Week 51:

Before Poo joins you, a certain beachgoer in Summers says that her mind is blank. After he joins you, what does she say? "Asian boy, you're so cool... don't look at me like that!"
Which two battles previous to the battle against Giygas are the only ones affected by characters other than the enemy or enemies you are fighting and the characters in your party when the battle began? The battle against the Clumsy Robot and the battle against Master Barf. The first Kraken doesn't count.
Who are the characters initially outside the battles mentioned in question 2 that affect the battles in question 2? Lucky of the Runaway Five and Poo, in that order. The slipper the Captain threw at the Kraken did no apparent damage; it did not damage the Kraken; therefore, he did not affect the battle.
What beverage can you find in a trash can in Onett? The Can of fruit juice.
What is the best way to describe the piece of pie Paula's father tries to entice her home with? Yummy!

CaptainSpam, Dalez, Diamond Dog, EarthBrent, Puzzy Fickles, SimonBob, UltimaWepn.

Week 52:

Whoo hoo! An entire year at this job. I love you people [though not literally]!

Where are the two multi-store open-air markets in EarthBound located? Happy Happy Village does not count; its open-air market is one store. It's Twoson and Scaraba. "The Bazaar" is the Scaraba open-air market; "Burglin Park" is the Twoson open-air market.
How does the spirit who tests Poo communicate with Poo after he has removed Poo's ears [hearing]? He floats words through the air. Then, after taking Poo's eyesight, he communicates directly with Poo's mind.
What is a Moonsidian talking about when he says he despises its taste, smell and texture, among others? Your favourite food.
How many children did Ness and Tracy's parents have when King came into the family? Zero. Proof: Magicant-King says "I lived in your house before Ness was born." King preceded Ness. Tracy says [paraphrasing]: "Hey, big brother! Did the sound wake you up?" Ness preceded Tracy. Ness and Tracy's parents have two kids, both of which came after King. 2 - 2 equals zero.
What would someone in Fourside go to Tokyo and do if he found a million dollars? He'd live it up!

I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me this far, including the Academy. And all past winners, and, most especially, AmzRigh, CaptainSpam, CodeHunter 64, Daveman Deluxe, EarthBrent, ElectroStarman, Jeff's Radio, Kaz, Moochie, Puzzy Fickles, SimonBob, SpazzMan, Spike Spiegel, and Ultros.

Week 53:

In which dungeon can you find the most musical instruments? Stonehenge. You find the Broken harmonica and the Broken trumpet. The Mystical Record is not a musical instrument.
How many times are you obligated to travel up to the meteorite? Since I used up to in the sense of towards, I had three as my answer. However, others [rightly] pointed out that up to could mean to be there in reality [rather than as close as you could get to it], and answered 2. I grant their answers for this week.
Why are you obligated in each case? To figure out why the meteorite crashed; to get Picky; to get the Zexonyte piece.
What item can you get from the broken Phase Distorter in that little area you travel to the Cave of the Past from? The Horn of Life.
What nocturnal disorder is it implied Ness may be suffering from in Onett's Town Hall? Bed-wetting.

After a strange Comedy of Errors where I was mistakenly attributing 100% rights in the archives, I've cleaned up my act. CodeHunter 64, d`Jeu, Puzzy Fickles, Dr. Eatsdoughnuts, Jon Rose, Cromkayer, Red Kirby and Zeru won this week.

Week 54:

Which enemy sent a young girl to Bush Hospital because she was SMAAASHED by that enemy? Now, technically, she never named the enemy; she merely said it was a mouse. However, since she was in Bush Hospital [rather than another city's hospital], which is in Onett, logic dictates that the mouse which SMAAASHED her was an enemy which frequents the Onett area. Therefore, the Rowdy Mouse.
What PSI power do the Mobile Sprouts use? PSI Magnet and PSI Life-up.
What PSI power do Black Antoids tend to squander their PP using? PSI Life-up.
How many stores in the Scaraba region [meaning the two islands the Pyramid connects] are located outside of the city of Scaraba? Two: the man selling water and the man who sells all that stuff on the southern island, near the oasis just outside the Pyramid. I consulted with others, who confirmed my interpretation of the Hint Man in Scaraba as not being a shop.
What animals grace the steps of the Fourside Dinosaur Museum? Lions.

LizardMan, The Big Rhino, Zeru and PsychicNess were the only entrants to get perfect this week. On to the questions!

Week 55:

Who does "The Boss" lead? The Boss leads the Tenda of the Lost Underworld.
After his family, who are the next two major characters with whom Pokey appears in the credits? First, I'd like to rant. THE ANSWER CANNOT BE POKEY'S PARENTS, BECAUSE THEY ARE HIS FAMILY. The answer is actually Carpainter and Monotoli.
What position of power did Carpainter want Paula to occupy in Happy-Happyism? Carpainter wanted Paula to be the high priestess of Happy Happyism. Yes, he wanted her to be a sacrifice, but that is in no way a position of power.
When you are controlling only Jeff, what are three of the locations in Winters where you can have your HP refilled to full? These locations include the tea tent, the stew tent, Brick Road [after you pass through his maze], and the Instant Revitalisation Machine in Andonuts' lab.
Whose grave is in Magicant regardless of the number of Flying Men who die? Buzz Buzz' grave is in Magicant no matter how many Flying Men die. You can have no Flying Men die, and Buzz Buzz' grave will still be there.

Chibi Baka Poodoo and Silent Wind of Doom were the only entrants to obtain Tomatoes this week.

Week 56:

What two enemies in the Pink Cloud cave can poison you, but do not use a PSI attack to do so? My "no PSI" qualification was intended to exclude any enemies which use PSI Flash. This leaves the Kiss of Death and the Tangoo.
If you don't want to buy a ruler from the ruler vendor in Burglin Park, what does the vendor profess the ruler isn't? Hot or stolen.
What happened to the man who "played solitaire last night"? That man played solitaire last night; he lost his shirt.
Which two Starman versions do not look like a Starman outside of battle? Okay, I'm still trying to figure out how people guessed the Starman Junior when he does indeed look like a Starman and the Starman Deluxe [he does look like a Starman, just spiked]. It's the Final and Ghost of versions which don't look like Starmen outside of battle.
Where does the Conducting Spirit appear? Lumine Hall. I got you, I got you! Ha ha ha! It isn't Pink Cloud, that's the Conducting Menace! Ha ha ha!

Many of this week's winners were first-time winners. A big round of applause for Arad, Artemis251, avenger339, darklink570, d`Jeu, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Saturn, EB_Robert, epoch, FalconPain, George, Intelligent Qube, Jeff's Radio, Julia, The Losar, Moochie, Mr. T Playing Rough, Ness, ralafriz, Seifer, ShadowNess, ShivnDragon, SimonBob, STAREYe, SteveC and Venus.

Week 57:

Before Ness and Jeff destroy it in Moonside, the Mani Mani statue passes from Lier X. Agerate's control to Monotoli's control via two other people. Of those two other people, which one is never shown with Mani Mani? Let's do a flow chart. Lier X. Agerate finds Mani Mani and sells it to Carpainter; Carpainter has it stolen from him by Everdred; Everdred has it stolen from by Monotoli. Of those four, who is never ever shown within the reach of Mani Mani? Yeah, that's right, Everdred.
What two characters mention the Apple of Enlightenment? Pokey [in the final battle] and the Starman Deluxe [before you fight it].
How many times do you attempt to use the Phase Distorters to travel into the past before you actually reach the time where Giygas awaits? You use the Phase Distorter three times, but one of those times is when you actually reach the time where Giygas awaits; therefore, the answer is two. [If you're wondering, the attempts are the ones where you get toasted and where you reach that go-between place where you get roboticised.]
How does PSI Shield Sigma defend against PSI attacks? It absorbs them. This is the Shield PSI Buzz Buzz and Paula use. The Shield Ness and Poo learn [which reflects] is not PSI Shield; it's just Shield.
What does Ness' Nightmare emit? A glorious light!

This was a rather anaemic week for Trivia. Similar to recent weeks where a handful of contestants won, this week saw only two winners: The Master of Walnuts and Pappy Cat, both first-time winners.

Week 58:

What two things do the people in a red apartment building to the west of Onett City Hall erroneously believe you are trying to sell or give them? They think, for some reason, you're peddling either milk or the newspaper. Apparently Eagleland has a bigger problem with door-to-door solicitation in this respect than our societies.
What are three of the four things you can buy at some point in the game in Summers, but not in a building there? Okay, Captain Spam got me; one of those areas is in Toto, not Summers. Those items are: Magic tart, a hint, Gelato di Resort, and a boat ride to Scaraba. You do not buy the Magic Cake; she just gives it to you.
Orange Kid found a problem in one of the theories of what famed scientist? Einstein. This was the question I reworded most often [for best comprehension].
Other than the Lilliput Steps cave, in what Eagleland location does the Mole Playing Rough next appear? Dusty Dunes / Doko Doko.
In what three places [as in the name of the building, not the city you find the building in] will you find bathrooms? The Library, the Monotoli Building, Dungeon Man. The Police station and City hall may mention bathrooms [or the processes you perform therein] but do not visibly contain bathrooms.

Alakazam 5000, Arad, Artemis251, CaptainSpam, Coreyback, Danowar, darklink570, Daveman Deluxe, EarthBrent, Jeff's Radio, Mehumo, PappyCat, Poo, Psycho Taxi, RaSeb, Reene, SimonBob, Spectro Electer and SteveC won this week. A lot better, numbers-wise, than week 59.

Week 59:

What is the name of the workers' union which governs the hint shops? Eagleland Hint Union.
How many uniformed policemen are in Onett's city hall? One: Pirkle's office.
Who professes to be "average cool"? Picky.
Where does someone mention Chattanooga? Saturn Valley.
On what page of the Fourside Post newspaper is Everdred mentioned? He's mentioned on page 23.

Honestly, people could have done better. Dr. Saturn was the only one to win of the three who entered.

Week 60:

What do you have to do to get the boy in blue overalls outside Polestar Preschool to smile? You have to rescue Paula.
What are two places you can engage in a fight with UFO enemies? ["Engage in a fight" meaning when the fight starts, they're there; "UFO enemies" meaning enemies that look like a UFO.] Please note I said "what are two places", not "the two places", indicating I was aware at least two existed. These places are Peaceful Rest Valley [Lil UFO], the Dusty Dunes Desert [Beautiful UFO, etc.] and the Scaraban desert [High Class UFO, among others].
What item is in the trashcan in Threed nearest the entrance to the Underground Road? You'll find Insecticide spray in that traschan.
While you are only Jeff, what three items can you find after a battle before riding across Lake Tess on Tessie? These items are the Cookie [from the Spiteful Crow], the Bread roll [from the Runaway Dog] and the Salt packet from the Gruff Goat.
Who are you supposed to trust "on the dark road"? You're supposed to trust the Exit Mouse.

Cabeza Grande, The Clumsy Sentry Robot, epoch5zz, flyguy, GMOE, Jeff's Radio, Masky, Mr. T Playing Rough and SimonBob won this week.


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