Weeks 140 and 141:

What is the first thing wondered about by the person in the Dungeon Man bathroom? Why he's there.
What was the weather in Winters when Apple Kid was kidnapped? Beautiful.
What was Monotoli's profession before he gained all his power? He worked in real estate.
From where does the information sign say the bones in the Dinosaur Museum came from? Southern Scaraba.
When and where does Everdred say you'll see him again? Another time, another place.

Seifer was this weekset's champion.

Week 142:

What's inscribed on the eraser statue? The letter E.
On what floor of the Monotoli Building do you find Aloysius Minch? Floor forty-seven.
On the first voyage you take to Scaraba, why does the boat stop for the first time? Well, if you hadn't sailed in however long it was, surely you'd get sick, too.
How many Mr. Saturn are working in Belch's base at the conveyor belt? Two.
What type of monsters does a grave robber say he saw? He saw mummy-type monsters. With his own eyes!

Earthboundobsessor, JeffMan and Uzivra won this week.

Week 143:

How do you feel if you enjoy the hot springs immensely? You feel reborn.
What do rumours, later found to be true, say Monotoli made a deal with to attain his power? A pure evil entity.
How long does Poochyfud say the Runaway Five might be stuck at the Chaos Theatre? 100 years.
On what subject is the big test that some people have to take tomorrow? It's on games. Have you done your homework?
What has the cop who threatens to arrest you (no questions asked!) already done? He's already checked out your name.

guruzeth, Earthboundobsessor, Seifer and Mr. Accident won this week.

Week 144:

How much rent does the boy who lives with the Exit mice in their house pay? He lives rent-free.
What are three of the four items available at the last store that becomes accessible to you over the course of the game? This store is, of course, the third Mr. Saturn vendor who appears only after you complete Magicant. He offers the Flame, Night and Rain pendants as well as the Piggy jelly.
What does a sunbather say corpses don't usually wear? Bathing suits. This, of course, presumes they didn't .
What beverage does the woman by the wall in Jackie's Café offer you? Espresso.
How early does Pokey say it's for you to oppose Giygas? It's a gazillion years too early.

James Picard 007, JeffMan, and Seifer ascended to the Trivimpic podium this week.

Week 145:

Thanks to you saving him, how long does someone say he'll live, live, live? Ten thousand years. Or would that be thirty thousand years, given the triplicate "live"?
What vision does Ness see at Lumine Hall? His father, holding him.
If you enter the Lilliput Steps cave immediately after rescuing Paula and returning to Happy Happy Village, what is the first enemy you will either have to fight or evade? Mole Playing Rough.
What term does Apple Kid use to describe his kidnappers when you talk to him beneath Stonehenge? Giygas' toadies.
What can glaring with eerie eyes do? It can make you worth maybe $50. For those of you not well-versed in EB allusions, that means you get diamondised.

CodeHunter 64, JeffMan and Seifer won this week.

Week 146:

How many times are Ness and his friends awoken at night over the course of the game? Three or four, depending on whether or not you consider the game to end at the credits or when Picky brings the letter.
What number does the Robo-pump whisper? Three. He says two and one in other ways.
What, according to the nurse in Fourside's hospital, might someone have wanted their medical insurance to cover? His grooming, a shampoo and cut intended to treat a bad hair day.
Why is the zombie leader strong, according to the Threed resident who has joined the zombies? He always eats peanut butter and Fly Honey sandwiches.
What is the method of shaking off the stars mentioned in EarthBound better known as? It's Starstorm!

CodeHunter64, JeffMan, SimonBob, and Steve Chapman won this week.

Week 147:

What can the Spiteful Crow do in battle that can cause you to lose neither HP nor items? Having a big grin on its face.
What sort of advice does Pokey give you before your dad calls? Game-type advice, to equip your weapon if you haven't done so already; and to say goodbye to your mom before you go if you haven't changed clothes.
In Magicant, where does the Sea of Eden sit at the centre of? The violent and evil feelings Ness has.
What did some ruffians do to an Onettian as he went by them? They spat on him. What an outrage.
When Jeff and Tony part ways, what does Tony affirm about their friendship? That they'd be friends forever.

This week, CodeHunter64, CodPor and Seifer won.

Week 148:

Why won't the guy who asks you if you want to be the watch-out let you be the watch-out? He was just kidding. Watch-out is his job.
What happens every time Tessie appears, according to a Tessie-watcher? The wind is always blowing when Tessie appears. Achoo! I think I caught a cold.
If you ask Buzz Buzz to repeat his story when you meet him at the meteorite, until when does he say you'll be there? He'll insist that you'll be there until dawn. Or when the sun rises. Et cetera.
What are the first enemies you encounter that call for help? The Skate Punks are the first enemies you encounter that can call for help, preceding both the Black Antoid and the Insane Cultist.
Having the Franklin badge with either Ness or Jeff when the power in the department store goes out is most helpful when you encounter one specific non-boss enemy there. Name it. This would be the Musica; neither the Coffee Cup nor the Mystical Record use lightning-elemental attacks.

AmzRigh, AtypicalChuck, BlueAntoid, Brandon, CodPor, Earthboundobsessor, MightierThanTheSword, Tommy Brooks, Kahran042, and Ravenshaw won this week.

Week 149:

When you ask Venus for an autograph, what does she give you other than the Signed banana? A kiss, a smooch, a smack.
From when does Buzz Buzz say the legend he tells Ness originates? When, not what, not whom. Ancient times.
What enemy that you encounter in one of Brick Road's dungeons has a habit of falling down? The Mad Duck.
How might the enemies that look like giant lips poison you? By giving you the kiss of death.
What sort of punishment will Lardna have to think of for her boys? Suitable punishments.

This week we saw victory by AmzRigh, bardreligion, BlueAntoid, Bluegoo26, CodeHunter64, CodPor, EBisumaru, Jonzcool, Kahran042, kelim, Mookaroon, Ravenshaw, Scott Dumblauskas, Seifer, and TheChef321.

Week 150:

When Monotoli is talking to you, what sort of body of water does he say separates Fourside and Summers? An ocean.
What is the first enemy you can encounter from which you can pick up a Bag of fries? Yes Man Junior.
How do Escargo Express say they treat your package? They treat it as if it were their only child.
When you're in the Threed graveyard prison, how does Jeff describe what he tends to be? He tends to be a little reckless.
What kind of sale does someone outside the Topolla Theatre hope the Fourside Department Store will have? A boffo one.

TheChef321 won this week.


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