Week 71:

What are the three locations with separated amenities [meaning a hotel with an ATM is located in a different building than any shop] which receive bus service? Locations which receive bus service: Twoson, Threed, Dusty Dunes, Fourside. The hotel with the ATM in Dusty Dunes is located in the shop on the Threed side of the desert [talk to the old man].
What kind of business is the closest non-bus-related business to the Eagleland Bus Station? A pizza business. Specifically, the Mach Pizza Twoson Branch.
Which enemy will not fight you with other kinds of enemies when Jeff is the only member of your party [meaning if this enemy fights you, it will either be alone or be with another of its kind], but might fight you with a bear when there are other party members? Cave Boy. You control only Jeff only in Winters, and the only bear enemy in Winters is the Mighty Bear Seven. The Mighty Bear Seven can be fought with a Cave Boy. Therefore, Cave Boy.
In which department store would one find a character who resembles the security men in the Monotoli Building? The Fourside Grand Department Store.
What is the in-game name of the real estate company that will sell you the $7500 house in Onett? [Note: the Player's Guide gives a contradictory name.] Beak Point Real Estate. [The contradictory player's guide name is "Lie'n'cheat Real Estate".]

Welcome all! This is the eighth archive page of this incarnation of Trivia. This week's winners were AniWrestleFreak, Blue Antoid, CPTCrunch, Culix, Dalez, Drakenul, Gauntlet, Jeff's Radio, jrh, link06215, Picky, Poo's Nightmare, SimonBob, Steve and Ted Raymond. I again could not decide on a Question of Doom for this week. Sorry.

Week 72:

In what non-Scaraba location to which you can teleport [ie., Onett, Saturn Valley, Fourside, and the Lost Underground Tenda Village] can you find the most enemies you see in Dungeon Man? [When I use the word "see" in this question, I refer to both the enemies his monster collection on the third floor of his body and the enemies which you can fight in Dungeon Man.] Winters. Fourside only has three enemies appearing in Dungeon Man: the Mystical Record, Musica and Scalding Cup of Coffee. On the other hand, Winters has at least four doing so: Gruff Goat [monster collection], Mad Duck [monster collection], Worthless Protoplasm [can fight], and Lesser Mook [can fight].
How many bodyguards [or people of similar profession] drag Mr. Spoon off when he climbs onto the Topolla's stage during Venus' show? Two.
What might Ness' mother be doing to King when Ness calls? She may be giving him a flea bath.
In terms of the number of locations where you can buy it, what is the rarest condiment? The Jar of delisauce. Any other condiment is purchaseable in at least two locations.
What is the only Magicant enemy you can engage in a fight with that you encounter before entering Magicant? The Kraken. Other enemies in Magicant with whom you engage with a fight [meaning you can see them outside of battle in Magicant before and after you fight them] are the Loaded Dice, Electro Swoosh, Mr. Molecule, Ness' Nightmare and French Kiss of Death. None of whom appear outside Magicant.

This week, the winners were Adam Selver, Anthony [AVictory], Artemis251, avenger339, BariGuy, bloop, Daveman Deluxe, d`Jeu, EB Master, EvolSoulX, Guy From Fourside, Hylian Jean, Josh K., jrh, Leo0820, The Losar, SimonBob, Ultros.

Week 73:

Who has something an Onettian calls cute and yellow? "What a cute, yellow backpack." If you can't get it based on that, I'll be depressed. (Hint: Loch ...)
In which dungeon is it exclaimed that you're at the earth's navel? The dungeon leading to Lumine Hall; one of the talking rocks says so.
In what dungeon [not the dungeon in the above question] is it commented that you're at a navel? Dungeon Man.
Who did "Tessie" kidnap before flying off towards Stonehenge? The Tessie watcher, Sebastian.
What does a scruffy-looking boy in Happy Happy Village refer to Lilliput Steps and the accompanying caves as? The strange, anti-blue place. He says it can't be painted blue.

Cyberquad, Daveman Deluxe, DerbyKirby, EarthBounder Zero, Gauntlet, The Insane Duck, Josh_K, JRH, Karl Couture, Rorshacma, Steve, WhoopA and zztman. Without a doubt, the Question of Doom this week was Question 5.

Week 74:

How many houses [thereby ignoring stores and the Library] in Onett fit both of the following criteria: you may get an item from a present box or living creature in the house; the house is connected to a dirt road? Three. Ness' house. The Exit mouse house. The Minch residence. You get the Travel charm outside it, and the Hideout isn't attached to a dirt road. Unless one runs inexplicably through the forest into a dead end where it really has no business being.
What does the boy, who a woman in Fourside thinks to be a Peeping Tom, believe Magnet Hill may be to you? It may be your place.
What are the only two inventions of his own making Orange Kid mentions through the course of EarthBound? The Suporma [Super Orange Machine] and a process to transform boiled eggs back into raw eggs.
At the end of the game, in what room of the Polestar Preschool can you find the cat that's normally sitting on the roof of the Preschool? The room just before Paula's room.
Which of the four heros of EarthBound is the one most hounded by media paparazzi? There are two possible answers, depending on which of stated evidence or shown evidence you take as most evident. Paula is one, since she was hounded by the TV crews; Ness runs across the Cameraman most often.

Only Crazy Swordsman won this week.

Week 75:

Which Moonsidian enemy can one sometimes find [but not fight unless you use the Walk-through-walls code] on the second floor of Dungeon Man? This particular enemy would be Dali's Clock.
What is said, in Onett, to be stronger than a superhero? Your average policeman, of course!
During a discussion of what item does a bakery patron wonder what "PP" is? The Lucky sandwich is the item in question. This patron is findable in the Onett bakery.
In the area between and including Twoson and Lilliput Steps, how many places where you can have a mushroom taken off your head exist? Four: the Healers in Twoson and Happy Happy Village, the girl on the Twoson end of Peaceful Rest Valley, and Lilliput Steps themselves.
What item in Brick Road's collection has no engine, according to the sign describing it? The taxi cab.

Only FalconPain won this week. Isn't this neat?

Week 76:

What character is the more proficient haiku writer, Everdred or a composite of all the Tessie-watchers? A composite of the Tessie-watchers. Everdred cited one haiku; I can think of two cited by Tessie-watchers.
In terms of the number of Greek letters that he learns, who learns the most attack PSI? Paula. Please note that I may, in the future, trick you with similar gender-non-specifications.
What Greek letter is sometimes substituted for gamma in some shield PSI? Sigma. If you would like to dispute this with me, and claim it's actually epsilon, please look in a dictionary for transcriptions of the letters of the Greek alphabet. (Preferred dictionary: a thick one, perhaps the size of two average-sized textbooks.)
Of the PSI families labelled as "Attack" PSI in the Status menu and during battle that both Paula and Poo learn [meaning they both learn at least one PSI-level in that family], in which one does Poo learn the greater number of levels? This would be PSI Thunder.
Who does Mr. Polestar consider to be the prime suspect in the kidnapping of his daughter? Mr. Everdred.

SimonBob was the sole success this week.

Week 77:

Aside from being able to poison you, what action — also used by the other enemy most-genetically-close to the Deadly Mouse — which the Deadly Mouse can take may be responsible for it being called "Deadly"? SMAAAASH attacks.
Other than the Onett Arcade, in what other arcade can you find an actual arcade game? The Fourside Department Store.
Who wonders who the cool one is as your battle against him slows to a crawl? Pokey.
Against which of the hero characters would equipping the Sea pendant be most effective, when what PSI it weakens, stunts or otherwise defeats are taken into consideration? Why? Paula. Using a [NPaPo] triplevalue system which indicates how many PSI families or letters [see question five] each uses, and which the Sea pendant defends against, we see: Fire Alpha through Omega are defended against [040], Freeze Alpha through Omega defended against [083], and Flash Alpha through Omega are defended against [483]. But if we go by the families, we get [121]. In either case, Paula is still ahead.
Again, referring to what PSI it defends against, against which hero character, to which it is effective, is the Star Pendant least effective? Why? Remembering that it has to be effective against the person, that leaves Poo; this is because Jeff does not use PSI and therefore the Star Pendant cannot be effective against him. It defeats Fire [040], Freeze [083], Flash [483] and Paralysis [683] Poo has the lowest value. Even if you go by families [Fire, Flash] rather than letters [α β] and other such stuff, it still ends up with Poo having the least powers [221] defeated by the pendant.

Deadly Pudding and Paralistalon won this week. This week appears to be the end of the series of weeks with a number of winners klutzes in shop classes could count on a single hand.

Week 78:

In Winters, how many telephones are located north of Lake Tess? Two. One's in the drugstore Best Friend; the other is in the phone tent at Fort Tessiewatcher.
How many police force members confirmably of the rank "Captain" do you fight in Onett? One. Captain Strong.
What video game is mentioned most often in EarthBound? EarthBound. It's mentioned at least three times in Onett and scores an additional mention in Dungeon Man. EarthBound 2 comes up close, with two mentions at most.
What are the given names of the Dusty Dunes miners? George and Gerardo.
From where does one of the Runaway Five claim that a nipper has taken them? He claims that the nipper has taken them from a nightmare. Kudos if you included "to a dream" in your answer.

epochVHS, CPTCrunch, Drakenul, Gauntlet, GG Crono 4, Hermione, Crazyswordsman, Elwood and Daveman Deluxe won this week.

Week 79:

What kind of law enforcement does the woman in the Onett police station want to go into? Parking metre enforcement, metre-maiding, etc.
If you want to join the Sharks, you have to come back after doing something. What is that something? You have to beat EarthBound. Isn't that just ironic?
Other than Master Belch, what is the name of the other enemy that you could talk to in Belch Base? The Slimy Little Pile. Not the Slimy Little Pig.
Outside which building do you first encounter Pokey outside of Onett? The mountain cabin, in Peaceful Rest Valley, where Paula is imprisoned.
Which city is a self-proclaimed tourist trap? Summers.

AnyoneEB, Avenger339, BlackMageofPain, BlueAntoid, BlueStone, Cabeza Grande, Caleb, Chewy, CPTCrunch, Crazyswordsman, Damon, deadlypudding, directmac8, EarthBrent, EB Master, Gauntlet, Ghost of Foppy, Grandpa, Heero0m, James Picard 007, Jeff's Radio, Jesia, JesusFreakOmega, Karl Couture, The Losar, Madfish, Mad William Vane, Michael Haynes, NintendoFreak, Silent Wind of Doom, Soap on a Rope, SpazzMan, STAREYe, Tim, Triple10X and WhoopA all earned badges this week as I leapt for joy. (The last time the winners paragraph got this long was over a month ago.)

Week 80:

In what two buildings in Fourside [not Moonside] can one find Mr. Spoon? Newsflash! "Curator at Dinosaur Museum in Fourside arrested for stalking musical diva Venus and storming stage at Topolla Theatre during her performances."
Where is it claimed that espresso stunts growth? Newsflash! "Patron of Jackie's Café claims, 'Espresso stunts growth, Stubby!'"
What does a character in post-blue Happy Happy Village decide wasn't such a good idea after all? The character in question is the formerly-blue cattle [is cattle the proper gender-non-specific noun since we can't tell if it's female or male?]. What he/she has decided wasn't such a good idea after all was ... *dramatic pause* ... a blue cow.
What colour will the prices in Summers turn your face? Newsflash, from the Onett Times! "Visitors to famed resort town Summers complain of blue faces induced by prices there"
Why will the prices in Summers turn your face the colour in 4? Newsflash, from the Fourside Post! "Blue-faced tourist explains cause of his ailment: 'The prices are so high in Summers!'"

This week saw victories by AmzRigh, AnyoneEB, Blue Antoid, Blue Stone, CodeHunter64, CPTCrunch, Cracked Bat, Crazyswordsman, Darien, darklink570, Daveman Deluxe, deadlypudding, Drakenul, Ghost of Foppy, The Insane Duck, Jeff's Radio, King, The Losar, Magus, Mr. J, mrnobo1234, murkkie, PSI322, ShivnDragon, Silent Wind of Doom, SimonBob, Squirty, StarmanBeta, Spazzman, STAREYe, William Tooker, Wizmo and Zombiepaper.


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