Week 11:

Which enemy can freeze you in time? Dali's Clock.
Why won't the bear at the top of Monotoli's building attack you? It's stuffed.
Which two bracelets can be found in item boxes in Winters? The Pixie's, in Stonehenge, and the Cheap, in the cave you fight Shrooom! in.
What does the Stoic Club become when the game ends? A truck stop, the Lazy Cowpoke Stop'n Go.
In the Threed tabloid's headline, what is given birth to? A hawk child!

All the questions were correctly answered by: Blue Antoid, Joey231, Zepheros, Emperor Jade and Falcon 24.

Week 12:

Where can Penetella Giovanni be found? The second floor (2F) of the Fourside Bakery.
What IS the Pharaoh's Curse, according to its information? Honestly, I don't know what some people read this question as. Some people told me what it is; others told me what it does; someone even told me where it is... The Pharaoh's Curse is an ectoplasmic ooze (that may poison the enemy) being disgorged out of the dreadful box.
What does someone in the restaurant order before they realise you're not the waiter? The Braised Boa over Minced Baby Leeks.
Whom does the Fourside tabloid say was found to have been in the House of Representatives? Lucky of the Runaway Five.
What is the profit made by buying a Fresh Egg in Twoson and selling the Chicken it eventually becomes? $98. If you'd like to challenge my ruling on this, look at it this way: you buy the Fresh Egg for $12. Then you sell the Chicken it becomes for $110. 110 minus 12 is 98.

Falcon24, CodeHunter64, BlueAntoid and Emperor Jade were the only people to answer all five questions correctly this week.

Week 13:

Why did Mach Pizza close down after Giygas was defeated? All its employees quit.
To what organisation does the person warning kids to play no longer than two hours belong? Parents Opposing Obsession Plan. I don't think there was a similar acronym in Mother 2, though...
What's so special about the black telephone in the Hotel Darkmoon? It's incessantly ringing until, of course, you pick up the receiver.
What can Ness lose all of only when he's homesick? Motivation in battle.
Why is a woman in Happy Happy Village collecting donations? To protect the world from contaminants. But I guess the world was protected fully once Carpainter was defeated..

DavemanDeluxe, Codehunter64, BlueAntoid, CPTCrunch, Gauntlet and Falcon24 all got 5 of 5 this week.

Week 14:

What does a girl in the Twoson Department Store refer when she says she'll "really move" after she eats it? The Skip sandwich.
What was one person found in Stonehenge doing on his farm before he was kidnapped? Milkin' the cows.
What is the only item Orange Kid gives you? The Suporma, or the Super Orange Machine.
What does Ness' mother mistakenly refer to Giygas as? Googi.
Aside from your characters when they enter it, who can be found in the only house in Happy Happy Village that is never blue? Mr. Saturn.

Five of five: TsuramiSea, Triple10X, chalumeau, SpazzMan, GuyInSummers, Intelligent Qube, Ninten1, King, FlyHoney, CPTCrunch, clusoe, BlueAntoid, pikachu1221, Dante, SimonBob, John, Daveman Deluxe, Emperor Jade, Falcon24, Stephen7.

Week 15:

What battle action does the Mole Playing Rough have that makes it feel strange? Thinking about the situation; or something to that effect.
Other than the Travel Charm, Great Charm and Crystal Charm, what equippable item has the lowest defense rating? Any weapon; or the Rabbit's foot. For those who answered (blank) charm: I SAID TO IGNORE THE CHARMS.
Where does someone wonder if EarthBound has been released yet, and says they've beaten it once Giygas is defeated? Onett. Specifically, a house in eastern Onett.
What kind of wind does the Fresh Breeze Movement tell you not to break? The wind of change.
What two Fourside buidings can Aloysius Minch be found over the course of EarthBound? The Monotoli Building and Jackie's Café.

Clusoe, CPTCrunch, CodeHunter 64, Falcon24, FlyHoney, Guy In Summers, Mr. Accident and SpazzMan got all five questions right this week.

Week 16:

What do you have to do to get the Monkey's love from a swamp monkey? Teach it teleport.
What item can be found most often in Snow Wood? The Cookie.
What meteorological event can Thunder and Storm summon? A storm. And I quote: "Thunder and Storm summoned a storm!"
At the end of the game, what are the three things that Miss Fake says you can't buy? Love, friendship and exp points.
Behind what waterfall is Belch's base located? Grapefruit Falls.

Perfect scores were achieved by: Brad, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, clusoe, CodeHunter 64, DOA Hunter X, Falcon24, Emperor Jade, Guy in Summers, Intelligent Qube, Imago, Skulryk and SpazzMan.

Week 17:

What is the name of the Lost Underworld Tenda who studied outside the Lost Underworld? Ay-Go Stikke.
Which Escargo Express delivery class forgot the Yogurt dispenser in the desert? Neglectedclass.
How much does Miss Fake claim the Diamond you use to "ransom" the Runaway Five is really worth? Maybe... maybe $50.
Where is Beak Point? Onett, west of Onett; where you buy the $7500 ripoff house.
Other than whatever items you personally go and pick up from Tracy's locker, what are the only two items that can be found in Ness' house? The Cookie and the Cracked bat.

AmzRigh, BlueAntoid, CPTCrunch, Emperor Jade, Godeg, Guy In Summers, King, Mr. Accident, Skulryk, SimonBob and TsuramiSea all scored five of five.

Week 18:

Who first mentions the "horror of eternal darkness"? Buzz Buzz.
Which charm does one of the travelling entertainers give you? Travel charm.
What enemy guards the Self-service Stand in Happy Happy Village? The Unassuming Local Guy.
What are four enemies that start a battle unable to concentrate? The Fobby, Foppy, Attack Slug and Pit Bull Slug; and the Mr. Molecule is also acceptable.
What does Lardna Minch say Buzz Buzz is before she swats him? A dung beetle.

All right: AmzRigh, BlueAntoid, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, Janus, Krillin, Necro Butcher, Omni Falcon X, Picky, Rust Tyrano, SimonBob, TsuramiSea, Zatham.

Week 19:

What item "even has a slice of your favourite cake"? The Picnic Lunch.
Which battle would contain a giving off of a "rainbow of colours"? The Carbon Dog/Diamond Dog battle. Battles where Paula prays and gets the rainbow light prayer do not count, because "rainbow of colours" has to appear somewhere in the battle.
How does a Dalaamian female mistakenly spell "Mu", as in Poo's Mu training? 'Moo', and I did vigorously mark on the spelling.
What happens to the Apple Kid when he calls you for the last time in the game? Good old fashioned kidnapping.
What song often heard at a sports event is referred to in Jackie's Cafe by the woman on the wall to your (the perspective of the player) right? Take me out to the ball game.

For some reason, these winners disappeared into the aether. They will be restored as soon as possible.

Week 20:

What is the name of the only body of water in Magicant? The Sea of Eden.
What five Greek letters are used in designating the increasing power in PSI powers? Alpha, beta, gamma, omega, sigma.
What is the first enemy to share an outside sprite with Arachnid! and Arachnid!!!? Gigantic Ant. In fact, I think it's the only other enemy with the spider outside sprite. (Note: it has been brought to my attention that the Ant has its own sprite; and the Roaches share the Arachnid sprite. As a result, I am running through the trivia answers and determining just who answered Violent Roach (that being the first to share the sprite). I would also like to point out that, I suppose, my question was not defined clearly enough: it was not intended to be answered using PK Hack: I intended for you to use what you could see, based on the background. That's where I was thinking Gigantic Ant.)
Which EarthBound town/city/etc.'s tabloid refers to a giant rat in the sewers? Summers' does. Not Fourside's, which is what one might think.
Which Sanchez brother is the eldest? Pancho. Tomas Jefferson is not a Sanchez.

BlueAntoid and CodeHunter 64 were the only ones to get five of five.


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