Week 31:

What is the Mobile Sprout's way of "calling" for help? Sowing seeds.
What two animals are depicted on statues [not necessarily permanent statues, mind you] in Dalaam? The rabbit and the elephant. Two elephants is technically correct; however, the wording of the question would lead you to consider statutes that didn't necessarily stay.
Who says that the dream you'll have will be a dream within a dream? The Hotelier in Magicant.
What are two of the three items you can receive from the Deep Darkness Tenda, excepting the Tenda who runs the store? The three items are the Bag of Dragonite [after you give the Shyness book to the Tenda chief], the Tendakraut [once you give him the Shyness book], and the Shyness book. Any combination of the three are correct. The Death Ray you get in the Tenda Village, but it isn't given to you.
What caused the traffic jam in Dusty Dunes Desert? Buffalo.

Those who got 100% on the questions this week were Ness Snorlax, Shivn Dragon, and SimonBob.

Week 32:

How many ghosts [or Zombie Processors] are there in the Two-Three Tunnel before Belch and the Trillionage Sprout are defeated? Ugh. A question that can be multiply interpreted. There are only four real ghost sprites; however, since you're not supposed to go faster than the ghosts, the game is programmed to bring two ghost sprites in, with no animation, from the side you were walking in on. Therefore, 4 or 6 is acceptable.
What does Buzz Buzz say will shatter the nightmare rock? The passing of time.
Where is the Jersey Turnpike mentioned in EarthBound? I'll give you a quote. If you can't figure it out from that, I'll tell you. Quote: "This baby is a demon child!" Location: the magazine in the rundown Beak Point House
Why should you treat the flowers in the garden in Onett nicely? They're representative of the ones in your heart.
What will Pokey say if you refuse to go with him at the game's beginning? Something that'll cut you with a knife, then he'll rescind that; then he'll rescind that; and he'll then rescind that.

If you were Daveman Deluxe, Falcon24, Seifer or ShivnDragon, you aced these questions.

Week 33:

What must you trade to get a Magic truffle? The Insignificant item.
What is the name of Pokey's maid? Electra.
What are the names of the museums' curators? Fork and Spoon.
What is Risosha Richmonde's profession? He's the assistant manager at the Hotel du Summers.
What theory is written on the far blackboard in Doctor Andonuts' lab? Einstein's general theory of relativity; e equals m c squared; e=mc2. That sort of thing.

100%'s went to BlueAntoid, BlueGoo26, bulma_saturn, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, clusoe, CodeHunter64, CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, EB_Robert, Falcon24, Jeff1, Majin Steph, Master Saturn, Ness, OmniFalconX, Poo, PsychoSpikester, ShivnDragon, SimonBob and UltimaWepn.

Week 34:

Using what item makes you feel "sad and empty"? The Picture postcard.
In what building can you find some of Ram Raisin's personal belongings? The Scaraba Cultural Museum. Or something of that ilk. You find it in Summers.
What kind of melody will the Onett trumpeeter send throughout the town? Haunting.
To what event does Apple Kid's mouse refer when he talks about being there, but also being helpless? The kidnapping of Apple Kid. Kidnapping must have been included in the answer for the mark.
What is the only beverage available in the Stoic Club? Water.

Congratulations to: AmzRigh, Andrew [sipex], BlueAntoid, Brandon W., BryceyBoy, bulma_saturn, Chexov, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, CodeHunter 64, CPTCrunch, Cracked Bat, Daveman Deluxe, d`Jeu, EB_Girl, EB Master, EB_Robert, Frinky, Gauntlet, golbez, Jon Rose, Kopii Paula, Mrs. Saturn, Nall 64, Omni Falcon X, Regulas, SaferSephiroth 2040, Scizordramon, ShivnDragon, SimonBob, SpazzMan, Starman Beta, UltimaWepn, Ultros and Yukanojo.

Week 35:

What are three Your Sanctuaries that can be found on Eagleland? Giant Step, Lilliput Step[s], Milky Well, Magnet Hill. Any three of the four.
The armed dealer always gives you advice that has to do with observing who and/or what are around you. What is this advice? Keep on the watch for the bad guys.
What does the Suporma do when you play it? It plays Ode to Orange Kid, then breaks.
Why is the slot machine in the Dusty Dunes desert so special? It's broken, and the slots are human -- although they're not all brothers.
Who says Paula seems to have a guardian angel? Her mother says this.

Another big winning week! The following people answered all five questions correctly: BlueAntoid, bulma_saturn, Captain Spam, CPTCrunch, Cracked Bat, Daveman Deluxe, d`Jeu, Falcon24, Heero0m, KMKakarotto, Kopii Paula, MikeyNess, Mike the EB Guru, Mrs. Saturn, OmniFalconX, Picky, SSJ.Ffish, Stareyes, Starman Beta, Starstorm Trooper, UltimaWepn, Xtreme EB, Zerge2001.

Week 36:

Name exactly three of the items that the Mr. Saturn in the cavern below the shop mention. The Horn of life, the Secret herb and the Mr. Saturn coin are three. Two others are the Stag Beetle and the Cup of Lifenoodles.
What kidnapped Sebastian -- a Tessie-watcher, according to an eyewitness -- also a Tessie-watcher? Tessie did it! And the Tessie-watcher who reports Sebastian's disappearance says it was like seeing a UFO, not that it was a UFO.
What is Monotoli's first name? Geldegarde.
What herb did a Dalaamian roast, causing his room to stink? Garlic. And yes, garlic is an herb. Check the dictionary if you don't believe me.
What does someone in Onett consider to be funnier than Ness? The news. Poor Ness.

BlueAntoid, Captain Spam, CodeHunter 64, CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe and Kopii Paula were those who went five for five this time.

Week 37:

What item do the traveling entertainers give you? The Travel charm.
What two things does someone near the Chaos Theatre enjoy? *shifts into annoying EarthBound character mode* I love standing in queues! I also love words that begin with Q. Like queen, quit, quick, quail ... *shifts out* ... did I say anything?
In what building in EarthBound is the book "Our Convenient Society" mentioned? This is one of those questions you expect everyone to get right. Let's see. I've specified I want the building where something is mentioned, and I've defined that something as a book called "Our Convenient Society" -- does anyone think that I'm being sarcastic and should just say the library?
What are three of the coffee-related beverages that EarthBound mentions? Hooooo boy: tea, coffee, cappuccino, espresso, ice coffee...
What enemy is there one of in Happy Happy Village, but many in Twoson? It's the Unassuming Local Guy!

BulmaSaturn, Blue Antoid, Code Hunter 64, Cursed Burger, Daveman Deluxe, Death by Clocks, Psycho Spikester, SimonBob, Starman Beta and Ultros achieved perfect scores this week. Congratulations.

Week 38:

What kind of smiles does Pokey give when he's a member of your party? Insincere.
Which two EarthBound characters stole the Mani Mani statue? [And yes, it was two separate people at two separate times?] Everdred nabbed it from Carpainter, and Monotoli nabbed it from Everdred.
What are two of the three items that cause Ness [and other members of the party, depending on the situation] to move faster than they normally do? The Skip sandwich and Skip sandwich DX are the obvious choices. But few people thought of the Bicycle [and he does move faster when riding it].
What is the name of Moonside's newspaper? The Moonside Press. Mani Mani is all Mani Mani at Mani Mani with all Mani Mani Mani. Or something of that ilk.
What Magicant fixture [or fixtures] says [or say], "Look at the sun. Face the sun and smile."? The flower triplets say this.

Blue Antoid, Code Hunter 64, CPTCrunch and SimonBob were the only ones to get perfect scores this week. A little too few, if you ask me.

Week 39:

Who calls you "babyface"? The receptionist in the Monotoli Building. I'm not sure of the gender, but I think she's female.
How many beds are shown in Paula's house? Three. One in Paula's room; two out.
What can... a Moonside signboard sense... that... you have... in your... hands? Let me channel the signboard. (I can... sense... that... you have... a controler... in your... hands.)
In what three places in EarthBound does Belch appear? In his base, Deep Darkness, Magicant; and the credits.
Where was the deal with the evil entity made, according to a Foursidian? Okay, this was a faulty quote again... I think it was "...where the deal ... took place", but at any rate, it was Jackie's Café. Or Fourside...

AmzRigh, The Boss, CodeHunter 64, Cracked Bat, Daveman Deluxe, Death by Clocks, Heero0m, Kopii Paula, PikaChan, Shadow_the_Hedgehog and UltimaWepn were those who got 100% on these questions.

Week 40:

From what part of the Kraken is an item in EarthBound made? They make an item [the Kraken Soup (rant removed)] from the Kraken's fin.
What are the three types of zombified corpses that you fight? Urban, Farm and Dog.
What can... a Moonside signboard sense... that... you have... in your... hands? Let me channel the signboard. (I can... sense... that... you have... a controler... in your... hands.)
As a baby, what item does Ness move to first exhibit telepathic powers? Bottle in the game, spoon in the player's guide.
What is written on the outside side of the door leading to Monotoli's helicopter pad? "HELI". (two rants removed)

AvaLance 204, Bulma Saturn, CodeHunter64, CPTCrunch, DavemanDeluxe, Earthbounder Zero, epoch, Garland, Intelligent Qube, Lightning Mind, mirelli, Moai Ou, Mr. Accident, Mrs. Saturn, Nall64, Ness, Paper, PikaChan, pikachu1221, Salookanana, Shadow the Hedgehog, ShivnDragon, shytenda, Silent Wind of Doom, SimonBob, SpazzMan, spike spiegel, stinky ghost, Ultima Wepn, zerge2001.


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