Week 151:

What does Frank say he is now when you defeat him? "Failure" Frank.
What does the first cop you fight in the game say you should do when you beat him? You ought to join the police force.
What is the first Broken item you have the opportunity to find in a present? The machine.
What are three of the four items Jeff can make by repairing Broken items that you come across while controlling only him? Note that I wanted the fixed items; the broken items are just mentioned for posterity's sake. Defence spray (Broken spray can), Magnum air gun (Broken air gun), Slime generator (iron), and Shield killer (pipe).
What kind of animal does someone in the Scaraba hotel tell you to watch out for? Scorpions. (Get over here!)

This week, we saw victory by Another Saturn, John, SimonBob, and WhoopA.

Week 152:

What does the pot vendor in Burglin Park say he really wants? The For sale sign.
To what specific Place does Poo's master tell Poo to go in order to undergo his final test? "The Place of Emptiness."
What does the friendly mole at the Twoson end of Peaceful Rest Valley offer advice on? The rolling HP meter and how to survive battles.
What question concerning Onett does a small bird in Magicant ask? If it was a small, quiet town. (Wasn't it?)
What weapon of Ness' is found in Winters? The T-Rex's bat.

CodeHunter64 and SimonBob were the only winners this week.

Weeks 153 and 154:

What is Happy Happy Village policy on who is allowed to stay in Happy Happy Village, according to the proprietor of Meagre Livin' Farm? Only family members are allowed to stay. (Family members, meaning of course, Happy Happyists, since they're all like one big happy family there in Happy Happy Village.)
Of all the weapons that cannot be bought, but can also be sold, which one has the lowest selling price? This would be the Casey bat; it is not the Cracked bat, because that can be bought in the Onett drugstore.
After you return the sunshine to Threed, how many new characters can be found in the lobby (first room) of the Threed Sunset Hotel before you head off to the east of Threed? Two.
Who, says the Hieroglyph, protected the Pyramid? The gods of Scaraba.
What is the first item trade (you give someone a specific item and get another item back from that person, during the same conversation) for which you get the item needed to initiate the trade? Insignificant item for Magic truffle.

Oops! Nobody won these two weeks.

Week 155:

Which weapon of Paula's is equal, with respect to raising her offense, to the Magic Fry Pan? The Non-stick fry pan.
What does one of the preschoolers want to be when she grows up? She wants to be juuuuuuuuust like Paula. I may have overstated the u-length there, but didn't dock marks for insufficient u-ing.
How does Paula describe the psychic powers she can use? They're actually a little deadly.
What $1000 item can you pick up from an enemy you can encounter before rescuing Paula? Meteornium.
What are the two items obtainable from Polestar Preschool? The Teddy bear and the Hand-Aid.

EB Master, jpawli3793, King Banana, Maxwell Armada, Mookaroon, PSISaidin, Radiation, ShivnDragon, and Wheelchairboy won this week.

Week 156:

After you beat him, what kind of life did Carpainter say he wanted to live? A normal life.
Other than explicitly calling for help (think: Enemy X called for help!), what are two ways that an enemy can attempt to produce another enemy to fight against you? I'm an idiot. There are only two ways, one of which is explicit calling for help; the other is sowing seeds around oneself.
What are two of the PSI attacks that Handsome Toms can use? Hypnosis and Brainshock, both alpha.
What's in the trash can in Threed nearest the tunnel that leads to the Dusty Dunes desert? Skip sandwich.
What's the most powerful enemy you can fight after you've defeated Giygas? The Shattered Man in the museum in Summers. You can, if you're lucky, fight only one of the two.

EB Master and JeffMan won this week.

Week 157:

What does a Happy Happyist in the Happy Happyist main building say he wants to be after you beat Carpainter? "Let's be buddies!"
What's the first enemy that can inflict you with a status ailment that can be healed by the blue-haired healers? Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms. Lookit all the pretty colours...
In what sort of manner do certain enemies attempt to possess you? They will attempt to possess you in a frightening manner.
What's the only status ailment that an NPC somewhere is suffering from when you talk to them? (Hint: the correct response is not "Feeling strange".) The correct answer is, of course, Mashroomisation, suffered from by the I-Love-New-York guy in the Twoson hotel.
Why might the Runaway Five's bus not run? Because it hasn't been used in such a long time, it might be rusted out.

CodeHunter64, CodPor, Gauntlet, JeffMan, Kahran042, Rat, and Ravenshaw won this week.

Week 158:

What attack, inflictable by a non-boss enemy in Threed, can cause you to start crying? This would be the Putrid Moldyman's scattering of mold spores.
What specifically does Paula says she would have had to do if you hadn't come to help her? She would have had to bust out of there herself; in Mother 2, she would have been crying. But only one person mentioned that, and he also gave the other answer too.
What do you get when you return the Shyness book to the Onett library? You get a big smooch.
Who are the three people who are in the Scaraba region, outdoors, but not in the city of Scaraba itself that offer some sort of service in exchange for money? The Hint Man, the water vendor outside the northern entrance to the Pyramid, and the weapons vendor outside the southern entrance to the Pyramid.
What are the Onett police going for the world record in? Roadblocks. Wonder if they ever made it in.

The fun fill-in-the-quote was completed by EBisumaru, CaptainSpam, Emile, Gauntlet, JeffMan, Rat and WhoopA.
Fun fill-in-the-quote (not for credit): "Parking meters! ..." ...and you're walking around!

CodPor, Crazyswordsman and EBisumaru won this week.

Week 159:

What item purchaseable from Best Friend (the drugstore in Winters) is the only item there that Jeff can equip? The Coin of defence.
How many millions of dollars did somebody (possibly Pokey, although it isn't certain) invest in Orange Kid's inventions? A few million.
What can't Everdred do with the $10,000 that he gives you in the Wad of bills? He can't keep it. Insert your comment here about unmarked bills.
What equipable items can be found in Peaceful Rest Valley? I will give first the Hard hat, and next the Travel charm, to the adventurer.
What kind of country does the panning introduction to Winters say Winters is? It's a small country to the north.

CodeHunter, Carpainter, CodPor and JeffMan won this week.

Week 160:

What is the second-weakest coin that you can equip? The Coin of defense. jironic<enter>
With your counting starting on the left, what instrument is played by the first musician of the Runaway Five in the Chaos Theatre? He's a drummer, so obviously he plays the harmonica.
What are the items in the two present boxes nearest Shrooom!? Bottle rocket and Cheap bracelet.
How hot is the Orange Kid, according to a girl in Twoson? Incredibly so.
From what Grapefruit Falls enemy might you pick up a Broken spray can? The Armored Frog.

This week, JeffMan, Clanker, Trae Graves and Joshua Dunn won this week.

Weeks 161 and 162:

How many persons are in the circus tent when the zombies are all stuck to the Zombie paper? Now the answer I was looking for was two, for the shades dude and the business suit. But people kept answering 5, and I was completely flabbergasted. "How are they getting 5?" Then I thought about it a second: Ness, Paula and Jeff. So 2 and 5 are both acceptable answers.
What's the first enemy you fight that can leave behind a condiment? The Ramblin' Evil Mushroom.
What is the condiment mentioned above? Ketchup packet.
What's one of the enemies in the Pink Cloud cave against which the Franklin badge is utterly useless? The Franklin badge, as we all know, reflects lightning-elemental attacks. The only two enemies in the Pink Cloud cave that have no lightning-based attacks, and thus can't be countered with the Franklin badge, are the Tangoo and the Kiss of Death. (Note that the French Kiss of Death is an entirely different enemy.)
What are two of the externally visible status conditions (that is, you can tell someone's suffering from it without referencing the HP/PP box or the character's status screen) that the Saturn Valley hot springs can cure? Mashroomisation, possession, Diamondisation, and paralysis and unconsciousness. It can't cure Unconsciousness; [C]olds, poison and nausea can only be confirmed by checking the status screen or the HP/PP box; and feeling strange, uncontrollable crying and inability to move can't be cured by the hot springs because they're automatically cured once a battle ends.

Clanker, EBsessor, King Banana, Lucid Faia, psychic ness and Trae Graves won this set.


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