Weekset 227: Money Money:

Hey hey hey, it's another money week!

What two groups (group meaning more than one person) have accumulated significant debts at one point or another before the end of the game? The Runaway Five and Ness' family.
How much do you have to pay to learn of the demonic nature of "this" baby? $7500, to the Beak Point realtor.
Disprove the following statement: In EarthBound, if it's a coin, it's valid currency. (Hint: disproving usually involves counterexamples.) Examples: Mr. Saturn coin, Talisman coin, Souvenir coin, Lucky coin, Coin of slumber, Coin of defence.
What's the minimum outlay you need to invest in both Apple Kid and Orange Kid together, Apple Kid's request for food ignored? $250 - just wait a while and invest in Orange Kid after he cuts his price.
Ignoring the Fresh Egg, what's the common bond between the items that you can do the Fresh egg/Chicken trick with? (The Fresh Egg/Chicken trick is: you buy some item, wait for it to become a new item and then sell the new item for more money than you bought the original item for. If you ignore the Fresh Egg, what do all the items you can buy have in common?) They're all Broken items.

And everyone went bankrupt.

Weekset 228: Odd Man Out:

One of these questions does not belong*. Can you find it?

What's the only human town/city in Eagleland where not even one (human) resident is ever identified by name? Threed. In Onett, you have Frank, Ness and Tracy, the Minches, Pirkle, and Captain Strong; Twoson has the inventors, Everdred, and Paula. Happy Happy Village has Carpainter, and Fourside has Monotoli. Anywhere else is either entirely not human (Saturn Valley, Tenda Villages), or not in Eagleland (anything else, and also the Tenda Villages).
Which Your Sanctuary guardian is the only one that looks like a non-boss enemy you can fight later on? The Titanic Ant. Remember, the Guardian Diggers are bosses, too.
Of the first three enemies you can fight, which is the only one that it is necessary to fight at some point in the game? The Spiteful Crow, outside the cabin in Peaceful Rest Valley.
Where's the only place in the game where you're actually asked/encouraged to drink coffee? Saturn Valley, by the hot springs. (Well, there's also Jackie's Café after the game ends, but let's ignore that.)
What's the only equippable 1/128 item for which getting multiple instances of said item (and not selling any of them) makes sense? The Star pendant. Any other 1/128 is either not equippable or can only be equipped by one person (Gutsy bat, Magic fry pan, Broken antenna after repairing, Sword of Kings, Goddess ribbon).

BarryLocke, bstring, BWTadpole, Carparama, christopher, CodPor, Culix, duefiglio, EBMaster, Erniewan, Fishsticks, GiyganMage, Goggles, JeffMan, Kahran042, kota12, Lord Bob Bree, Lord Jimmy, The Losar, MArtek, matilda_caboose, MegaHarv, nekoaitsu, newhippie60, Ninten1, Phinos, PSI Clark, Ranger, SageLink, shivndragon, SimonBob, Spooky Mook, Strawberry Tofu, Super Starman Deluxe, Thunder Thighs, Treasure, toomanypenguins, Zach and Zasheir all won.

* Such a question might not actually exist.

Weekset 229: Wiiiiiiiii:

Oh look, it's Theme Wiik.

We are each a part of a plant. The two of us once had feelings for each other, even though we shouldn't even be able to communicate this to you (let alone express any sort of emotions). Who are we? We are the white and black sesame seeds.
We are a boss. You fight both of us at the same time, but no matter what happens, you can't attack just one of us. Similarly, when we attack you, we attack at the same time. Who are we? (Hint: no rainbows.) We are Thunder and Storm.
We are five letters, although some of us are more common than others. Chances are that you'll see some of us in the first boss battle of the game. What do we represent? Although we are the Greek letters alpha α, beta β, gamma γ, sigma Σ and omega Ω, we do not represent those letters; we represent the strength of a PSI attack.
We are an infamous group. We have many different classic games, though we're never seen playing any of them. Who are we? We are the Sharks.
We deliver. Over the course of the game, we can deliver anywhere from one to three different items (note: two Cookies only counts as one item) to you. What three items can we deliver? We are Mach Pizza, but you were not asked who we were. You were asked what the three items we can deliver are. Those items are the Zombie paper, the Pizza, and the Large pizza. Remember, we're out of the Medium pizza.

We won. Who are we? We are billybobfred, CodPor, LordBobBree, MasterSaturn, SimonBob, and Strawberry Tofu.

Weekset 230 - The Counting Crows:

The drama is escalating! Who wins?

What's the one PSI attack Paula learns that will never, ever, ever be able to strike more than one enemy in a single use, no matter how many enemies you're fighting? PSI Freeze. Magnet Omega targets all enemies, Fire targets a line at all levels, and Thunder strikes from 0 to 4 enemies depending on your luck and what level you're using.
For which two enemies - two enemies that are identical, except for their colour - is this difference in colour actually indicated in their name? The Black and Red Antoids.
What three letters might be added to the beginning of the name of one of the human zombie enemies to create the name a third such zombie? (Just put them together as a word.) Sub. It produces the Suburban Zombie.
What are the four population centres (human, Mr. Saturn or Tenda) for which "Oh look, there's a number in this place's name!" holds in both EarthBound and Mother 2? Here's a hint: one of the groups I mentioned above have completely unrelated names in Mother 2 and EarthBound. Onett, Twoson, Threek/d and Fourside.
What's the fifth Shining Spot/Your Sanctuary that becomes accessible to you? Magnet Hill.

These people won: BlackMageOfPain, bluegoo26, Culix, DDR Paladin, Foursider, Henry Midfields, Hlavco, JeffMan, Kahran042, kota12, Libra, Lord Bob Bree, LordJimmy, Matt, Naeroon, ness'_nightmare, Ranger, SimonBob, Spooky Mook, Thunder Thighs, Silent Wind of Doom, Steam, Waitohooru, ZBApoc.

Weekset 231 - Eternophobia:

This week, it's Everdred's time to shine.

Everdred requests / that you do what whenever / you're on your way out? (Side note: was this the most creative way I've presented a question?) He requests that you / be sure that you say goodbye / then lock the door tight. You also got marked wrong if you answered no to the side note question. (Just kidding!)
What's wrong with the pronoun used to describe Everdred's brow-knitting when you fight him? (Hint: it's an error - but it isn't a spelling error.) Everdred isn't an it.
Unused sprites of Everdred with a particular status condition (e.g. 'Poison' or 'Nausea') have been found in the EarthBound game data. What is that status condition? (Hint: there are, what, two statuses that have their own sprites, right?) Unconsciousness, death, angelhood, et cetera.
What antagonistic object did Everdred manage to get into Fourside? The Mani Mani Statue.
When Everdred first speaks to you, which of the "market trends" animals (bull/bear) is he more likely to be referencing? (Note: I mean bulls or bears in terms of the actual animals.) Surprisingly, a bunch of people flubbed this one, mainly by answering an animal that wasn't a bull or a bear. That aside, the correct answer is bull, because he's talking about locking horns. (And absent something from the demented mind of Doctor Moreau, bears don't have horns.)

Aeon, billybobfred, The Blue Avenger, CodPor, Culix, Cyan683, Dragonfire, duefiglio, Fishsticks, Foursider, Giegue, Godeg, Incoherent Moron, Lise Valentine, Lord Bob Bree, MadWilliamVane, shadowhexblade, ShivnDragon, SimonBob, Thunder Thighs. These people conquered their fears.

Weekset 232 - Bound Eye:

This week we had a bunch of questions on fashion.

What's the most common style of eyewear worn by enemies? (Note: I'm not looking for answers that are equivalent to "no eyewear".) Sunglasses.
What part of the body (e.g., arms and hands, legs and feet, torso and head) has the fewest items that can, within reason, be equipped and worn there? (Hint: what are the four positions in the Equip menu? What can you equip to each of those positions?) Legs and feet. There are no items that can be equipped to that position, while the torso claims at the very least the Cloak of kings, the head has the ribbons and hats, and the arms and hands have the bracelets, bands and bracer.
Suppose that equipping any item except for a coin changes how a character looks. So if Ness equipped the Hard hat, he would wear a hard hat and not a baseball cap; but if he equipped the Lucky coin, he would still wear a baseball cap. If everyone had their strongest defensive items equipped, whose appearance would be most different? (Hint: consider the "Other" position.) The strongest Other item for Ness is a coin, for Paula a ribbon, Jeff has a coin, and Poo has a diadem. Poo also equips a cloak to the Body position, while the others would have their strongest Body items being pendants, which would be all-but-invisible on the noise that is the striped T-shirt Ness wears.
The two non-controllable avatars of Ness that appear in Magicant each wear a hat, but the main colour of each of the hats is different. Name the two colours. Red and blue.
If you could salvage equippable items from the flying-saucer enemies that don't otherwise drop items, who would probably be the only one able to equip said items? (Hint: what differentiates the flying-saucer enemies that drop items from those that don't?) The answer to the hint is "They wear ribbons." The conclusion is left to the reader.

Calistophles, CodPor, Gauntlet, Goggles, Kahran042 and BladesOfEB won.

Weekset 233 - RU?:

A set of reading questions. I hope you've kept up with the assignments.

In what two Onett buildings are the only published literary materials that aren't daily newspapers mentioned? (Literary materials can be books or magazines or newspapers. But not games titled EarthBound.) The old house by the sea (sounds like a Hemingway novel), and the Library.
What's the second thing Poo being in your party helps you to do? (Hint: what's the first way in which Poo helps you?) The second thing he helps you do is reading the hieroglyph. (The first is getting you into the hieroglyph room to begin with.)
Where does Pokey try his hardest to make as many billboards as he can, as illegible as he can make them? This would be Summers.
In the sense of this week's theme, what's most interesting about Lumine Hall? It converts what Ness is thinking about into lichen-electrical current. In short, it reads minds.
Why can't you read what's written on the blackboard in Maxwell Labs' room? There's nothing written there.

Well, only Hlavco and WolFox shot for the cycle.

Weekset 234 - Plants:

A theme on plants.

What is the two-word, plant-related phrase that appears in the name of two enemies? (Mushrooms aren't plants, so even though "Evil Mushroom" is a two-word phrase, it's not an answer.) "Mobile Sprout."
What attribute of the oak enemies makes getting an instant-win green swirl on them much more important than getting a green swirl on all but four of the other enemies? The Territorial/Hostile Elder Oak bursts into flames!
What's the only boss that can rightly be considered to be "a plant"? The Trillionage Sprout. Remember, mushrooms are members of Fungi, not Plantae.
Molokheiya soup is made from molokheiya, which is a real vegetable. Molokheiya has another name that refers to an African country, which happens to be the country that Scaraba was kind of based on. Name that country. Aegyptos (sic).
With the possible exception of the otherwise nonsense-named Ranboob, what's the only plant enemy designed after a flower? The Demonic Petunia.

AmbivalentIowa, GiyganMage, DDRPaladin, WolFox, Barrylocke, BlackEagle, bluegoo26, bstring, calistophles, Captain Bozo, collater333, Culix, Cyril, David Shelton, Spoony, Strawberry Tofu, Fritz, Goggles, Fourside Resident, Brandon, SageLink, Kahran042, EBsessor, BladesOfEB, MegaHarv, Godeg, Seifer, Zach, Presputnik, Ranger, ShivnDragon, SkyCroc, TheLosar, zztman, Giegue, Triple10X, Henry Midfields, Giygas_and_Pokey and yuki all won (unexpectedly).

Weekset 235 - New Year:

A New Years theme.

Which Onett-area enemy has the ability to find something incredibly hilarious when you fight him? (Well, that enemy could be female, as you really don't see said enemy's face...) The Yes Man Junior - he laughs hysterically.
Think of all the various effects beverage-type food items (ignoring the stats capsules, which aren't food) can have. What's the only such effect that can't be derived from drinking a beverage-type item that you can buy in Onett or Twoson? (Hint: it's easier to think in terms of all beverage items than in terms of all Onett/Twoson-area items.) PP recovery.
Ignore the drinks and soups for the purposes of this question, since they're all drunk, not eaten, according to the text of the game. What are the only consumable items other than the Large Pizza (and which, when eaten, recover HP and do nothing else) with which no condiment can be mixed to improve (or reduce) their HP recovery? (Hint: these items aren't listed as not working with any condiments on the EBDB's condiment-effectiveness page.) You're going to hit yourself if you flubbed this one. The condiments themselves. (Really!)
While we're still on the topic of condiments and the items that they can be mixed with: what's the least cost-effective condiment to add to a theoretical item that benefits from any condiment? (So easy!) The Jar of delisauce is completely useless. In general, you're better off saving almost the entire cost of the Delisauce by just buying whatever other condiment enhances the flavour of the item.
Happy New Year, everybody. A "new" question: of the three PSI users, whose PSI attacks listed in the "Attack" section (as opposed to "Assist" or "Other") were all new in Mother 2? (For simplicity, just consider the names.) Ness. Fire, Thunder and Freeze are returning Attack-list PSI, while Rockin', Flash and Starstorm are new.

bluegoo26, Dragonfire, and no one else won this week.

Week 236 - Boom!:

Things blew up this week.

What's the only item that, when used properly, will blow something up -- without an explosion? (Which reminds me. I have to ask Willis what he's talkin' about.) The Pak of bubble gum. Use it properly, and the Bubble Monkey will blow a bubble up.
Being a math geek, here's a vaguely mathy question. What's the "infinite extension", so to speak, of the Bomb and Super bomb? The Bazooka and Heavy bazooka. (They're equivalent to the Bomb/Super bomb, except they have infinite uses.)
What, in the game, is preceded by leaves being blown up (and throughout the air) by the wind? The glorious appearance of Tessie.
What's the only named invention of Dr. Andonuts that's never seen having blown up into rubble? The Instant Revitalising Machine. The Sky Runner blows up into rubble twice, and the you see a broken-down Phase Distorter with a Mr. Saturn or two just before you go back in time.
What seemingly alien foodstuff could cause the most allergic reactions to blow up? (Hint: there's two reactions.) The Peanut (peanut allergy) cheese (lactose intolerance) bar.

CodPor, Spoony, Tknight, and Toomanypenguins were the only ones to win this week. Whoops.


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