Week 21:

Who are George and Gerardo? The Montagues: the miners in Dusty Dunes.
What item would a person sitting atop a rope in Scaraba have given you, if he hadn't had lost it? The Key to the tower.
What is the common bond between desert, jungle, and bubble as the terms apply to EarthBound? Monkey.
What is the profession of the black-suited man in Threed who believes Giygas might be female? Con man.
To residents of Summers, which consonant do they not pronounce if it's at the beginning of a word? H. (By the way, being funny and giving multiple responses does not equal getting it right no matter what.)

AmzRigh, Artemis251, BlueAntoid, Brad, Captain Spam, Cloud6666, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, CodeHunter 64, CPTCrunch, Cracked Bat, Daveman Deluxe, David Shelton, Falcon24, Gauntlet, Gillikin, Peter, PSIguy, Scizordramon, SimonBob, SpazzMan, Technocratic Banana and TsuramiSea got all the questions correct.

Week 22:

What battle action does the Frankystein Mark II always perform before it attacks you? He generates a burst of steam.
Where does the Sky Runner land the only time it doesn't crash when it lands? Winters, Andonuts Lab.
What can a Slimy Little Pile in Belch Base not believe about Belch? That he serves some Giygas guy; I'm not sure of the exact quote, but you needed to get that concept out..
Which Eagleland enemy can be found on Carrillon Beach (NOT on the one road in Summers you can access? The Mole Playing Rough. I remind you that the Mad Taxi and Crazed Sign can be fought only on the road, which is not part of Carillon [Bad Nintendo! I believe the term is carillon, chime, and is spelled with one R].
Where are three of the hidden weapons dealers' shops located? Threed [behind Mach Pizza], Dusty Dunes [behind the drugstore], Fourside [in the department store, in the storage room on the food court floor], Scaraba [in the hotel], and Deep Darkness.

Those who actually read my mind and figured out the right answers were: AmzRigh, Brad, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, CodeHunter 64, CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, DOAHunterX, EarthBrent, King, PsychicKid, Shytenda, Sum-Sum, Technocratic Banana, TsuramiSea.

Week 23:

Which of the three Onett enemies that one first encounters before getting Buzz Buzz appears only in Eagleland? The Coil Snake. It appears only in Onett, Happy Happy Village and Threed. The Runaway Dog and Spiteful appear in Winters, too; and that's not Eagleland.
Where is the only place you can see someone enter a bathroom? Onett, the library, the second floor.
What is the only PSI power used by Poo over the course game that never appears on his PSI status screen? PSI Farewell. "Mirror" does not count because it's not PSI.
How much does a hint cost in Onett? $35.
What is the ironic item one can get from the Attack Slug Uh... I messed up here. The only item you can get from the Attack Slug is the Bomb; however, I incorrectly thought you could also get the Salt packet from it. Both those italicised questions are correct.

Artemis251, Chibi, DavemanDeluxe, DiamondDog, EarthBrent, Greenfinger, Poo, Psychic Kid, shytenda, TsuramiSea, Ziggo99.

Week 24:

What Japanese mountain is mentioned in Threed? Mount Fuji.
What item can you win off the Tough Guy? Chick. If I had called the item "sexist", chances are I'd have had everyone get this.
What does the native at the southern edge of Scaraba [both parts of the area] say the two of you [Ness and him] should do if you answer no to his question? Watch the sunset over Deep Darkness.
What kind of restaurant did the Minches visit in the beginning of the game? An elegant one.
What medical ailment befalls Everdred around and when he engages you in battle? Twisted ankle.

Only CodeHunter 64 and CPTCrunch got 100% this week.

Week 25:

Which two items [exact names] can you find or get in the Onett Library? Town map and Shyness book. "Book on Overcoming Shyness", "Book of Shyness", "Overcoming Shyness" and various other similar responses are incorrect as they are not the name of the item, which is the book.
What item do Spiteful Crows always leave? The Cookie. Leave it at that.
What does Brick Road claim is the perfect brake? Rust. I don't think he ever mentioned trees or walls in this sense.
Where is the only place other than Dr. Andonuts Lab that you find the Instant Revitalizing Machine? Dungeon Man.
What does Pokey turn off during the final battle, revealing Giygas' true form? Devil's Machine.

AmzRigh, Artemis251, BlueAntoid, CaptainSpam, clusoe, CodeHunter 64, CPTCrunch, DavemanDeluxe, d'Jeu, EarthBrent, EBMaster, Evil Spielberg, GuyInSummers, Mirelli, Nall64, Ness!!!, NessSnorlax, OmniFalcon X, Scizordramon, SimonBob, Spiffage, Squirl, TsuramiSea, Ultros and WhoopA got all the questions correct this week.

Week 26:

Why does StarMaster say that Poo must be Prince Poo when they first meet in Dalaam? "You have nice eyes. You must be Prince Poo."
Which word [including all permutations, including plurals and possessive forms] seems to be the favourite of Moonside's equivalent of Mr. Spoon? "Bone". Talk to him, and you'll see what I mean.
Where [in what building] does a security guard say you could be shot at with a machine gun? The Monotoli Building.
Will the boy who says he wants to be the first to get to the meteorite be the first to get there? No.
What Beatles song is Ness quizzed on in Onett? Yesterday.

AmzRigh, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, CPTCrunch, DavemanDeluxe, FlyHoney, Gauntlet, Kaz, Scizordramon, SimonBob, Spiffage, TsuramiSea and Zeo Gato were perfect this week.

Week 27:

Where can you find a red-capped Struttin' Evil Mushroom? The Winters cave. The red-capped mushroom in Twoson and area is the Ramblin' Evil; normally when it appears [Talah Rama's cave and Milky Well] the Struttin' Evil is green-capped.
Which business closed at the end of the game because the owner's wife gave birth? I wonder how many people who got this right read Nephew of the Forgotten One. Escargo Express.
How many legs does an Octobot have? Oddly enough, four. Careful inspection of any Octobot enemy will indicate that the Octobot chassis only four legs.
Which Fourside sewers enemies would qualify as being rodents? The Deadly Mouse and the Plague Rat of Doom.
Who brought the tone-deaf man to the Runaway Five concert in the Chaos Theatre? His daughter.

This week, the saying that 'No one is perfect' was proven.

Week 28:

Where does a woman say she's going to dump her boyfriend and become a Runaway Five groupie? Fourside, specifically, the Topolla.
When repaired, what item is like an infinite supply of Bombs / Super Bombs? [Heavy] Bazooka.
What is the Greek letter [as it concerns power of a PSI attack] of the PSI abilities the Starman Junior uses? Two slip ups in a single week? That's not good. Alpha or beta.
What does a Mr. T lookalike say he'll be careful to never do? Kidnap anyone.
To what in EarthBound is "We'll laugh about it tomorrow" connected or related? Ness and friends' clubhouse.

CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, King and SimonBob were five-for-five this week.

Week 29:

Which item is in the trash can near the Threed hint shop? Teddy bear.
What is the last enemy you encounter in EarthBound that shares the PSI Rockin' powers with Ness? It would be Giygas. Ness' Nightmare does share PSI Rockin' with Ness, but isn't the final one.
Which item can you receive from Electra? Trout yogurt.
What item available at the bazaar is supposedly marked down after you buy it? The Snake bag.
Why does Jeff need to wear glasses? That is, what eye condition does he have? Near-sightedness, or, if someone had looked it up, myopia.

CodeHunter64, CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, EarthBrent, EBMaster, King, NessSnorlax and SimonBob received perfect scores this week.

Week 30:

As an exchange student, Ay-Go Stikke went to a country that was known as a certain kind of superpower. What kind of superpower was that country? An economic superpower. Now, hands up: who thought that this referred to the United States or the EarthBound equivalent [Eagleland?]?
What is the latest craze in culinary circles? Cottage cheese on bread.
What enemy that would be considered an arachnid can you fight in the Dusty Dunes Desert? [Hint: all spiders are arachnids, but all arachnids aren't necessarily spiders.] *puts on a Teflon vest* 'Tis the Skelpion. Scorpions are arachnids. Caterpillars are the larvae of insects, which are not arachnids, so the Criminal Caterpillar would be incorrect.
Who is Mr. Prettyman? The "friend" of Lardna Minch who's at her house after Giygas is defeated.
In a bad -- yet accurate -- pun made by someone, what is "Happy Happy Village becoming more and more"? Happy Happy Village is becoming more and more blue. Do you get it?

CodeHunter64, Daveman Deluxe, d`Jeu and UltimaWepn got it right this week.


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