Week 41:

Which item makes sure the holder is always able to "concentrate" when in battle? The Brain stone.
What is in the last item box you can open before you fight Giygas? The Legendary Bat.
How many people kiss Ness over the course of the game? Three: the library receptionist, Venus, and the girl near the mouse who loves you.
What item does Ness lose after completing Magicant? The Sound stone.
What are exactly two of the three dances in the name of Capt. Strong's martial arts style? Any two of mambo, tango and foxtrot.

Perfect scores were achieved by Almightyjimbob, bulma_saturn, CPTCrunch, DarthAndonuts, Duefiglio, Garland, Hawksun, Moai Ou, Nall 64, Pokemaniac2, Poo, PSIguy, PsychoSpikester, Shadow the Hedgehog, SpazzMan, Spring-heeled Jack, sTiNkY_gHoSt and Suikoden Guy.

Week 42:

In what building is a tombstone sale advertised? Bush Hospital, Onett Hospital.
How many zombies appear where the Boogey Tent was as soon as you defeat the Tent? Two.
Which PSI power involves the PSI bursting from the user's fingers? PSI Fire.
Why did the Self-service stand close down? I didn't ask for theories. It's stated out right: personal reasons, or because Pokey stole all the food.
What are the two defining characteristics of the invisible man in Moonside? Gold tooth, connected eyebrows.

Perfect scores: AmzRigh, BlackEagle, CPTCrunch, Dash, Daveman Deluxe, Greatest Mog on Earth, Moai Ou, Ness Snorlax, SimonBob, UltimaWepn.

Week 43:

Where do you first encounter enemies capable of shooting beams which cause night-time stuffiness? Peaceful Rest Valley; Grateful Dead Valley for those of you playing Mother 2.
In what two places can you buy tickets for concerts at the Topolla? The Topolla and the Fourside department store.
What animal does the desk clerk in the Scaraba hotel warn you about? Scorpions. "GET OVER HERE!"
In what town/city/country/port/region is Human Civilization class mentioned? Summers.
What is the name of the bike shop? Punk-sure.

The winners this week were: AmzRigh, Arin Magician, BlueAntoid, Chell, CPTCrunch, Cracked Bat, Daveman Deluxe, d`Jeu, EarthBound Andy, Epoch5zz, Falcon24, Gauntlet, Incoherent Moron, Intelligent Qube, Jon Rose, Krillin, Master Saturn, Mr. Accident, Osama bin Laden, Razael, Regulas, Rust Tyrano, Salookanana, ShivnDragon, SimonBob, SpazzMan, Spike Spiegel, Stareye, StarmanBeta, UltimaWepn and Wizmo.

Week 44:

What is the name of the Threed resistance to the zombies? The Zombie Relief Corps.
What is the last PSI power that you [the characters as a whole] do not learn by going up in levels? PSI Starstorm Omega. Poo learned PSI Farewell long ago.
What is the name of the hostel [using the likely-inaccurate Player's Guide name] in Happy Happy Village? Meagre [Meager] Livin' Farm. [The comment about the Player's Guide referred to the fact the PG called it a "hostel", and that felt like a perfectly proper way to refer to it.]
To what event does a mouse refer when he says having felt that it would happen was a mouse's sixth sense? The lights going out in the Fourside department store.
What "sport" -- used in the loosest sense of the word -- is Frank considering going into after Giygas is defeated? Pro wrasslin'. And I'm pretty sure that pro wrestling [as in WWF wrestling, not Olympic wrestling] isn't a real sport.

AmzRigh, Blue Saturn, CodeHunter 64, CPTCrunch, Daveman Deluxe, Falcon24, Giygas the Cosmic Destroyer, Mani Mani, Mr. Accident, PSI322, Psionic Brawler, SimonBob and UltimaWepn correctly guessed this week's questions.

Week 45:

In what building does a woman mention that her grandchild is a famous inventor? She relates this trivia in the Twoson Department Store.
What three enemies do you fight in the Department Store on your way to fight the Dept. Spore Spook? I wanted to rant here, but I'll be nice. The Musica, the Scalding Cup of Coffee, and the Mystical Record.
What item do you trade the Contact lens for? The Pair of dirty socks.
What is the name of the body [of] water in Magicant where you fight Krakens and Ness' Nightmare? The Sea of Eden.
Who says the absolute last piece of dialogue in the game? Picky says it.

Acid Wolf, Big Pointy Stick, CodeHunter 64, CPTCrunch, Cracked Bat, Cup O' Kracken Soup, Darrow, Ethel, Daveman Deluxe, Dragoon, Evil Mani Mani, Falcon24, Fobbio, Gauntlet, King, Kopii Paula, Moochie, Nall 64, NessSnorlax, PSIguy, Snoop, SpazzMan and UltimaWepn got all the questions right this time.

Week 46:

When you're playing as Jeff, what item can you get from the Cave Boys while you're headed to Dr. Andonuts' lab? The Picnic lunch.
Where can you fight Conducting Spirits? Lumine Hall. Conducting Menaces abound in the Pink Cloud caves.
What are the three burger-type items in EarthBound? The Hamburger, the Double burger, the Mammoth burger.
Where can the Coin of Silence be found in a present? First, hand me a SPoD. Second, I'd like to admit that I was corrected on this question and thought I made the necessary modifications to the question. I didn't. I was intending for the Milky Well cave system [which is actually the Coin of Slumber], but the correction stated the gold mine. I'm taking both as correct due to my forgetfulness in correcting. Third, hand me another SPoD. Fourth, give me a third SPoD.
Where are you warped if you're shocked by Carpainter's lightning? You are warped to Meagre Livin' Farm. You are warped nowhere else. You are not warped anywhere by way of the head-handed-to-you scene, because you'd have to have been killed in battle, but the lightning will be reflected if you're in battle because you'd have the Franklin badge [a pre-requisite to fighting Carpainter].

Of those who entered, CabezaGrande, Devin, Mario, Hawksun and Moochie got 100% this week.

Week 47:

What battle action [an action which is not an attack] does Everdred share with the Attack Roach? They both knit their brows.
What item does Frank brandish? He brandishes a knife.
What epicurean delight [yeah, right] do you have to enter the monkey caves to acquire a machine that produces it? Trout yogurt.
How many black Rabbits are there in EarthBound before the Credits? Five: three are statues in Dalaam; two are animate NINJA RABBITS in Magicant.
Which enemy do you have to fight to be able to trip the switch which allows you to get the Hawk eye? The Guardian General.

WINNERS Third Cousin of Jeff, Colin-, Cup O' Kracken Soup, CPTCrunch, Dr. Eatsdoughnuts, Earthbound Andy, Hylian Jean, Dark Ness 210, Paper, John deSarno, Peter, Spike Spiegel, Karl Couture.

Week 48:

How many bridges are there in the Peaceful Rest Valley? Three.
What are three locations an Arms Dealer can be found? Threed [behind Mach Pizza], Dusty Dunes [behind the drugstore], Fourside [in the department store], Scaraba [in the hotel], and Deep Darkness.
Who gives you the King Banana? Monkonna. If you answered Man K. Man, go here.
What place in EarthBound is called a tourist trap? Summers.
What two Your Sanctuary bosses bring "helper" enemies with themselves when you fight them? Titanic Ant and Trillionage Sprout.

AcidWolf, AmzRigh, AvaLance 204, Big Pointy Stick, Bob Saget, Chibi Baka Poodoo, Chris [Mrgod], CodeHunter 64, Cup o' Kracken Soup, Daveman Deluxe, EarthBound Andy, EB777, ElrondDB, Heero0m, Juliet, Moochie, Nessboy, oby_city, Prince Poo of Dalaam, Psionic Brawler, QuizMan, Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow Zro, SimonBob, Spike Spiegel, Starstorm Trooper and Venus were victorious.

Week 49:

How do the Starman and Starman Super move about in Stonehenge? Warping, teleporting, anything of that ilk.
Why did a woman in Dalaam begin praying during the final battle against Giygas? She awoke from a nightmare in which Poo had died.
In what year does the librarian say you should return the Town map? 2001.
What will the prices in Summers do to your face? Strangely enough, they'lly turn your face blue.
What is the full name of the Bad key machine? The Machine that Opens Doors, Especially When You Have a Slightly Bad Key.

Bluegoo26, CodeHunter64, Dalez, Daveman Deluxe, EB_Master, Falcon Pain, GG Crono 4, Guy In Summers, Jeff's Radio, Manly Fish's Brother, Mr. Accident, PSI322, Raichu26, Ran Hakubi, SchalaNu, Stareye and Venus received 100% this week.

Week 50:

What beverage does Frank mention after Giygas is defeated? Water. Specifically, mineral water.
What should you "...Just" according to a bulletin board? (...just play it!)
Why can you sell some of the items and weapons Jeff repairs from Broken items [such as the Slime generator] but not others [like the Gaia Beam and the Magnum Air Gun]? For items you can sell, like the Slime generator, you can buy the Broken items they come from; for items you can't sell, you cannot buy the Broken items they come from.
What kind of newspapers are the "Star" papers that you sometimes hear about in EarthBound? They're tabloids.
What two enemies which appear in outdoors Fourside [that is, neither in Moonside nor in the Dept. Store] appear outside Fourside as well? The Mad Taxi and the Crazed Sign. Both appear in Summers later. No other enemy is so blessed.

CodeHunter 64, Falcon Pain, Jeff's Radio and SpazzMan received Tomatoes this week.


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