Weekset 237 - Metaphysical:

Questions about questions.

What's the first item you can pick up by using the Check command (or hitting the L-button, as the case might be) that isn't in one of the standard "item boxes" as they manifest in EarthBound? (Hint: this item doesn't necessarily deserve the prestige this status might bestow upon it.) You'd think that such an item would be significant, wouldn't it? Yeah, it's the Insignificant item.
What's the first enemy with some sort of attack which is (more or less) directly referenced in their name? (Shouldn't take you more than one second to think of the enemy.) The Coil Snake, which coiled around and attacked! Ness was unable to move!
The (anaemic) accuracy of which weapon might well be indicated by the weapon's name? There may well be joy in Mudville, for the Casey bat is not there to strike out.
As specific as you can answer this, who or what in Moonside makes the most explicit reference to you, the player? This would be the signboard which can sense ... that you have a controller in your hand...
What's the subtle implication in one of Pokey's between-two-distinct-stages-of-Giygas tirades during the final battle? Remember, this was a meta week, so the question is probably directly relevant to the context in which its topic takes place. So how do you defeat Giygas? Right, Pokey implies that maybe you should start praying. (For mercy?)

SimonBob's the only one to get what I was getting at.

Weekset 238 - The Lighter Side:

All this week's questions had to do with light.

In what building can you find a joke-teller who can only tell terrible jokes? Jackie's Café / Bar.
Pretending that if they existed in the real world, Flying Men would be flesh and blood, who or what is the lightest (in terms of weight) benevolent party member? (Where party member is any of Ness, Paula, Jeff or Poo as well as non-controllable characters like Pokey, Picky and the Bubble Monkey. Oh, and the Flying Men too.) Would you believe me if I said Buzz Buzz?
To which boss is the absence of light in Threed erroneously attributed in the Player's Guide? (Hint: this boss does not have to be fought immediately in order to advance in the game. You do not need the Player's Guide to answer this.) Trillionage Sprout; it can't be Belch, because once you defeat him, the light's back, so he can't have it erroneously attributed to him.
Of the three types of attack PSI that Paula learns, which is least likely to produce light all by itself? Freeze. Fire produces light, as does lightning (Thunder).
If I wanted to make a punning question that fit this week's topic of "light", what "Marvel-ously super-heroic" required item would be the answer to the question? (Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers.) The Hawk eye.

CodPor, Culix, Cyan683, Goggles, Kahran042, Libra, MrSaturn1, and Shawn C. showed how bright they were this week.

Weekset 239 - Unicode:

What sort of character do you have?

The two titles, differing by a vowel, which are used most often in the names of characters or items (whether in full or abbr.'d form) in the game. Master (Pokey, Carpainter, Belch, Barf, Giygas) and Mister (Poochyfud, Saturn, Baseball cap, Baseball bat, Saturn coin, etc.).
Despite the fact that his local paper says that he's left the town/city/whatever, who is shown outside the first room in which you really have a conversation with him exactly once after that headline appears (and that at the end of the game)? Monotoli. The reason I mentioned "really" in terms of having a conversation with him is because you can first speak to him in Moonside.
What item can you get from the first characters who satisfy the conditions that 1) you never fight them, 2) they never join your party, 3) once you do what they want, enter the nearby door, and then go back out, they've disappeared, never to be seen again? (Hint: this is very early in the game.) The Travel charm, from the travelling entertainers near Giant Step.
What does the Mach Pizza girl want to assure you she is or is not doing? Eating pizza.
If you call someone, in game, to make a reservation, to which teleport location are you calling? Well, considering that you can have at most five numbers to call and that the only one where reservations make any sense is with the Stoic Club, it seems obvious that the answer is Summers.

Henry Midfields, Hiroshi and MrSaturn1 were straightforward this week.

Weekset 240 - Excelsior!:

Do your best!

What are the only cities/towns/otherwise-settlements ("town", for short) in Eagleland that are adjacent (with Town A being adjacent to Town B meaning that it's possible to travel, on foot, from A to B without passing through any other towns) to exactly one other town? (To save time: if Ness can't visit it before he learns Teleport, it isn't in Eagleland.) Onett (adjacent to Twoson, and no other towns), Happy Happy Village (also adjacent only to Twoson - Peaceful Rest Valley is not a settlement), Saturn Valley (to Threed - again, Grapefruit Falls is not a settlement), and Fourside (to the Dusty Dunes Desert).
Which Onett enemy is most likely to be into "extreme sports"? (Use elimination.) The Skate Punk.
Which enemy has the best claim to having the "most extreme" amount of HP? (Do I hear six digits? Seven?) This would be Giygas, who typically takes upwards of 100,000 HP damage total in the final rounds.
What are the two Your Sanctuary dungeons that are at opposing temperature extremes, either due to what they are (one) or where they're found (the other)? Fire Springs (hot) and Rainy Circle (in chilly Winters).
What's the most extreme distance (but not necessarily distance in the usual sense) that Ness travelled with all three of his friends in his quest to defeat Giygas? (Key word is all. Think about it.) He travels through time, which, technically, has an associated distance.

bluegoo26, Culix, Hlavco and Grape APE went the distance.

Weekset 241 - Rip Van Winkle:

Insert your favourite lullaby here.

Which two characters are in your party most often when you have a forced "go-to-sleep" event? Ness and Jeff. Poo never has any go-to-sleep events when you control him alone, and the only go-to-sleep events that happen with Paula in the party also happen with both Jeff and Ness - and they each have a solo GTS event (waiting for Tessie, a short nap the night the meteorite crashes).
In the short term (like "the first round after you get it"), what's the (relatively) better status ailment for one of your characters to have, Hypnosis or Paralysis? (Hint: what can/can't you do while you've got it?) Paralysis, because you can still use PSI (if you're not Jeff).
Which two towns (cities, etc.) have the most buildings with beds that you can use for HP/PP recovery? (And I mean "bed" literally, so benches and machines don't count.) Onett (Hotel, Ness' home), Twoson (Hotel, Paula's home), Dusty Dunes (inn in the drugstore, miner's house).
At various points in the game, Ness has a dream sequence in which you control one or more characters. Who can be in your party during these dream sequences? Name any three. Ness, the Flying Men, Poo, and Jeff (Moonside).
Aside from the Good Night Benches, which stand in for hotels, what are the other two amenities offered in Dungeon Man which don't need to be "Checked" to be used that can be found in other buildings elsewhere? (Hint: you can't use one of them.) Hospitals, ATMs (courtesy the Goods menu), telephones, and bathrooms.

Master JSP, Matt, Mewtwo59 and SimonBob got a good night's sleep.

Weekset 242 - Cents, Sense and Scents:

You can't get by this week with a single penny.

Which enemy that can be found in Threed proper and whose name contains "Zombie" cannot be found in an old circus cage at any point after Belch has been defeated? The Zombie Dog.
What's the economically nonsensical invention that requires as input an item that can be bought for $A (for some particular value A) and outputs a second item which can be sold for $B (with B less than A)? This would be Orange Kid's machine for turning boiled eggs back into fresh eggs.
What's the first dungeon where you can find enemies that can confuse themselves (i.e., make themselves feel strange)? This would be Lilliput Steps.
What's possibly the most irrational part of where the enemies that first appear in Onett, while it's under siege, appear? (Hint: before you head to Onett, sleep at the hotel in Saturn Valley and then put off using any PP for as long as you can.) They're only found in the northern suburbs of Onett, nowhere else - if you enter from Twoson, you won't be risking a fight against one of these enemies until you start heading up the dirt road north of the town.
Which item-delivery group will, whenever you personally ask them to deliver something to you, deliver you an item with some sort of scent? Mach Pizza.

Cyan683, SimonBob, SkyCroc weren't confused this time around.

Weekset 243 - Interpersonal skills:

Ruffini, speak!

Just outside what building can you find a girl who likes words with a minimum Scrabble score of 11, if blanks aren't used? (Hint: legal words are at least two letters long, and letters are worth at least 1 point. So what letters are worth 10 points?) Well, there's a girl outside the Chaos Theatre who likes words beginning with Q.
What Onett-area group militates against all negative influences on children - but does so with possibly unintended jokes about flatulence? The Fresh Breeze Movement doesn't realise that their name stinks.
What's the super-short, one-sided conversation (if you could call it a conversation) you'll be having (said at you) multiple times as you travel through Moonside? (Hint: it has nothing to do with invisible men whose eyebrows are connected and who have gold teeth.) Yes, Cyan683 and Mr. Accident, you shall. The conversation was Hello, and ... Goodbye!
Which relatively-early-in-the-game boss is the only one you can hear while he's speaking (even though what you hear isn't him actually speaking)? This would be Master Belch - when he speaks, you hear him being disgusting in general.
To what part of a farm does Apple Kid once liken his living space? Considering what's usually in a pig's mouth when it's roasted, the answer of pig sty is rather fitting.

PikaChan, Libra, CodPor, Culix, Cyan683, Gauntlet, Hlavco, Kahran042, matilda-caboose, Mr. Accident, Ravenshaw, SimonBob, stinky_ghost and Wasuremono all won this week.

Weekset 244 - Something's Off:

Something wasn't right with these questions.

When you're lured into the Threed Sunset Hotel by that one woman, what are the two indications (other than her presence) that Something Is Wrong? If you listen closely, you'll notice the Music Is Funky. If you look closely, you'll notice the Concierge is Missing.
Counting (for example) "up-left" as leftward and "down-right" as rightward, do you take more leftward or rightward steps when dancing before the Sphinx? Leftward. You have one full-left, one up-left, and one down-left to go with an up-right and a down-right.
If you refuse Carpainter's request to become his right-hand man when you talk to him inside the cultural centre, what's the second offer he makes to you (through implication)? He more or less offers you the opportunity of becoming his left-hand man.
What's the first Your Sanctuary whose boss you can reach by heading up, down, and EITHER left or right, but not both? (Order the Sanctuaries by their appearance on the Sound Stone screen, moving clockwise from Giant Step.) Well, at various times you have to alternate going left and right to traverse Giant Step and Lilliput Steps, and since Milky Well satisfies this condition, it's necessarily right.
If you want to leave Pokey's house as soon as possible after Lardna swats Buzz Buzz, what's the right answer to give to the question Buzz Buzz asks right after he says he's fading fast? Ergh. Technically, there is no right answer, since he only says he's fading fast after you've said no when he asks if you want to hear the story again.

CodPor, JeffMan, SimonBob and bowser didn't get fooled.

Weekset 245 - Time to grind:

Questions on levels.

When a character levels up and gains HP or PP in EarthBound, does that character's HP (PP) percentage a) always increase, b) sometimes increase, or c) never increase? (HP/PP percentage is defined as current HP/PP divided by maximum HP/PP.) The answer is that it sometimes increases. If you're at full HP (PP) the percentage remains the same, while in all other cases it increases.
Which building has more floors that you're able to explore (i.e., walk around on), the Monotoli Building or the Fourside Department Store? This would be the Department Store, which has four floors (the Monotoli Building, oddly enough, just has the three - not counting the helipad/hall as a separate floor).
What two items, even though they're actually useless in-game, might be rather helpful if you wanted to determine whether or not something was level (i.e., parallel with the ground)? These would be the Ruler and the Protractor.
What are two of the stats listed on the far right side of a character's Status window that can be affected by more than one action that isn't a level-up? Name any two. Seriously. Between drinking capsules, using Rock candy, using PSI, other enemy attacks, and equipping items all of the stats can be affected by multiple actions.
Speaking of the Monotoli Building (see above), how many floors does it have (assuming there are no basement or subbasement levels)? The Monotoli building has 48 floors.

Kim, Asanyne, nb2k, bluegoo26, EBPlayerSuper, Culix, TragicManner, Erniewan, jorge, EBMaster, hallucid and SkyeChan all accumulated the necessary experience and levelled up.

Weekset 246 - :Triple Bar:

This theme was born on third base and thought it had hit a triple.

What equippable item comes closest to completing the "Holy Trinity" (sic - ignore the "Holy") of eating utensils begun by the Museums' curators?. The holy trinity is fork, knife and spoon. We have a Mr. Fork and a Mr. Spoon. Consequently, we need a knife-like item: Sword of kings.
What are two of the three dances (that might be) found in the name of Captain Strong's personal brand of martial arts? Mambo, tango, foxtrot.
What's the first non-boss enemy you can encounter such that later in the game you can find exactly two other enemies that a) look exactly like that first enemy in battle, except possibly for their colours; and b) have a different name? (Hint: you can encounter this enemy pretty early on.) The Ramblin' Evil Mushroom. There are green and red variants on the Struttin' Evil Mushroom.
Who's the only PSI-using protagonist who, at level 99 at the end of the game, will have, in his or her set of attack PSI, a number of different options (e.g., Fire α and Fire β are different options) that are in total a multiple of 3? Poo (Freeze x 3, Starstorm x 2, Thunder x 4). Ness has 8, and Paula has 11.
In what two Eagleland cities is reference (direct or otherwise) to Mother 3 made? Onett and Fourside.

Winners: Archon Divinus, bluegoo26, CodPor, Culix, ParodyKnaveBob and Scott Dumblauskas.


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