Weekset 187:

What's the only status ailment that is profitable to YOU, in that getting it treated will never cost you money? Mashroomisation. Go to a healer, and you get $50 for a mashroom.
What team sport is referred to most often over the course of the game? Midget jai alai. Actually, it's baseball.
What position does the person from whom you can get a room at the Hotel du Summers hold at the hotel? He's Risosha Richmonde, and he's the assistant manager at this hotel.
What's the highest level of support that Monotoli ever receives? Over 90% of Fourside. I counted any number above 90%, as well as 90% itself. (Over 70% or 80% were not appropriate answers under this rubric.)
Where is the first bridge that you must cross? Grateful Dead Valley. Sorry, Peaceful Rest Valley.

Toweek's winners were BlueGoo26, CodPor, Hlavco, and Young Monotoli.

Weekset 188:

What's the first priority of the Fourside police department? The protection of Monotoli.
How many baskets of eggs are there in Burglin Park? There are two.
What are two of the three enemies that have "stronger" versions, so to speak, to be fought in the Fourside sewers? (Clarification: not the sewer enemies but the enemies that they're the stronger versions of.) The Rowdy Mouse (stronger counterpart Deadly Mouse), the Smelly Ghost (Stinky Ghost), and the Violent Attack Roach (Filthy Attack Roach). Note that you had to get the Violent in there for the VAR to count; "Attack Roach" was too vague, and might've referred to either.
What is the only city in which an NPC ("non-player character") suggests that you go see the Hint Man? Eagleland's beautiful wildflower.
When Pokey's with you, he can perform two in-battle actions that he certainly uses his mouth in doing. Name both of them. By "two" I mean "four". By "both" I mean "two". Anyways: profuse apologies, insincere smiles, complaints, and pretended cries.

This week, the winners were billybobfred, Codpor, Hlavco, Matt, Ravenshaw, Skyrunner. (Others also got all the questions right, but I haven't yet figured out who they were. They will appear here as I check their answers.)

Weekset 189:

What's Starman Junior's strongest PSI (in terms of family/type and level/letter)? Fire β. His other PSI are both α-level.
What's a young girl in the Monotoli Grand department store doing? She was just named to the Canadian women's hockey hooky team.
What Lilliput Steps non-boss enemy can emulate the effect of the Toothbrush? Mr. Batty became friendly and affectionate! You backed off. Your body solidified!
What form does the spirit tempting Poo take in an attempt to break his concentration during his final Mu Training test? (Note: your answer must be more substantial than, say, "human".) A Dalaamese woman, a "cute red-haired girl".
How unenthusiastic is Apple Kid when you offer to finance his research? Yes! Yes! Yes! He's not very unenthusiastic. That is to say, he's very enthusiastic.

This time, bluegoo26, CodPor, Strawberry Tofu and Meredith_Richtore all won.

Weekset 190:

Does Ness' mother wear her hair turned up or turned down? She wears it turned up. Somebody commented in his submission that that's kind of freaky. I agree.
How many Old People (i.e., people who obviously look old, as opposed to middle-aged) are wandering outside in Fourside when you first arrive there? One. You'll find him right outside the Monotoli Grand Department Store.
Where in the game is drawing or tracing something important to proceed further in the game? Dance in front of the Sphinx! You trace a star out with your way-cool dance steps.
What are two buildings that you cannot enter at the end of the game (during the ending), even though you can go as far as their door, even though you could enter that building at some previous point of the game? The Chaos Theatre, the Happy Happy Village interpretive centre (or whatever they called it), and the Stoic Club.
Of the Fruit Kids, which (if any) can you get to make things for you for less than $200? Orange Kid. Come back to him later in the game, and instead of trying to fleece you for $200 with his Suporma, he'll try to fleece you for $50.

bluegoo26 and Meredith_Richtore won this time around.

Weekset 191:

After you receive the Zombie paper, how many people in the tent must you talk to before you can place it on the floor of the tent? None. You can just waltz in there, place it, head out, and bang.
What's the gender of the person wandering in the desert on the right hand side of the road during the Dusty Dunes traffic jam? She's a woman.
What's the first boss battle that it could be argued is fought in multiple stages? There's the obvious Carbon/Diamond Dog choice. There's also Belch/Barf (since you fight him two separate times), and furthermore there's Frank/Frankystein. Any of those three counted.
What's the first status ailment (ignoring Unconsciousness and Homesickness) that you can receive? Solidified body, from the Coil Snake.
What two Summers businesses prefer reservations? The 'Otel and the Stoic Club. The restaurant makes you take takeout because you're not with your parents.

CodPor was the only person to ace this week.

Weekset 192:

What food would the miner grudgingly accept, even though it's far from his favourite repast? Pizza's fine by him.
From when Jeff first leaves Snow Wood until he leaves Winters on the Snow Sky Runner, at least how many sticks of chewing gum will the Bubble Monkey have chewed? Aside from the now-corrected error, three times: the drugstore, the north shores of Lake Tess, and the Pond Cave are the three places where he must use it. Anywhere else? That's just additional goodness.
What enemy personally sent the Zombies to Threed? (Hint: it's not the obvious answer.) If, on your way to fight Belch, you take the stairs up just before the room with the Magic Butterfly, a Slimy Little Pile says that you destroyed the zombies he assigned to Threed. Then you fight him.
As it regards enemies and not Ness and his friends, what makes the inability to concentrate so unique among status afflictions? It's the only one enemies can start a battle with.
What are the four prayer lights that can allow your characters to recover HP? There's the Very subtle light, the Warm light, the Golden light. Oh, and the rainbow-coloured light.

Regretfully, none won...

Weekset 193:

How does Everdred describe his employability, so to speak, when you meet him in the alley by Jackie's Café? He's the best thief around. (You needed to get the entire idea of best thief around across in order to nab the pointage.
What are the first enemies you can fight simultaneously that, in battle, look completely identical but for their colours? These would be the marionettes: Smilin' Sam and Handsome Tom, who you can fight in Threed. Before that, you don't find any palette swapped enemies you can fight simultaneously.
If you don't take any detours (and ignoring the three close to Pokey), how many cops do you pass by on the way to speak with Pokey near the site of the meteorite crash? Five.
What's the weakest equipabble item you can acquire in Magicant? Hey me! I found the baseball cap that you lost.
How many of the four main characters, when they first arrive at Summers, arrive on the beach? All four of them. Ness, Paula and Jeff crash land in the Sky Runner on Carrillon Beach, and Poo meets them on the beach when he joins them.

SimonBob, and none else, managed to win this week.

Weekset 194:

What did Monotoli do to the guy that used to employ him? First he drove his company into bankruptcy, then he ran the guy into bankruptcy.
Of the enemies you meet that are Flies, which one is more "good", the first one or the second one? (Hint: explaining why won't give you more credit, but it'll help you answer.) The second, which is Mostly Bad, as opposed to the first, which is No Good.
Overall, what is the minimum amount of money you have to expend on transportation alone over the course of the game? The only time you ever have to spend money on transportation is when you head to Scaraba the first time, and so I accepted either $20 (if you kill three people off) or $80 (full cast).
What parts of the New Age Retro Hippie's body are crossed? His fingers and legs. I accepted just legs, as the fingers are kind of hard to see as being crossed, though.
Are Monkey and English the only languages heard in the Monkey Caves? No. One monkey, the one looking for a Fresh Egg, speaks Cat, Dog, Mouse, Kangaroo, Dead Ant, etc.

atm, kidbond, CodPor and SimonBob won this time.

Weekset 195:

What is one of the questions the Maxwell Labs lookalike in Moonside asks? Pretty much everybody who answered answered "Who am I?" This is, of course, correct. I also suspect that any guys answering this question (agh!) gave this question as response, because the other question this lookalike asked was ... "Am I a man?"
What pastry does a certain type of sprout leave? The Mobile Sprout leaves a Croissant.
Speaking generally, what are the results of using the Spy command? You learn the enemy's offense/defense, its vulnerabilities, and possibly obtain the item it has.
Name two bosses that Ness and friends most unambiguously do not defeat by themselves. In rough order of encountering: Starman Junior (Buzz Buzz), Clumsy Robo (ganbatte yo, Tonzura-san!) the Kraken (the Captain's slippers), and Giygas (all the prayers).
How long had it been since Jeff and his father had last met? Ten years or so.

CodPor, Steam, Strawberry Tofu, JeffMan, Seifer, SimonBob and Meredith_Richtore got all 5 questions right this week.

Weekset 196:

What condiment goes best with the Peanut cheese bar? The Sprig of parsley, or the Jar of delisauce.
What are [the] three places where you can find Mr. Saturn throughout the game? Saturn Valley, Belch Base, Happy Happy Village (really!), Stonehenge, and the "West Cave" which can be accesed from the Lost Underworld, wherefrom you travel to the past.
Where is the Mr. Saturn doctor sitting, specifically? A trashcan.
What is the greatest number of humans seen in Saturn Valley over the course of the game? Seven: Ness and his friends, Dr. Andonuts, Apple Kid, and the Montague.
What are the two Mr. Saturn-themed equippable items that you can acquire over the course of the game? You're first able to pick up a Mr. Saturn coin, then later you pick up a Saturn ribbon. (Note that "red ribbon" was a "Do not accept" response, as the item is not the "Saturn red ribbon", or the "Red Saturn ribbon".)

For the first theme week, we had perfect submissions by: Aeon, Ambivalentiowa, Barrylocke, bstring, Cap'n Muffin, Chameleon, CodPor, Cyan683, DJ Gear, EB Master, epoch, Habiib, HumeVsKant, JeffMan, Jeff's Radio, Joe Hanna, kidbond, Lechimp, ness_nightmare, Ninten1, Ravenshaw, shivndragon, SimonBob, Skyrunner, Spam_Man, SuperSpeedy and 1up_clock.


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