Week 270: Building a Better Mousetrap:

Theme:"Building a Better Mousetrap"

Question 1: While you could sell the scrap, you're better off patching this up and getting a cool $250 early on.

Question 2: A little misleading, this won't become a musical instrument, but rather a helpful item the whole group will enjoy.

Question 3: Its original use is unknowable, but Jeff can still make use of another man's garbage. (Note: there are two acceptable answers for this question, but you only need one of them!)

Answer 1: Broken Spray Can

Answer 2: Broken Trumpet

Answer 3: Broken Machine / Broken Gadget

Week 271: Fabulous Foods:

Theme: Fabulous Foods!

Question 1: Skewered on a stick, this food often includes meats (such as lamb) as well as veggies. Recovers ~120 HP on average.

Question 2: This watery dish is high in nutrition and lightly flavored. A traditional, well-loved meal in its native country.

Question 3: A legendary meal, prepared by great chefs for a king and his wife. A tale surrounds this particular dish, which would seem to be quite touching though rather long.

Answer 1: Kabob

Answer 2: Molokheiya Soup

Answer 3: Pasta di Summers

Week 272: Can't You Hear the Thunder:

Theme: Can't you hear the thunder?

Question 1: This pan endows the wielder with tenacity through some arcane measure.

Question 2: A completely pure and free way to cleanse oneself of illness and unhealthiness, and completely reusable to boot. It's possible they share a common source with the springs located in Saturn Valley.

Question 3: A man who has studied outside the land as well as within. Not afraid to deal with others.

Answer 1: Magic Frying Pan

Answer 2: Geysers in the Underworld

Answer 3: Ay-Go Stikke

Week 273: Boy Meets Girl:

Theme: "Boy Meets Girl"

Question 1: A personally crafted gift from mother to daughter.

Question 2: A peculiar item that won't heal you, is limited to one per person, and is worth $50!

Question 3: Quite an eerie place both during and "after" the game. Initially quite overbearing and peculiar, and one of very few places to play no music after the "end" of the game. (Two answers are acceptable.)

Answer 1: Hand-Aid

Answer 2: The Mushroom from being "Mashroomized" (I also accepted "Suporma", since it is limited to one per player and technically has a buy price of $50.)

Answer 3: Peaceful Rest Valley or Grateful Dead Valley.

Week 274: Running Through the Valley:

Theme: "I've Been Running Through the Valley".

Question 1: A favorite food of Mr. Saturns. Expect to recover ~100 HP.

Question 2: "(No) cheese or ketchup", this one will swing its tail to great effect if you're unprepared.

Question 3: Apparently not for kids, this item will re-energize and rebuild your body.

Answer 1: Peanut Cheese Bar

Answer 2: Plain Crocodile

Answer 3: Protein Drink (Huh... noticed all these answers started with "P".)

Week 275: Common Cents:

Theme: "Dollars and Common Sense"!

Question 1: What is the cheapest way to acquire a single fresh egg, and where can it be found?

Question 2: What is the cheapest way to acquire a single diamond band, and where can it be found?

Question 3: What is the cheapest way to acquire a single bicycle, and where can it be found?

Note that there may be multiple acceptable answers for each question this week, since it might be possible to acquire an item for the same price in different locations or by different means. Your answer must be the cheapest possible method to obtain a single copy of the listed item in order to get credit, so think carefully about where these items could be found!

Answer 1: Self-service stand in Happy-Happy Village, for free. (Also accepted: the monkey in the Monkey Caves, a Mad Duck (8/128 chance per combat), and the Chicken by the Hot Springs west of Club Titiboo (Mother 3).)

Answer 2: Inside a casket within the Pyramids of Scaraba, for free.

Answer 3: The bike shop Punk-Sure of Twoson, for free.

Week 276: Clubbin':

Theme: "Clubbin'"

Question 1: How many claymen must you recharge before calling it quits for a day?

Question 2: Why in the world would anyone want a DCMC pamphlet? You're almost certain to have a weapon with higher offense by this point. (Give a little detail in your explanation, a four-word answer here probably won't get credit.)

Question 3: Hey, I see some presents back behind that fence in the train's tunnel. Can you ever get those? How?

Answer 1: Three claymen, throughout the factory.

Answer 2: The big ol' trooper is weak against DCMC merchandise! You can essentially stun him for a few rounds, making the fight much easier.

Answer 3: There was a bit of confusion here, so there are two acceptable answers. I originally referred to these presents, which can be found in Chapter 7. However, I can understand how the question could be mistaken for these presents, which can be grabbed by Salsa in Chapter 3. Either answer was acceptable.

Week 277: Lucky!:

Theme: "Lucky!"

Question 1: The Casey Bat is a fun weapon, with extremely high offense but an unfortunate miss rate. How often will one actually hit with the bat in combat? (Bonus: What is the origin of this miss rate?)

Question 2: Many people are aware of the Sword of Kings and its existence (as well as its rarity). What exactly are the chances of getting the Sword in a single fight with a Starman Super? (Bonus: What would the chances of getting two Sword of Kings in consecutive battles with Starman Supers come out to be?)

Question 3: So, I'm in a bad way while fighting Diamond Dog. Ness is the only character still standing and not K.O'd or diamondized. His HP is rolling down to 0, and his PP is only 3, so it's time to bust out the only usable item left in my inventory, the lucky sandwich. How likely is it that this lonely little sandwich will save the day, restoring both my HP and PP to max? (Bonus: If I were to savescum [ex: reset the game and try again], will I get a different result with the sandwich? When is this decided?)

Week 278: Old Roots:

Theme: "Old Roots"

Question 1: Lloyd is a rather odd kid. Where is he hiding when you first talk to him?

Question 2: An iconic figure of the series, where can you encounter the first of the Starmen? (chronologically speaking)

Question 3: These'll make awkward situations between foes and yourself in combat... and not a whole lot else. You can use it as many times as you'd like; they may even form a theme of sorts later.

Answer 1: He's hiding in a trash can, at the Twinkle Elementary School.

Answer 2: Podunk Zoo presents the first Starman Jr., though regular Starmen can also be found in Spookane and the Yucca Desert.

Answer 3: Words o' Love

Week 279: Everyday I'm Shufflin':

Theme: "Shuffling through the Swamp".

Question 1: Pierce the overpowering darkness with this perceptive piece.

Question 2: Follow your nose, wherever it goes, if you care to find this delicacy.

Question 3: This purple perpetrator is much nastier than his relatives, capable of using offensive, support, and healing PSI. Watch out for him if you're searching for Question 2!

Answer 1: Hawk Eye

Answer 2: Magic Truffle

Answer 3: Manly Fish's Brother


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