Weekset 177:

These questions disappeared. But they're back. Fear!

How many non-walking-in-place Insane Cultists inside the Happy Happyism cultural centre can you fight? Two. You'll find them in the moving circle near the left edge of the room.
What are the first and last enemies you can encounter who start the battle unable to concentrate (and therefore unable to use PSI)? First, the Attack Slug; second, the Mr. Molecule.
What does the Magicant clock ask Ness? Has he [Ness] yet learned how to tell time using him [the clock]?
What is the non-damaging effect on Giygas of the first prayer sent to Ness and his friends? It destabilises his defences.
Which Lilliput Steps non-boss enemy is least likely to do something that will affect its own status? The Mole Playing Rough and the Mr. Batty can both confuse themselves; the Mighty Bear can't. Hence, the Mighty Bear.

JeffMan, CodeHunter 64, AmzRigh, Seifer, Orange, Nesskid and SimonBob won.

Weekset 178:

Why is it not possible to complete the game without having had an item stolen from you? (That is, what item(s) is/are stolen from you?) The answers I had in mind when writing the question: the Yogurt dispenser, the Tendakraut. More vacuous answers: the Helicopter, any items Paula had on her when she was kidnapped by the Dept. Store Spook, and the Fly Honey. Any one of these would have been accepted. (Anything Poo had taken away by the Spirit doesn't count, because they're not items in any sense of the word.)
What are three items you can find by Checking something that isn't something that usually contains an item (i.e., something that isn't a present box, a coffin, a trash can, the thatched containers most common in Dalaam, etc.)? I accepted any three of: the Insignificant item; a Magic truffle; the Shyness book; the Hawk eye; the Horn of Life from the stopping off point before you get turned into robots; the Contact lens; the Meteorite piece (Zexonyte was also accepted); and, vacuously, the submarine. Someone answered the triad of items you get from the Mr. Saturn who promises to give you his something (and has no something after he's given it all to you), but you don't get them by checking the Mr. Saturn.
Say Ness has levelled up, and that since the last time he levelled up his Vitality has increased significantly. What happens to his HP during this level up? The result is that his HP also increases significantly. (It synchronises to 15 times his Vitality as of that level-up.)
What happens if the Kraken emits a pale green light? Its effect is equivalent to the Neutraliser. It just removes all the effects of PSI on your party.
Who is the first person to address Ness when he returns to the real world from Magicant? This would be Paula, who steps forward when you first wake up.

This week, we saw the victories of: Nick, JeffMan, EB Master, Seifer, Salookanana, SimonBob, Scott Dumblauskas, WhoopA.

Weekset 179:

What's peculiar about the eyes of the Shambler enemies? Their positioning. Unlike most earthly creatures, whose eyes are horizontally aligned ... the Shamblers have vertically aligned eyes. (Think 8 instead of oo.)
What slot machine symbol is on the back of the costume worn by the Gelato-peddler on Carrillon Beach? The lemon.
How many characters in Onett make a direct reference to EarthBound? (That is, they mention it.) The girl outside the Library, the girl who resembles Mushroom-picker girl in a house in the southeast of the town, the backyard-door-guarding Yes Man Junior, and Captain Strong.
Identify what in particular is wrong with the following sentence: "Aside from Trillionage Sprout, every enemy that you can fight in the caves and valleys on your way to Milky Well from Saturn Valley may also be fought elsewhere in the game." The Ranboob can only be fought in the Milky Well system.
What is one of the two visual arguments the realtor uses to sell you his house? I accepted beautiful sunsets and ocean views.

Ravenshaw won this time.

Weekset 180:

What is/are Brick Road's hobby/hobbies? Dungeon building and vehicle collecting.
What is the one non-"black and white" difference between the ground floor of Ness' house in Onett, and the ground floor of his house during the pre-Magicant flashback? Stupidly, I forgot to specify what I meant. As such, I accepted either "King is younger" or "No phone on the stand", and variants thereof.
What three things wake Ness up in the middle of the night? The meteorite's fall, Pokey's rap, and Picky's knock.
What does Tracy wonder if her mom will allow her to do the night the meteorite crashed? Maybe she can stay up late?
What can only a professional in the art of the sun-tan do? Dude, let's try to get suntans on the palms of our hands! Way cool!

Congratulations for victory, ness'_nightmare, SimonBob, and PaganRaven.

Weekset 181:

When did Ness first wear a baseball cap? Either when you talk to his mother, or back in the cradle when he was but a wee lad.
Why does a Toto shopkeeper recommend you shop in his store instead of in Scaraba? It's more expensive in Scaraba.
What is the woman in the Onett Library bathroom doing? She ... she's thinking! Also, Simon? I don't think that the situation of your parenthetical theory would have produced that particular line.
What is the only item at the junk shop in Fourside that cannot somehow be related to Jeff's IQ? The Rust promoter. The other items are either broken (and thus can be repaired by Jeff if his IQ is high enough) or items that can be produced by Jeff fixing a broken item (which, again, relies on his IQ).
When the power of any sanctuary fills Ness after he defeats his Nightmare, what happens to two of his attributes? They go up. By five points, if you want to be precise. (And if you want to be really precise, I'm reasonably certain that in any two games, a Sanctuary will have the same two attributes go up by five in both games.)

This week, the winners were billybobfred, Incoherent_Moron, JeffMan, StrawberryTofu, RavenShaw, and SimonBob.

Weekset 182:

What contextually stupid, television-related thing is a person in Threed doing? He's watching a zombie movie. Dude, that's like Queen Elizabeth watching a movie about Oliver Cromwell. Except more stupid.
What sort of plants do the Minches have? Cacti. Or cactuses.
Might the Franklin badge be of help during the final battle? Why would(n't) it be of help? Yes it would, because one of Giygas' incomprehensible attacks mimics a lightning-elemental attack.
Jump into the Saturn Valley Hot Springs immediately after you return there after defeating Belch. If you wait long enough, what relatively tasteful thing happens? All the nasty gunk gets washed off of you.
In what two rooms at Paula's house does Paula's father say Ness has the option of sleeping in at the end of the game? He can sleep either in the living room, or in the den. (Entrant NattyBumppo adds that in Mother 2, Paula's father says Ness can sleep in his room.)

JeffMan, Natty Bumppo and SimonBob won this week.

Weekset 183:

During the prayer cutscenes, how is it indicated that a character is praying? They face forward and don't move.
Which member of the Minch family can be seen, in-game, in the fewest unique locations (note that somebody moving does not create a "unique location")? Lardna. Pokey's a little machiavellian Marco Polo, Aloysius and Picky both appear in three places, and Lardna barely ever moves.
What status-affecting PSI will help you the most fighting the Bad Buffalo? Paralysis.
When you talk to Pokey immediately after the meteorite crashes, what does he tell you not to do? Don't be rubberneckin', Ness.
What game does one of the Montague brothers suggest you could play with him at the end of the game? Horseshoes. (Entrant NattyBumppo adds that in Mother 2, instead of playing horseshoes, he suggested the two of you sing karaoke. The more you know!)

Entrant NattyBumppo was the only winner this week.

Weekset 184:

What is the Lost Underworld Tenda Shopkeeper's relationship with Ay-Go Stikke? The two of them are friends.
If Tracy were to have a Tea Party in her room with her stuffed animals (say she has some), how many stuffed animals could she have tea with at one time without bringing in chairs from other rooms or moving her table? She could have tea with one of them. She sits in one chair, the animal sits in the other.
What Moonside enemies can one fight in Dungeon Man? These are most likely the results of bugs, as the EB Database doesn't indicate any of them can be fought there; however, I have managed to sight and/or engage in battle with: Dali's Clocks, Robo-Pumps, and Enraged Fire Plugs.
How many cats are there in Twoson? There's the cat in a house in the southern part of the city, as well as a cat on top of Polestar Preschool. One plus one equals two.
What is someone in Twoson who mentions Happy Happyists, their hometown, or their religion snacking on? He's eating peanuts. What kind do you like?

ElectroSpecter was the only person answering all five questions right this time around.

Weekset 185:

What item can you pick up on your way to Twoson from Onett? The Hamburger, or the Exit mouse. As for the Exit mouse, Entrant NattyBumppo adds that in Mother 2, the Exit mouse is the Ananuke Nezumi, or "Mouse that goes through holes." He says it's probably also a pun on nukeana, which means loophole.
What large animal is probably held in high esteem in Dalaam? Everyone loves elephants.
What enemy's weapon looks like a long-stemmed leaf? Ranboob.
Ignoring the colour of each type's armour, what non-boss Starman looks the least like the rest? (Note that this is a question concerning what they look like in battle, not outside of battle.) This would be the spiked Final Starman. The Starman Deluxe is a boss, and if you ignore their armours' colour, the Ghost of Starman is just a Moonsideish palette swap.
What sort of shape does the monkey you teach how to teleport move in when he teleports? Square, rectangle. (Not a straight line, not parallel lines, not a triangle, not a circle.)

This week, the winners were Bret, DJGear, EB Master, Incoherent Moron, NattyBumppo, Ravenshaw, Strawberry Tofu, and Young.

Weekset 186:

What is the first enemy that can attack you in swarms (i.e., more than three can engage you in battle)? This would be the Attack Slug. Sharks do not count, as there are three distinct Sharks, and it's very rare - if it's even possible - that you engage in battle with four Sharks to begin with.
What is the minimum number of times you will have to use the Pencil eraser? Twice: first in Peaceful Rest Valley, the second time in the Monkey Cave. In Winters, it's optional.
After liberating Threed, where would you go if you wanted to see runway fire? If non-Entrant NattyBumppo had entered, he probably would have added that in Mother 2 the guy who mangles Runaway Five into Runway Fire mangled Tonzura Brothers into Donburi Brassieres.
What enemy, fightable in Twoson, drops Ketchup packets? The Rabid Tomato. Actually, the Ramblin' Evil Mushroom.
Does Monotoli consider himself to be young? He most assuredly does not! (Though he thanks you for the compliment.)

This time, Artemis251, Skyrunner, chuggaaconroy, dirtydave, DJGear, existnce, StrawberryTofu, flyinghippo, JeffMan, Silent Wind of Doom, Key, Matt, Nesskid, and Treasure won.


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