Week 163:

What is the simile that Maxwell Labs draws concerning recording an adventure? It's like saving a game, ha ha.
When you pay off their debt with Poochyfud, what does the last member of the Runaway Five wonder about? Did he make a spectacle of himself?
In what two waysway can non-boss enemies in the Lilliput Steps caves cause you to become unable to move? Mr. Battys can become friendly and affectionate.
Other than the chosen four, what human character is mentioned most often in the coffee and tea scenes? Pokey, of course!
What happens after the Robo-pump completes its countdown? It throws a Bomb.

Bonus (need not be answered): Hi, you. What colour is my house? It's red.

FalconPain, Canadian, Lucid Faia, SimonBob and Ultramation won this week.

Week 164:

I'm a sleepy Snow Wood student. What's something I'll do between washing my face and going to bed? I'll do my business, and I'll brush my teeth.
What's one of the places from which you can take both a bus going in one direction and another bus that's going in another? Either Threed or Dusty Dunes.
What's the first enemy wearing a ribbon in the battle screen that you can fight? The Cute Li'l UFO. Spiteful Crows have bowties, the Cranky Lady has a hat, and pretty much every other enemy that has something resembling a ribbon is a male and it's some sort of tie or something.
How does a hippie-looking guy in the Chaos Theatre describe the Chaos Theatre? He says it's a little music hall, after all...
What HP-recovery item can be bought at the cart by the Montague brothers' gold mine and nowhere else? Popsicle.

Clanker, CodeHunter 64, JeffMan, Lucid Faia and Metzger won this week.

Week 165:

In what Eagleland building does someone admit he fought in a war? The bus station in Twoson. Side comment: is it just me or is it funny that Twoson's the only place in Onett where the bus station is explicitly shown?
Because of what does a man in Threed wearing a black business suit say they won over the zombies? Brains, guts, togetherness. What a rush!
What term does the talking rock in the second Tenda Village use to refer to Magicant? He calls it "Your World".
What item can you find after beating a New Age Retro Hippie? Ruler. Well. That's certainly avant-garde.
What are three things that are in Brick Road's vehicle collection? A coincidentally yellow submarine, a taxi with no engine, a bicycle with the perfect brake, ... and an Instant Revitalization Machine. Not sure what that's doing there...

Canadian won this week.

Weeks 166 and 167:

What are the two cheapest food items for sale in Summers and Toto? The Bottle of water and the Can of fruit juice; both cost exactly $4.
How can the snake enemies cause you to be unable to move? They coil around and attack.
What item only Jeff can use is the pale green light attack equivalent to? The Neutralizer.
What doesn't Ness look like, according to a guy in sunglasses in Burglin Park? He doesn't look like the hero-type. Then again, whenever has there been an RPG where the hero of the game has looked like a hero?
What else does King do in battle when he growls? He lunges forward! 16 HP of damage to the Runaway Dog! The Runaway Dog became tame!

Crazyswordsman, Clanker, Fishsticks, and JeffMan won this week.

Week 168:

What's the number of the highway the Crazed Sign appears to have come from? Highway 40.
Why does a Dalaamian begin praying during the battle against Giygas? She dreamt that Prince Poo died.
What does the Fourside Hospital say you're not allowed to do there? In Soviet Fourside Hospital, night can't spend you.
What does Pokey believe he has to be experiencing in the final battle against Giygas? He must be experiencing absolute terror.
What food item is found in a present past the Onett roadblock on the way to Twoson? Hamburger. (With mushrooms!)

Canadian, CodPor, GanonMasterXP and JeffMan were victorious this time around.

Weeks 169 and 170:

What's an Underworld Tenda's position on the beauty of the Darkness Tenda females? They're particularly beautiful. Sadly, they're too shy.
Where is Paula's first prayer in the last phase of the battle against Giygas received? Saturn Valley.
Whose caskets are in the Scaraba Natural History Museum in Summers? Toten Karmen and Ram Raisins III and IV.
How many walls does the house at Beak Point have? Four externally, three internally.
What two equippable weapons can Jeff get (from items he finds) in Snow Wood? He gets the Pop gun and the Magnum air gun.

No winners. Kraken Baby Sun is crying.

Weeks 171 and 172:

What's the colour of the geyser nearest to you when you enter the Lost Underworld? It's blue. (Blue...)
What self of hers has the Captain's wife finally awakened when you first talk to her in the Stoic Club? The inner self, the true her.
What status ailment can the Evil Eye inflict on you without using a PSI attack? Diamondisation.
What character in Magicant must you talk to in order to make Magicant's colours look like Moonside's colours? The zombie.
What are the first two places at which you can buy multiple items (in the sense of Items A and B, not two or more of Item A) that at some point will permanently no longer be available for you to buy items? In other words, what are the first two stores (or equivalent places) you can use in the game that disappear? The first such store is the Self-service stand in Happy Happy Village; the second such store is the travelling merchant in the Grapefruit Falls valley.

Stop making Kraken Baby Sun cry.

Week 173:

Why does Ness' Nightmare say he is unbeatable? Because Ness is the one who brought him into existance.
What are the two attacks that the Franklin badge defends against? Think broadly. Crashing Boom Bangs (Booms Bang?), PSI Thunder, and a form of Giygas' undiscernible attack.
To where does the joke-teller in Jackie's Café have to return if you talk to him after the end of the game? Therapy.
What does Apple Kid decide he has to investigate at the end of the game? Courage.
What breed of Octobot is found on the southern island of Scaraba? The Marauder.

JeffMan won this week.

Weeks 174 and 175:

Inside a house or outside a house, where is it rarer to find a Hint Man? Tricked you. Neither is more common.
How does Ness first manifest his psychic abilities? As a baby, he moves a bottle.
How do the Underworld Tenda refer to the Lost Underworld outside the boundaries of their village? The dinosaur cage.
How many tries does the Swamp Monkey take to learn how to Teleport properly? Twice. He's a fast learn.
What did Lardna tell Mr. Prettyman about Ness and his family? Their financial status - debt debt debt wonderful debt debt debt.

CodeHunter 64, EBisumaru, JeffMan and Ravenshaw won this week.

Week 176:

Whoo. Not only did I put off updating until the site shift was over, I even managed to upload the wrong file to the new system. And got sideswiped by a computer crash. These questions will look like ones you thought were the right ones. Mea culpa.

What does someone brag about having done to the cookies made for Tony's birthday? He decorated each of them by hand.
What can homesickness make you hunger for? Your favourite food.
What is the first enemy you can encounter that drops a status-healing element item? Smilin' Sam, although on a technicality (since they're in the Two-Three tunnel) I also accepted Zombie Processor.
What two types of enemy could theoretically kill you even if you get the first attack and beat them on it? Well, there are three: Oak enemies, Reactor Robot enemies, and Sphere enemies. They can all explode and take you with them.
What food item do you find most often in garbage cans, presents, or other treasure boxes? Cookies and Hamburgers. What is this, Macdonaldland?

Bonus (not for credit): How many times per week are you allowed to enter? Once a week, unless your subsequent responses occur within one minute -- more or less -- of your first response.

This week's winners were (I THINK) AnotherSaturn, Artemis251, CodeHunter64, DavidShelton, JeffMan, Kahran042, Radiation, ScottDumblauskas, StarmanOmega, The Muffin Man, and Triple10X.


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