Weekset 197 - Theme Week HARD:

Welcome to Theme Week Period Of Non-Predetermined Length! This week's theme was HARD questions.

Which is the HARDest Your Sanctuary guardian? (Think about it!) The HARDest Your Sanctuary guardian is Diamond Dog, because, heck, he's diamond, and diamond's pretty much the hardest thing there is. Carbon Dog doesn't count, because he isn't diamond.
Where is the first place, chronologically, that you can acquire a HARD hat? The first place where you can acquire a HARD hat is Peaceful Rest Valley. It's in a present.
In what building - and no, it isn't Snow Wood - are the most people theoretically worried about how HARD an upcoming test is going to be? The Onett Library. There's a whole bunch of people discussing game rules: Recovery of Life Rule, Hotel Rule, et cetera.
Where can you fight the only "HARD" enemy in the game? The HARD Crocodile can be fought in Deep Darkness.
Which boss is the HARDest to lose to? The answer is, of course, Starman Junior. Because you can't.

This week, we saw 5/5 runs by 1up_clock, Aeon, Archon Divinus, Artemis251, bluegoo26, Bowser, bstring, CodPor, Cyan683, darklink570, Denn, Dr. Baconman, EB0und, epoch, Eternal Jade, flyguy, FoppyKing, Goggles, Gyroman, incendio, Incoherent Moron, Jake Roe, JeffMan, Libra, PoeTrader, poik007, Ravenshaw, Seifer, Seth Gastelum, SimonBob, Sonic 65, Spam_Man, Strawberry Tofu, Tanooki Mario and zozo. Wow, that's a lot!

Weekset 198 - Theme Week Hungry:

This was Theme Week Hungry.

What are the four types of sandwich that can be eaten throughout the game? You've got your Lucky, your Skip, your Skip DX, and your Clumsy Robots have their bologne.
What are two of the times over the course of the game where you have to give something to eat to somebody else? There's Apple Kid in Twoson, the Montagues in Dusty Dunes, and that one scruffy guy by Jackie's Café.
What is the only edible enemy that you can engage in a fight with in Magicant? Kraken.
Why do you have to spend money, either directly or indirectly, on bananas in order to complete the game? (Note: "direct" means you pay for the banana; "indirect" means you pay in order to gain access to the area where you can acquire the banana. Money spent on weapons and armour does not count as "indirect".) Well, you have to have three Show tickets, and you can't find them lying around, and the third time gets you the Signed banana. Additionally, you may have to buy a Picnic lunch or a Skip sandwich in order to enter the inner caverns of the Monkey Cave.
How does a certain bread-seller add "flavour" (sic) to his or her pastries? By leaving the pastries outside, flies land on them.

Congratulations to Artemis251, BCKrogoth, CodPor, Cyan683, EarthBrent, hey, Radiation, Ravenshaw, and SimonBob.

Weekset 199 - Theme Week Five Elements:

This was Theme Week Five Chinese Elements.

What's the only Fire Springs non-boss enemy that isn't exactly a "Fire" type? The Evil Elemental. The others are all rather flaming.
What's the biggest danger in fighting the Elder Oaks? Apropos of nothing, they burst into flames if you defeat them.
Where are the PP-recuperative abilities of water first mentioned? This would be Dalaam.
What's the least metallic "mechanical enemy" in the game? (Hint: It's a boss!) Frankystein; he's mainly wood. I also accepted Clumsy Robot, since he eats.
What are two of the four times in the game when unceremonious fallings-to-the-ground from the sky are either shown or implied? In rough order of occurrence: Onett meteorite, Sky Runner crash #1, Helicopter into Deep Darkness, Sky Runner crash #2.

Congratulations are in order for: Aeon, Artemis251, bluegoo26, Box of Dragonite, Goggles, Nazz DX, Radiation, Seifer.

Weekset 200 - Theme Week Bosses:

Wow, over four years of Trivia! (Allowing for vacation breaks, computer downtime, and extended weeksets for other reasons, of course.)
This was Theme Week Bosses.

Which bosses can you run into in Magicant before entering the Sea of Eden? You don't fight them, but you can run into Everdred, Belchbarf, and Pokey (though since at that point in time he was not yet really a boss, I didn't "Wrong!" you for not naming him).
What are all of the places you can see the Mani Mani statue before fighting it in Moonside? (Moonside may or may not be included in your answer; I take it as obvious.) In Liar X. Agerate's mine in Onett, and in the Happy Happy Interpretive Centre in Happy Happy Village. (Also, just outside the Moonotoli Building in Moonside.)
Who are the four actually human bosses you defeat before heading into the past? Frank, Captain Strong, Everdred, and Carpainter.
What's the only Your Sanctuary guardian that (in battle) resembles another boss you fight later on, and what's that other boss? Mondo Mole resembles the Guardian Digger.
How does a disgruntled employee in Onett City Hall intend to show his displeasure at his employers? (snicker, snort) He plans on taking his time in signing a paper.

Congratulations to: Aeon, bluegoo26, CodPor, collater333, Cyan683, DDR Paladin, EB Player 1028, Jeff of Dalaam, Meredith_Richtore, PSI322, Strawberry Tofu, The Losar.

Weekset 201 - Theme Week Followers:

This was Theme Week Followers.

When he joins you, how does Pokey say he'll be following you? He'll be following at a safe distance.
How do you prevent having an unwanted follower (that you won't end up fighting) in Happy Happy Village? You either donate to clean the world of contaminants, or you just keep the heck away from that creepy woman.
Of all the backup characters in your game (the ones which are shown doing something in battle), which two follow Ness (or Jeff or Poo, as the case may be) most unlike the others?) Wow, did no one pick up the hint? Well, some people did. Buzz Buzz floats around Ness' head, while the Bubble Monkey follows Jeff intermittently. At times he'll stop and smell the flowers, then run like a "botherer" to catch up.
Who are the two backup characters who follow you who never do anything in battle? I was chastised for not de-specifying what I meant by back-up characters, as well I should have been. I had in mind Tony (who you never get into a fight with) and the invisible guy with connected teeth and a golden eyebrow (who never does a thing, even sacrifice himself to defend you, in battle, even though he's probably with you for at least one). Wait, that's not right. But I also accepted the Happy Happy Village shadow and Pokey (who, although he does perform battle actions, is more impotent than the corpse of a gelding).
Does the black-and-white flashback Ness has before he goes to Magicant always immediately follow the acquisition of the Fire Springs melody? No, no, a thousand times no! Some people took this more literally than others, but "No" is correct. In my sense of immediately, at least for this question, (which means "not necessarily temporally adjacent, but at least sufficiently soon after that you didn't leave and go elsewhere") it only immediately follows the acquisition if Fire Springs was the last melody you acquired.

Congratulations to: Artemis251, billybobfred, bstring, Caleb Potter, CodPor, Cyan683, epoch, JeffMan, Jeff of Dalaam, Nearsighted Orange, SimonBob, Vyenpakapaka.

Weekset 202 - Theme Week Countdown:

Theme Week Countdown, coming at you! During this theme week, Mother 3 was released, hence the theme.

What are the battles you fight in the longest sequence of (immediately consecutive) battles that you have to fight? (Hint: immediately should be associated with "Wow, I didn't move an inch and I'm already in another battle!" here.) These would be the four Cops and Captain Strong all the way back in Onett.
How many mothers (shown in the game) have at least one child named and also shown in the game? In line with this theme week (countdowns), the answer should have been four. The ones I had in mind were Ness and Tracy's mom, Lardna Minch, Paula's mother, and Venus' mother. But it was brought to my attention that the elder Exit Mouse may well be the mousemother; although I have no real information with which to verify this, I will just accept that as possible.
Which letters (which are adjacent in the Greek alphabet, like JKLMN in the Roman alphabet) form the longest sequence of Greek letters used to denote the strength of a PSI attack? (Please ignore distinctions between uppercase Ω Σ and lowercase ω σ.) These would be α β and γ.
How many huts are there in the Underground Tenda Village? There are only two huts in the Underground Tenda Village, while the Deep Darkness one has none at all.
What's the most common amount of PP that can be recovered by the Chosen Four each drinking a Bottle of water, assuming 1) no condiments are used and 2) each of the four has, at the moment, 0 PP? 1 PP is the most common amount: both Ness and Paula recover that amount, while Jeff recovers none - having no PP to recover in the first place, and Poo recovers 10 PP.

Bonus (not for credit): Rounded down to the nearest whole number (e.g. 3.9999 is rounded down to 3, 4.0 is rounded down to 4), what's the probability I lied some time in the last week? 1. I said that Theme Week Followers would be the last Theme Week for a while, but even this week was a Theme Week. Therefore I lied, and the probability I lied some time in the last week was 1.

Because of the difficulty of various questions, only Andrew, Strawberry Tofu, and WolFox won.

Weekset 203 - Theme Week 3:

To celebrate the long-awaited release of Mother 3, it's Theme Week 3!

In what building is the nearest telephone to the enemies who are most stereotypically identified with the number "three"? These enemies are the Guardian Diggers (with their trisphilia). Therefore the building would be the Montagues' shack.
What is the first set of three enemies such that it is possible to engage in a battle and be facing all three of those enemies at the same time? (Note: you must name three different enemies.) The Sharks: the Skate Punk, the Pogo Punk, and the Yes Man Junior.
What class of food item (so to speak) boasts "single" and "double" kinds, but not a "triple" kind? You have your Hamburger, and your Double burger. But no Triple burger. So (ham)burgers.
After you defeat Master Belch and return to Threed, there will (at least temporarily) be a number of NPCs whose dialogues consist of one- or two-word exclamations, such as "Sweet!". During what recurring event is it possible that you might see all of these exclamations? (But you won't necessarily see every single one in a single case of this event.) This recurrinjg event would be the level-up.
In what city is Mother 3 (or, in Yankeespeak, EarthBound 2) mentioned? Fourside.

I'd like to congratulate: Aeon, bstring, CodPor, darklink570, Goplat, hlavco, Jorel Batson, leth, Libra, The Losar, Scott Dumblauskas, SimonBob, Triple10X, and Zatham.

Weekset 204 - Almost Common Bonds:

This was Theme Week Almost Common Bonds. That is, the questions all had to do with a group of things that almost all had something in common.

Name the reason why of all the (n+1) characters whose in-battle actions you can control (in any of the three games), Pippi is most unlike the other (n) characters. (Hint: Read this question carefully; it'll help a lot in naming the reason. You don't even need to have played Mother 3 to name the reason.) You name Ninten, you name Lloyd, you name Ana, you name Teddy, Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, [names of Mother 3 characters all redacted]. But you don't name Pippi.
Which Winters enemy (that is, one that can be fought before Jeff takes the Sky Runner to Threed) is the only one that uses PSI? The Attack Slug, which can be fought in what the Player's guide refers to as "Pond Cave".
What is the only non-animal enemy that you can fight in the Gold Mine? Noose Man.
What's the only food item in EB that doesn't have set HP or PP recovery? This The Lucky sandwich, which - as its name suggests - recovers for you based on your luck.
Where is the only optional eraseable statue in EarthBound? It's in Winters, near the southerly exit to Brick Road's first maze.

This week, CodPor, Dragonfire, FoppyKing, Kine, Radiation, SimonBob, STAREYe, Super Starman Deluxe, and WhoopA won.

Weekset 205 - Fight Club:

This was Theme Week Fight Club.

Speaking generically (i.e., 'bat', 'fry pan'), what can Poo equip as a weapon? Slingshots, yo-yos and swords. (Oh my!)
What two EB weapons (not speaking generically) have the lowest hit rates? The Casey bat and the Magic fry pan have the lowest hit rates.
In what building is it implied that you were knocked out (through a fight, itself implied or otherwise) in order to advance the plot? The Three[d/k] Sunset Hotel.
How many humans are you required to fight in Onett? (Disclaimer: do not count Frankystein, as he is mechanical.) There are seven you're required to fight (that is, engage in battle with): the Yes Man Junior guarding the door to the backyard of the Arcade, Frank, four Cops, and Captain Strong. You can, if you're lucky and react quickly enough, dodge the revenge-seeking Shark in the Arcade, but since not everybody might think it possible, I didn't mark you wrong for answering 8.
What is one of the two things that Jeff fixes throughout the game which can never be used in a fight? (Hey, but for the number of answers, this could've gone last week! Hint: both are also never in your inventory.) These would be the Sky Walker Runner and the yellow submarine.

Thank you and congratulate DDR Paladin, billybobfred, bstring, kidbond, Ninten1, CodPor, Cyan683, incendio, Radiation, Jeff Erbrecht, Lord Bob Bree, Faolan, epoch, nekoaitsu, Scott Dumblauskas, T23M, The Losar, DJ Gear, and WhoopA.

Weekset 206 - Smash Brothers:

This was Theme Week Smash Brothers.

What's the first enemy you encounter that can (with relative frequency) hit you with SMAAAASH attacks? The Rowdy Mouse, which can often get a SMAAAASH rate of every other hit.
Name four brothers found as characters in the game. There's Ness, Pokey, Picky, the Runaway Five's Lucky and Gorgeous, the Sanchez brothers (but not Tomas Jefferson), the Exit Mice, the Montagues, Manly Fish and his Brother. I didn't count the Guardian Diggers, any of the Desert Monkeys, or .
What PSI usable by Paula will usually defeat a Thirsty Coil Snake if its gamma power level is used? Fire and Freeze. Thunder has to hit two out of the three times, and when there's only one enemy, its miss rate is enough to make it a more than 50% chance that Thunder will miss at least two strikes at the Gamma level. (And with more enemies, although it's more likely to hit, it's not necessarily going to hit the Snake.)
What two weapons can you acquire in the game's "Final Destination"? Mr. Gutsy bat and Ms. Legendary bat.
Which two characters have Don't Care names of Mario and Luigi in Mother 2? (Note: it's not that hard. You don't need to Google this one.) Ness (Mario) and Jeff (Luigi).

Congratulate: WolFox, Salookanana, Bluegoo26, Super Starman Deluxe, Goggles, Plarplethingie, JeffMan, LeChimp, Seifer, nekoaitsu, notalentjew, Matthew, Jeff of Dalaam, The Losar, Giegue, Tails98, Tanooki Mario.


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