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Ness Bonus - by Firegirl

Ness Bonus

Game Bonus Footage of Ness

Other Submissions by Firegirl

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Firegirl Doseisan no Ai
Novice clay figurines. One Saturn makes another blush with his cleverly placed mistletoe. Made with Sculpy III, 24 gauge black wire, and pink nail polish, photographed on flour and paper towel. Alternate pictures available here:
1/9/07 10.00
Firegirl Japanese Characters
Video of the cast, from Japan
3/7/06 0.00
Firegirl Motherload
My collection of Mother related things: Mother 2 in box with all inserts, Mother 1+2 in box with all inserts, both Mr. Saturn pre-order cell phone straps, Mother 3 PLUS OST, and my personal Mr. Saturn button/pin.

Pictured on a totally unrelated Japanese cat cloth.
12/16/06 0.00
Firegirl Ness Bonus
Game Bonus Footage of Ness
3/7/06 0.00
Firegirl PSI Life Change Alpha!
7/31/06 0.00


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