake. The other is the Gigantic Ant.
To which side of the screen (from your perspective) does the Zombie Dog gaze? He gazes to your left.
What does a cop claim cops are stronger than? "Your average cop is stronger than any superhero!". This has repercussions for any and all former-cop superheroes. They've willingly become weaker! How do the writers explain this away?
What did a woman on Carrillon Beach say to make her tell you not to look at her like that? "Asian boy, you're so cool...". I assume that "like that" meant "with such disgusted looks on your faces".

This week saw victories by CabezaGrande, CPTCrunch, EarthBandDork, EB0und, Ian Keen, and TropicPollution.

Week 112:

What is, consistently, the Mole Playing Rough's most damaging attack? Clawing with sharp nails.
What is the last organic (read: non-robotic, non-Starman) enemy you encounter with the ability to steal items from you? Everdred.
What are the first two organic enemies you encounter that know PSI skills? The Black Antoid and the Attack Slug.
What other enemy resembles the Guardian General when it appears on the battle screen? The Petrified Royal Guard.
What are the two rules in the book Our Convenient Society which are directly mentioned in the game? (Just the names, people; I don't need to know what they say.) New self-imposed rule: always make sure I haven't confused things. The book ought to have been Our Society is Convenient. Anyways, Hotel Rule and Life Recovery Rule.

This week, our four champions were CPTCrunch, Crazyswordsman, Freaky Dulder and Kahran042. But would they be wise enough to return next week?

Week 113:

When a Teddy bear is destroyed, what does it become? 200 HP of damage to the Teddy bear! The Teddy bear became a useless pile of fluff... (Emphasis mine)
When Jeff calls Maxwell Labs, what greeting does Maxwell use with Jeff? (Insert pre-emptive apology for butchered syntax here. Acceptance of apology need not be conveyed. Ignore everything within this paranthetical comment.) "Hello, hello! Maxwell Labs here."
What out-of-battle, non-Unconscious status affliction (meaning if you get it, it doesn't magically [psychically?] heal itself at the end of the battle) can a Mook-named enemy (one with "Mook" in its name) inflict on you? Diamondisation.
How does one get the Monkey's love? First, let me express my thankful astonishment no one gave an EASY-Trivia-esque answer such as "by being nice to a monkey". Secondly, you obtain it by ... being nice enough to a monkey to teach it how to teleport.
What are two Broken items whose repaired forms' names contain no part of the original item's name? (Examples of incorrect answers: the Defense spray contains the spray in the Broken spray can; the Magnum air gun contains the air gun from Broken air gun.) The following items satisfy the requirements of this question: Broken machine (Counter-PSI unit), Broken antenna (Gaia beam), Broken cannon (Spectrum beam), Broken trumpet (Defense shower), Broken harmonica (Baddest beam), Broken gadget (Double beam), Broken iron (Slime generator), Broken pipe (Shield killer), Broken tube (Hungry HP-sucker).

Together, Captain Spam, Chibi, CPTCrunch, Crazyswordsman, EarthBandDork, EBisumaru, epoch, EternalJade, FalconPain, FreakyDulder, JeffMan, Kahran042, Moochie, NessY2K, Orbfighter, PikaChan, PSIOsman, RCRawdon3, SimonBob and Zeru ascended to the podium of the victors last week.

Week 114:

In Fourside, how many buildings that you can enter have more than one accessible floor? There are four: the hospital, the bakery, the Department Store, and the Monotoli Building.
What can the Toothbrush do to the opposing side of a battle when someone uses it? It causes the body of one member of the opposing side to solidify.
Before you take the Sky Runner for the first time, why is a Mad Duck making something spin around so ineffective? Something spinning around causes a loss in PP, but Jeff has no PP, and before you take the Sky Runner for the first time, he's the only character who can fight a Mad Duck.
What does a patron of the Stoic Club claim cannot be avoided? He claims that the collapse of capitalism is inevitable.
If one of your characters starts crying in the Pink Cloud Cave, what enemy may have caused it? Thunder Mites, Conducting Menaces and Thunder & Storm can cause this status ailment.

This week saw four winners: Crazy Hobo, FalconPain, SimonBob and Styrochrome.

Week 115:

What does the girl in the Chaos Theatre pose as so that she isn't stopped by security if she tries to go backstage? She poses as your sister.
Who gave said girl permission to go backstage? Ultimately, Lucky of the Runaway Five told the girl she could go backstage, but you had to allow her to pose as her sister. By the way, can someone please tell me just where my grammar was off in this question and in the previous one? The only place I see a possible grammatical error is the fact I ended a clause with a *dramatic pause* preposition. I'll give you candy if you can find the error.
What are three locales where secret arms vendors sell you goods? Threed, Dusty Dunes and Fourside all carry secret arms vendors. You can also find a SAV in Scaraba and Deep Darkness.
With what other enemy can the Runaway Dog appear in battles in Twoson? The Crooked Cop. Okay, hands up: who saw question five and thought I was being sneaky, hiding the answer in another question? You fools, the Over Zealous Cop only appears in Summers! (Apologies to any non-fools who I may have offended with that line.)
What sort of hold can the Over Zealous Cop use on you? Submission holds.

Ben, BlueAntoid, Charles, Colin, CPTCrunch, CrazyHobo, Crazyswordsman, Dan M., Darth Darth Binks, Daveman Deluxe, Dragonfire, Dr. Eatsdoughnuts, EarthBounder Zero, EB Espeon, EBisumaru, Freaky Dulder, Fukui-san, GG Crono4, Hibikisan, Incoherent Moron, James Picard 007, The INSANE Duck, The Losar, Mad William Vane, Picky's #1 Fan, RC Rawdon3, SpazzMan, STAREYe and SuperStuff won this week. Just over half the alphabet in initial letters!

Week 116:

What do Bookas shriek? The Crested Booka shrieked a war cry!
Sometimes when Ness calls his mom, his mother says that she covered for him. Who had just come by the house? Ness' teacher had just visited.
When Jeff first meets his father in the game, what does his father ask him if he wants? Dr. Andonuts asks Jeff if he wants a doughnut. But he was just asking. He'd also like a doughnut, too.
Who are all the Your Sanctuary guardians capable of using PSI? Titanic Ant. Mondo Mole. Trillionage Sprout. Shrooom! And Diamond Dog. Electro Specter and Thunder & Storm have attacks which emulate PSI but are not actually PSI. Carbon Dog and Plague Rat of Doom do not. I think.
Where does Aygo Stikke live? First, kudos to the one person who pointed out that his name is technically Ay-Go Stikke. (Note the hyphen. I didn't have my cartridge with me and wasn't in the mood to verify it through Other Means.) He lives in the Lost Underworld Tenda Village. (Also accepted were: Tenda Village II, Lost Underworld. Not accepted was "Tenda Village" because two exist.)

This week on Jeo--err, Trivia, our champions were BlueAntoid, CPTCrunch, EBisumaru, epoch, FalconPain and zztman.


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