Week 117:

What will Ness' mother be doing if you call her when homesick? She'll be doing some ironing.
How many living male residents of Threed say that they worked with the zombies at some point during their (the zombies) control of Threed? Two: the masked guy near the sign and the helpful con man.
Who is the first person outside that cabal (see later part of question) to suggest that Ness, Paula and Jeff ought to go to Summers? Monotoli suggests that they should definitely go to Summers.
The interiors of what two buildings in Onett are shown during the prayer sequences of the final battle against Giygas? Down Home Burgers and Ness' house.
What is the last enemy you encounter whose primary non-physical attacks are electrical? Ultimate Octobot.

SimonBob was the only winner this week. What a way to begin a new archive.

Week 118:

What almost-right-but-still-incorrect name does a girl in Onett attribute to Polestar Preschool? She accidentally calls Polestar Preschool Polar Star Preschool.
In what three buildings in Moonside can you potentially engage in battles? The one everyone knows: the Cafè the second is the Hospital, where you might encounter Abstract Art; and the third is the Museum.
What is the greatest number of characters on-stage at the Topolla when you've bought a ticket to see a performance by Venus, not the Runaway Five? Four: you have Venus, then Mr. Spoon clambers on-stage, then Venus' bodyguards escort Spoon off-stage.
What Gold Mine enemy is most vulnerable to PSI Fire? Don't get hung up on this question. Noose Man.
Which character mosts benefits from having the Franklin badge in his/her inventory whenever possible because he/she encounters the greatest number of enemies who have lightning-type attacks? Ness, of course.

We had moderate improvement this week. Ten winners! CPTCrunch, Crazyswordsman, Daveman Deluxe, EBisumaru, EB Master, Evil Jim Christo, Incoherent Moron, SimonBob, SutterCane, Tim L.

Week 119:

What item can you find in the midway point you arrive at after taking the Zexonyte-powered Phase Distorter for the first time? You find a Horn of life.
During the final battle, and after Paula has prayed to everyone she can think of, but before The Player starts praying, what happens to her prayers? They're absorbed by the darkness.
On the topic of The Player, where are you asked to verify the player name you entered back in Toto/Summers? Verify. Is. Not. Synonymous. With. Enter. The Tenda Village.
In what population centre (city, town, village, country, valley, etc.) are you first exposed to the idea that you can revive collapsed friends at a hospital by talking to the nurse there? Onett.
In what two cities is the eating or preparation of garlic mentioned? Liar X. Agerate mentions it in Onett; a person in Dalaam also does so.

And proceeded to slip this week. We had six winners this week: CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, duefiglio, EB Master, Freaky Dulder and Stareye.

Week 120:

After you've defeated Giygas, can you have items delivered to you? In the vein of do re mi fa so la ti do etc., no - the opposite of yes.
If you talk to her, what does the Mach Pizza receptionist insist she isn't doing? She insists she isn't eating pizza.
Which non-Pyramid, northern-Scaraba enemy is the only one there which can use PSI? Baagh! I screwly realed this up. As such, any such enemy that isn't the Great Crested Booka won. So the High Class UFO, Master Criminal Worm, and Death Skelpion.
If you give Orange Kid money to follow through on his inventions, where will you be when he first calls you to inform you on his progress? You'll be in the Monotoli Building.
Is it possible to make money using the buy-then-sell method of the Fresh egg (buy Fresh egg, sell Chicken) while using an item other than the Fresh egg? Yes. You buy a Broken item and let Jeff repair it. Usually, the repaired item can be sold for more than you paid for the Broken item from which it came.

Where have all the winners gone? (And I'll deck the first person who references Hershey.) At the very least, we managed to establish a beachhead against further slippage. Crazyswordsman, SimonBob and Triple10X replaced Daveman Deluxe, duefiglio and Freaky Dulder from last week's winners. (And no, I didn't write this this way so I didn't have to repeat names. Or did I?)

Week 121:

At what sort of distance does Pokey say he'll follow you? He'll follow at a safe distance.
What beverage does someone somewhat to the north of Jackie's Café mention? He mentions the cappuccino. Points were not given for either espresso or coffee.
After alpha, what is the most common Greek letter used to denote PSI-power strength levels? The answer actually isn't beta. It's omega. Consider that every PSI attack except Teleport has both alpha and omega strength levels. And pretty much all the Affect PSI that the characters learn (Hypnosis, Paralysis, Brainshock and so on) have only alpha and omega. (But omega isn't tied with alpha for most common.)
How does Lardna Minch describe how her husband treats their children? She says he's too lenient with them. I'm sure the boys would have a contention with that.
What sort of ingredients did the Captain's wife use to make the Magic cake she gave to you? She used all leftover ingredients. (No wonder it was a very special Magic cake!)

Partial improvement and replacement were the orders of the week. Blue Antoid, CPTCrunch, EarthBandDork, EBisumaru, Guy in Summers, The Losar and STAREYe were this week's winners.

Week 122:

Which Shark seems to have a problem with falling down? The Pogo Punk falls down.
Aside from "Mr. Ness", are there any other epithets used to refer to Ness over the Department Store intercom? Yes there are! "Customer Ness" and "the customer from Onett" are those epithets.
In contrast to last week's question, what is the least common Greek letter used to denote PSI-power strength levels? Sigma. It's only used with Shield PSI.
Where is ice coffee mentioned in the game? In Summers' restaurant. That's the only place where ice coffee is mentioned; plain old coffee is mentioned in Jackie's Café.
What are the friendly moles carrying in their left paw? Nothing. They're carrying spears/shovels/thingamabobs in their right paws.

The entrants really fumbled the questions this week. Only zztman won.

Week 123:

Which two bosses are the only one that you can "fight" "again", in the sense that more than one of that enemy name which can be fought (although all not necessarily as bosses)? Note that there are two different answers; the same boss listed twice will not give you credit. The Guardian Digger and the Kraken. The Cops in Onett aren't boss battles (they don't give you the swirl that the other bosses give you when they engage you). Actually, they are. Never mind.
If you tell a Shark that, yes, you do want some gum, what does he tell you to do? That "does" should have been a "would"... Anyways, he tells you to "get your own, twit".
Of the enemies one fights before Starman Junior, which is the last one Ness will usually start getting Instant Wins against? The Spiteful Crow. You start getting instant wins against Coil Snakes (purple swirl) at around the same time you start getting green-swirl instant wins against Crows and Dogs, and Dogs give purple instant wins before Crows.
What do you get as a thank-you gift when you donate to the Happy Happyists' cause? The Picture postcard.
The Contact lens is at what compass bearing (west, southwest, northeast, etc.) from the sign advertising its loss? Northeast.

CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, David Shelton, EBisumaru, Ravenshaw and YamiRuss were this week's winners.

Week 124:

When you head out to find Picky, what term does Ness' mom use (instead of pyjamas) to refer to Ness' pyjamas? Jammies. For some reason, people answered "pyjamas". Hello?
What item can Onett's Coil Snakes randomly leave? I suspect that the people who got this right fall into two groups: the people who've gotten this item, and the people who used PK Hack! to check what item they leave. Cookie.
Other than from a Healer, from whom can you receive money for a mushroom? The mushroom girl in Peaceful Rest Valley.
What does a Summers newspaper claim tomorrow will be the same as? Okay, okay, it actually doesn't say anything of the sort; but it does mention that yesterday was the same as the day before yesterday and that today will be the same as yesterday. By that logic, ie a day will the same as the previous day, then tomorrow will be the same as today.
How does the Zap Eel attack you with electricity? (I.e, The Zap Eel BLANKed.) Electrical shock attacks are your friend.

This week we saw victory achieved by CPTCrunch, Crazyswordsman, EBisumaru, Kahran042, MnTorankusu, PurpleKoopa, SimonBob, and TonyMontana.

Week 125:

How many other craters (at the most) might the meteorite have left when it crashed? Two: there are three craters on the hill, one of which contains the meteorite, so two other craters might have been left.
What also happens when the Clumsy Robot stumbles? The Clumsy Robot stumbled, and fired a strange beam!
What is the effect of the blue geysers on Ness and friends? The blue geysers emulate hotels, so HP and PP recovery for the conscious and nothing for the unconscious. No status ailments are healed.
What is the only item found in the Onett Library that has a specific return-by date? The Town map, which was due back in 2001. Ness probably has quite the hefty late fine now.
What is the connection between the black and white sesame seeds? They used to love each other. It's a real Romeo and Juliet relationship they've got going on, except they're still alive.

Radiation and some second entrant whose name escapes me, ah, EBisumaru, were this week's victors.

Weeks 126 and 127:

You're in Threed and receive the Broken iron after defeating an enemy. What enemy did you defeat? The Smelly Ghost melted into thin air!
What items are sold by the travelling salesman just outside the Grapefruit Falls entrance to the Underground Road? He sells Cups of coffee, Calorie sticks, and Croissants.
Which enemy or enemies are found in Onett after you've completed Magicant but not when you travel to the past to fight Giygas? The Evil Eye.
What two states are directly named by a single Mr. Saturn? North and South Dakota. (Insert long and ultimately pointless argument over the fact that technically the spelling is 'State' in that context and which at some point [snarky comment about a snarky comment removed])
In the Onett Times, what is mentioned as a major source of nutrition and energy? Ness' favourite food.

No one won. I also got two submissions the first week. No, I'm not bitter! Two two two two two two two I'm over it.


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