Week 128:

What happens to the generic enemies (Mad Duck, Gigantic Ant, etc.) in the Gold Mine after you beat the fifth Guardian Digger? They just disappear. This isn't a Your Sanctuary, where they suddenly become frightened of you and run away from you on sight.
At what level does Paula learn the α-level (Alpha) of PSI Offense Up? She learns it at level 21.
Who learns the greatest number of PSI levels (see Things to watch out for above), classified by the game as "Attack" PSI, that are exclusive to that person? Ness: the four Rockin, the four Flash. Paula learns the four Fire, one Freeze; Poo learns two Starstorm, one Thunder.
When you head up the hill with Pokey (and if you so chose, King) to retrieve Picky, what sort of man does Lier X. Agerate profess himself to be? He's a man's man.
What PSI power (both family and level required, see Things to watch out for) does Ness learn at level 8? Using the default term, Rockin α. Or Alpha.

And with a new archive page, comes a new list of winners! Colin-, EBisumaru, Fishsticks, JeffMan, Leeman, Radiation, Sarahsuke, ShivnDragon.

Week 129:

What kind of dream did Ness have after eating the Magic cake? Ness had a very strange, and very clear dream. Or possibly very clear, and very strange.
What game might Poo play with a Dalaamese woman? Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man, bake me a cake as fast as you can. Et cetera.
What are the two disappointments of the flushed-cheeked man in the Chaos Theatre? He isn't able to show off his dance moves, since there's no room; furthermore, his significant other (should he have one) will be happy, since there aren't any good-looking waitresses.
How does a Happy Happyist describe the colour of Ness' outfit? It's wicked.
What is Aloysius Minch's opinion of the proverb about every dog having its day? It's the perfect proverb to describe him. I suppose this indicates that EarthBound took place (in part, at the least) in summer.

CPTCrunch and EBisumaru won this week.

Week 130:

What kind of rules regarding financial matters does Poochyfud have? He has definite rules.
Who did a portly woman (in L'Hotel du Summers) hear isn't very nice? The security guard in the natural history museum in Summers.
What, exactly, is the spirit who tests Poo the spirit of? Poo's ancient lineage.
What happens most often in the dream life of someone on Carrillon Beach? He falls in love.
According to an elite businessman, what is a huge concern of his (as well as other elite businessmen)? Whether his salary stays the same or not.

Alas, none won this week.

Week 131:

How does the bellhop in the foyer describe the Twoson Hotel? It's a nice, first-class hotel.
How do the enemies in Summers which you can fight in teams usually team up? (I.e. A and B, C and D, E and F, etc. for all such sets.) The Crazed Sign can appear in a battle with the Mad Taxi; the Over Zealous Cop may engage you along with a Tough Guy.
How does someone describe the flavour of Foursidian bread? Plain and non-descript is how that someone describes the flavour. To tell you the truth, she's the owner of the bakery.
What is the Bubble Monkey's fiancée's concern about Dr. Andonuts and her fiancé? She's afraid Dr. Andonuts might use him in a crash test.
If you don't buy any chewing gum, how much does the woman in the drugstore Best Friend say the Bubble Monkey will cost you? A buck, which is equivalent to one dollar ($1).

CPTCrunch, Freaky Dulder, SimonBob and Radiation won this week.

Week 132:

What three things does Paula tell her father to do before she and Ness leave? Wipe his eyes, blow his nose, and smile. That's so caring of her.
If you say you're not after Magic cake, what does the Captain's wife say she's seeking? The little girl inside her.
Why did Monotoli hide the Mani Mani Statue in the warehouse behind Jackie's Café? The power scared him.
What is the first part of Poo's body the testing spirit takes from Poo? His legs.
Answering as specifically as possible, what does the Captain call the Carrot key if you have it on you when you take the boat ride for the first time? He calls it a strange looking carrot.

L'oops! No one won this week.

Week 133:

Why will Mr. Spoon quickly tell you the story he tells you? He's busy, busy, busy!
What, supposedly, is the reason why no ghosts bother the Runaway Five? Their tour bus is too loud.
What are all of the dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Museum, according to the attendant there? (Side note: ignore the fact only one skeleton is seen.) They're replicas all.
What is a possible effect of the Tangoo breathing in through its flute? Zzzzzzzzzzzz....
What does someone think could be the basis for a tearjerker movie? The fact that when she visited her friend (who was staying in the hospital), she somehow slipped and fell in the hallway, causing her to be admitted as a patient, too. That's so tragic!

Congratulations, SimonBob.

Week 134:

Why will your teen years be ruined, according to a merchant? Becausse you didn't buy an egg. Unnecessary fear-mongering, I think.
What's the final thing Mr. Spoon mentions on the subject of what Venus could autograph for him? He'd even accept the autograph if it were on toilet paper. Now that's dedication!
How badly did Tony say Jeff would have been punished if he (Jeff) had been caught trying to leave Snow Wood? That punishment would've been big time. For some reason, some people were answering what Pokey's punishment was. I have no idea why.
What item do you find in the house which is closest, walking wise, from the entrance to Pink Cloud? It was the jar, jar of delisauce...
What does the Ship captain say will determine how your ship ride turns out? Luck will determine the outcome of your voyage.

Canadian, CPTCrunch and SimonBob won.

Weeks 135 and 136:

According to a member, the Runaway Five might not have any money; what are they, however...? They're strong.
What item might the Lethal Asp Hieroglyph leave? The Pharaoh's curse.
Why does a shades-wearing, black-suited man wonder if he should return to his hometown? The prices are so expensive.
What kind of paper does someone in the Threed circus tent jokingly suggest you used to help them? Peace paper.
What does a beautiful place such as Beak Point do to a messy-looking boy in Onett? It gets him all choked up, ah hah hah. Wait, that's all shook up.

No one won.

Weeks 137 and 138:

What did the stars foretell to the Star Master? He would meet Poo (outside the pyramid).
What do 70% of people first choose to do, according to Brick Road's statistics? They go to the right.
What is the non-boss enemy resembling Master Belch which you can fight in Deep Darkness? Big Pile of Puke.
Why is a man in black suit and hat jealous of you? You're friends with the Runaway Five.
How many PP does Poo use when he uses PSI Starstorm against Master Barf? Zero.

See above week.

Week 139:

What does Maxwell say Tony usually does, at least? He at least leaves a note.
Where does Ness see a vision of his mother? A younger mother, mind you. Pink Cloud.
What does Brick Road think of items that are easily gotten to? They're usually disappointing.
What sort of memories does the photographer give you? Instant memories, although I also accepted "fondest of".
You're the waitress at the Stoic Club. You think something sounds stupid. What is it? The show.

CodeHunter 64 won this week.


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