Week 280: Sampling of Ideas:

Theme: "A Sampling of Samples"! This week, take a moment to listen to these fairly short clips. Your job is to identify either a sample used in the song if given a Mother theme, or identify the Mother theme if given a sample. Due to the somewhat subjective nature of these questions, you only need to answer 5 of the 6 answers correctly in order to get credit this week. Maybe you can find a novel connection between songs as well! (These questions can and will draw from more than one of the games in the series!)

To clarify, I expect your answer to either be the name of a song that contains a sample used in the Mother theme; or, the answer should either name the Mother theme or describe where the theme plays in-game in order to get credit for your answer. For example, if given this theme, my answer would be either the "Megaton Walk" or the theme that plays when Dungeon Man is following the party.

Question 1: Bed & Breakfast (Theme after waking in a hotel.)

Question 2: Hippie Battle

Question 3: Gymnopédie No. 1, by Satie.

Question 4: All You Need is Love (The opening bit)

Question 5: Dvorak's 9th Symphony, 2nd Mvmt (0:45 - ~2:10 or so.)

Question 6: Liberty Bell March (The opening bit.)

Answer 1: Good Morning, Good Morning; Beatles

Answer 2: Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry

Answer 3: Leder's Gymnopédie (during his speech late-game)

Answer 4: The Cliff that Time Forgot (before heading to the past)

Answer 5: The Trumpeter in Onett with a haunting melody

Answer 6: Your Name Please (Naming screen music... 3 times in succession)

Week 281: Danger Zone:

Theme: "Danger Zone"

Question 1: I don't have a lot to say about this... I guess some people think it's good. It'll heal you as well.

Question 2: A few weeks ago, we mentioned in passing that the Lucky Sandwich is capable of providing a full heal (completely restoring HP). What other item can do this for you?

Question 3: Here's a hypothetical for you this week. Your party is exhausted from the swamps of Deep Darkness, and wind up in a fight with a Zap Eel and a Hard Crocodile. Ness is damaged by the crocodile's tail, Paula swings her frying pan to damage the crocodile, while Jeff unloads with bottle rockets to finish off the croc. The Zap Eel then uses his electrical shock attack, hitting both Ness and Jeff once, knocking both of them unconscious. Paula is the only remaining party member, and with a paltry 30 HP and 3 PP remaining. Being a real (wo)man, she refuses to run from the fight. She has no consumables in her inventory, though she does have some other belongings.

Using this information, what would be the best strategy for Paula to win the fight and why? (You may (and should) make logical assumptions; if you do so, please explain these briefly.)

Answer 1: Plain Roll (it's the description nearly word-for-word)

Answer 2: Kraken Soup (fully restores your HP -- note that I did accept a few others such as Poo eating a Brain Food Lunch)

Answer 3: Paula is free to do just about anything because if Ness and Jeff were both killed by lightning-based attacks, it's safe to assume that Paula possesses the Franklin Badge. (Praying could revive your party and the crocodile, which would probably still result in your victory but is not 100% assured, as bashing or just defending would be.)

Week 282: Travelling:

Theme: "Means of Conveyance"!

Question 1: Hop on here and listen to some rockin' music! Additionally, how much is the fare for the 4 of you to ride from Fourside to the last stop?

Question 2: A certain vehicle is located in the Deep Darkness swamps. What is it, and why don't you make great use of it?

Question 3: These are more prone to attacking you than actually being used for getting around. Can be seen in cities as well as one peculiar place.

Answer 1: $8 to ride the bus from Fourside to Twoson.

Answer 2: The helicopter can be found in the swamp, but curiously it's missing its engine.

Answer 3: (Mad) Taxis are common in cities and seen in Dungeon Man's vehicle collection as well.

Week 283: I really like roots:

Theme: "To the Roots"!

Question 1: What is the formal name for the material needed for the Phase Distorter, so rare that it doesn't occur naturally on Earth?

Question 2: This plot item is usable in combat to deal an insignificant amount of damage, but you and Jeff probably didn't keep it long enough to try using it that way.

Question 3: This plot item trades hands between a number of different "people", and can actually be returned after the end of the game.

BONUS: What would be the largest size bass one can catch in Shigesato Itoi's No. 1 Bass Fishing?

Answer 1: Zexonite

Answer 2: Yogurt Dispenser

Answer 3: "Overcoming Shyness"

Bonus: Why, it's the Over 80cm Bass!... of course the game isn't released in America :'(

Week 284: Tomboys & Thieves:

Theme: "Of Tomboys and Thieves"!

Question 1: These nifty items are found in a secret stash, just behind Duster's home.

Question 2: Sometimes, the amount of attention put into detail really shines through in the Mother series. What's so interesting about immediately after Kumatora joins you, after meeting her for the first time?

Question 3: According to Duster's experiences, what noise does an ant make in order to speak?

Answer 1: Thunder Bombs

Answer 2: When she joins your party, Kumatora is missing the PP that she used for her PSI in the cutscene!

Answer 3: Anty anty ant ant! (or anything to this effect)


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