Week 61:

How many beds are in Snow Wood? There are four: two in Jeff and Tony's room; two in the adjacent room.
In what two places can you get a Magic truffle? Of course, the obvious answer is Deep Darkness. However, you can also trade your Insignificant item [which you find in the Threed Hospital] for a Magic truffle in the Twoson Hospital.
Throughout most of the game, who is the only person in the Minches' house? Picky. Pokey, Aloysius and Lardna disappear eventually, although the matriarch returns at the end of the game with her new beau.
What, exactly, does Picky chant? As anyone who has played EarthBound inside out will tell you, he chants a magic spell.
Where will you find a girl named "Nico"? Nico is in Magicant.

In an observably anaemic week, there were only nine entries. Of those entries, only one, CodeHunter 64's, won.

Week 62:

[Ignore the battle swirl that appears before you fight a boss for this question.] What are the colours of the battle swirls, and what relevance does each colour have to how the battle begins? Purple, grey or black battle swirls [I attribute this colour dissonance to colour-blindness and screen quality] indicate that both hero and enemy parties begin the battle on the same turn [no advantage]. Red swirls indicate that the enemy party receives the beginning attack [enemy advantage]; green swirls give the beginning attack to the hero party [hero advantage].
What two characters have written letters to Ness by the end of the game? The obvious answer is, obviously, Ness' mother; her letter falls from the sky with the ones from the kids at the preschool [for Paula, not Ness] and Tony [for Jeff, not Ness]. The second one is the one that Picky gives you from Pokey.
What is the only multi-hero PSI attack your party members learn that can miss? This would be PSI Thunder. Although PSI Life-up can miss, it is not an attack.
What item do you give to Mr. Fork to get to Magnet Hill? You give him no item. It's Spoon who you give the Signed banana. [And yes, this was intentionally a trick question.]
What item does the Mr. Saturn in Stonehenge give you once you emancipate him? The Saturn ribbon.

This "week", Alakazam 5000, EBMaster, Hercule Poirot 116, Hippieboy11 and Moonside Maiden won.

Week 63:

If you sold the only two items you can find in present boxes before Pokey comes knocking on your door, how much money would you make? I'd like to clarify that this question meant "If you sold the two items [which you can find in present boxes before Pokey comes knocking on your door], how much money would you make." Since you find a Bread roll [buy for $12, sells for half; $6] and the Cracked bat [buy for $18, sells for half; $9] you make $15.
What graveyard staple does one hospital have on sale? Tombstones. Not, as some people thought, revival.
In what city does Orange Kid's grandmother live? She lives in Twoson.
What is the first population centre you enter that does not have a bakery? This would be Happy Happy Village, wherein, although some baked goods are sold, they are not labeled as a bakery.
How cold is the breath the Farm Zombie can exhale? Arctic-cold. Brr!

Daveman Deluxe and Starman Omega won this challenging weekset's challenging week. Why do I call it a challenging week of a challenging weekset? The last couple of "weeks", there have been consistently questions that, unless people get them right, preclude earning a Tomato. This week's Question of Doom™ was question 4.

Week 64:

Of the three PSI users, who is the only one that shares a PSI power with the other two? This would be Poo.
As one walks towards Twoson from Peaceful Rest Valley, what are the first two businesses one will pass? Depending on where you define "from Peaceful Rest Valley", it varies from the mushroom girl and the bus station to the bus station and Mach Pizza.
What is the first enemy you encounter who can kill you if you defeat him/her/it? This would be the Territorial Oak.
Being as specific as is humanly possible, where does Everdred give his haiku? The alley beside Jackie's Café, Fourside, Eagleland. Of course, someone [whom I am quite certain is aware that I am referring to him] proceeded to superqualify that with various information about EarthBound, the system it's played on, etc., ad nauseam.
How many Flying Man tombstones have "courage" chiseled on them? There are two such tombstones. And here's a hint for the five or so people who got it terribly wrong: there are five Flying Men. The number of tombstones is no greater than the number of Flying Men.

AmzRigh, Artemis251, Dr. Andonuts, GG Crono 4, Evil Jim Christo, Mr. Spoon, Jeff's Radio, Starman Elite, SimonBob and our resident speech-capable turnip [Talking Turnip] won this week. This week's Question of Doom™ was question 5.

Week 65:

Of the three EarthBound hero[in]es whom you first gain control of at level one, which is the only one who does not have an HP to PP ratio (HP divided by PP) of 3.00? I'll give you two hints: Poo doesn't start at level 1; nothing can be divided by zero. Jeff.
What is the name of the Monotoli Grand Hotel after you've beaten Giygas? It's called the Enrich Grand Hotel.
Which of their body parts do the elevator controllers in the Monotoli Building admonish you not to look at? Their hips.
In Threed there is a bulletin board. How often does "this Bulletin Board [greet] you"? "This Bulletin Board greets you this evening. All is well, Good Night."
What aspect of Ness does Ness' Nightmare represent? He represents the evil part of his personality. He only looks like the Mani Mani statue; the Mani Mani statue cannot be an "aspect of Ness".

Shame! You people bombed this week. No one got anything right. There is no Question of Doom™ this week.

Week 66:

Following the defeat of Giygas, besides your party members, which three characters can be found just outside the fence around Snow Wood Boarding School? Tony, Maxwell Labs, and the Bubble Monkey's wife.
If one were to add up the self-proclaimed relative strengths of the Guardian Diggers [how strong, compared to the other four, each Digger believes himself to be], what number would you get as the sum? Each Digger seems to believe they're the third-strongest. There are five Diggers. 5(3)=15.
How do the Diggers' self-proclaimed relative strength [see question 2] manifest themselves in the battle background animation? "No.3" appears in the background animation.
What two cities can you get Mach Pizza's phone number in? There are two operating Mach Pizza outlets: Twoson and Threed.
What makes the Loaded Dice so different from most of the other enemies that can call for help [such as the Insane Cultist], but similar to the Skate Punk? The Loaded Dice and the Skate Punk are the only call-for-help enemies who, when they call for help, never call themselves; similarly, they don't always call the same enemy.

Alex, AmzRigh, ArinEX, avenger339, BariGuy, Captain Spam, Coreyback, Da Niznik, Daveman Deluxe, EarthBrent, Shivn Dragon, Stareyes, StarmanBeta and Steve won this week. All things considered, question one was this week's Question of Doom™.

Week 67:

In which hotel is staying over night called a "sleep period"? The Hotel Dark Moon, in Moonside.
What is one of the publications from which you can have headlines dictated to you after staying overnight in the Threed Sunset Hotel? The Zombie Herald [which 99% of you guessed], the Threed Journal [which one of you guessed, I believe StarmanOmega], and ThreedStar [a tabloid, seeing which in two answers surprised me, since you probably don't stay overnight in Threed when the tabloid is available.].
What kind of horror was the horror to which Giygas sent everyone when he took over? He sent them all to the horror of eternal darkness. Not, as Simon theorised, the horror of Eternal Darkness. (By the way, that was a very bad pun.)
What did a father and mother from Twoson [who you find in the building in Happy Happy Village nearest the entrance from Peaceful Rest Valley] want to bring to their son? They wanted to bring him some happiness.
Here's a Brain food lunch question. We all know that it's one of the few items [if not the only item] which can both recover HP and recover PP. Now, for whom will the latter effect of the Brain food lunch be the most effective, and for whom will it be least effective? It's most effective for Poo [since it recovers all his HP and PP, whereas it just does 300 and 50 with Paula and Ness] and least effective with Jeff, since he has no PP to recover.

Adran Garrison, Andrew, CodeHunter 64, Jeff's Radio, Peter, SimonBob, Stareyes and Starman Omega won this week. Also, Starman Omega, Alex, and SaturnBoing earned Honourary Tomatoes™ this week for correctly answering Question Two in the most amazing way possible [read: not the way 99.44% of the entrants answered it].

Week 68:

Who tries to take credit for Ness busting the Sharks gang? Mayor B.H. Pirkle of Onett.
For what scholarly purpose does Tony call you in Summers? A school project involving tabulating player names.
What business' phone number do you need to get before he will call you? The Stoic Club's phone number.
How many different Ness sprites can you talk to in Magicant before you enter the Sea of Eden? There are two. One is the regular Ness sprite, with the red cap; the other is the young Ness with the blue cap.
Which item will one of them give you? The baseball cap is the only item which fits this description.

AmzRigh, CabezaGrande, CaptainSpam, CodeHunter64, Dante, d`Jeu, Greatest Mog on Earth, Guy from Fourside, Jeff's Radio, Mad Banana, Snoopdog 57 and StarmanBeta were victorious this week. I didn't consider there to be a Question of Doom this week.

Week 69:

If you get as few phone numbers as is possible, what two phone numbers will not be on your phone number list at the end of the game? Mach Pizza and Escargo Express would be these numbers; you do not get the former by not talking to a Mach Pizza clerk, and only by calling your Mom do you get the latter. By doing neither, you will learn neither number.
Which two Twoson enemies would likely prefer a return to decades gone by, as would be suggested by one's costume and name and the other's thoughts on today's youth? The New Age Retro Hippie, and the Annoying Old Party Man [not the Reveler; he's in Fourside].
What is the first cold-blooded enemy one can fight in EarthBound? The Coil Snake.
Which three Your Sanctuaries specifically involve some non-implied liquid compound [i.e., water which is actually seen, not clouds] when you visit them? Milky Well. Rainy Circle. FIRE SPRINGS [lava is molten rock].
What colour is Aloysius Minch's office in Fourside? Gold, yellow, orange-yellow; any of those shades.

Adran Garrison, Arin EX, Bariguy, The Big Rhino, Blue Antoid, Cabeza Grande, Carmel, Cracked Bat, Dalez, DanXMSTie, darklink570, Diamond Dog, Dragorn, Dr. Eatsdoughnuts, EarthBrent, EB Master, epoch, Evil Flying Baseball Bat, Falcon Pain, Fuzzy Pickles, Gauntlet, Hercule Poirot 116, Kopii Paula, jrh, Link06215, Pokey's Pursuer, Regulus, SimonBob, Some-guy 1927, SpazzMan, Stareye, Steve and Triple10X won this week.

Week 70:

What is Pokey's mother's last name? Minch.
How many of Ness and friends' parents are physically shown in the game before the credits begin to roll? Four: Ness' mother, Paula's mother and father, and Jeff's father. Ryan Wan Soo [or whatever his name is, he's Poo's trainer] could be Poo's father, although it's unconfirmed and unconfirmable.
How many Spiteful Crows would you have to fight in order to finance, through selling the items they leave, buying the house on Beak Point? [That is, all the money you use to buy it is derived solely from selling the items the Spiteful Crows leave behind. Hint: this is a whole number.] The house costs $7500. Spiteful Crows always leave Cookies. Cookies sell for $3. $7500 for the house / $3 per Cookie per Crow = 2500 Crows for the house.
How many experience points would Ness earn from those fights, assuming he fought every single one of those crows alone? 2500 Crows times 3 exp per Crow is 7500 exp.
Which two enemies can you fight south of the Onett roadblock, along the way to Twoson? The Black Antoid and the Ramblin' Evil Mushroom.

Adran Garrison, ArinEX, CPTCrunch, jrh, PSI Clark and SimonBob were this week's Victorious Entrants, and are therefore the last players to be congratulated on this archive page [we move to old8.php next week]. Congrats. Total win percentage: 13.6% of entrants earned tomatoes. I couldn't think of a Problem of Doom.


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