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Mother 3: Dead and Alive? - by LiarXAgerate

Mother 3: Dead and Alive?

In late August of 2000, Starmen.Net and the rest of the EarthBound community was dealt a crushing blow. IcEFusioN posted the first news on the main page: "Mother 3 is cancelled :(" Several other updates confirmed this.

Fast forward to the first day of E3 2001. The N64 on its last legs, Nintendo pulled out all the stops for the Gamecube. And its killer app was Super Smash Brothers: Melee, the sequel to a game in which Ness made a cameo role. This time he had two levels, a Mr. Saturn cameo, and one of the biggest roles; He was everywhere in the movies, and Onett served as one of the most often-shown levels. A few days later the new issue of Nintendo Power came out with NP Seige 2 envelope artwork. Why all of this sudden fame for everyone's favorite quirky japanese RPG? If you ask me, Mother 3.

Maybe not the Mother 3 we've been looking at the past 5 years. No, I wish we could have seen more of Ryuka and Flint, but I doubt that we'll be seeing it, at least under the Mother name. Why would they have be showing off Ness and Mr. Saturn and other characters, who most likely wouldn't have seen in Mother 3? (Note: Early art had Dr. Andonuts and Mr. Saturn, and one VERY early screenshot seemed to have Ness in it. You can also clearly see Onett in pieces in one of the latest screenshots unearthed. However, that seems to set up a cameo role...) I think we're going to see a new adventure. One set up by Pokey's letter to Ness at the end of Mother 2.

I wish I could ramble longer on this subject, but at this point there isn't too much to say. Maybe at SpaceWorld we'll hear more. But until then, we Starmaniacs need to keep waiting. It'll come, in some way or another. You can't ignore the signs.

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