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Smashing With Ness: Part Two - by EB 4 GBA

Smashing With Ness: Part Two

Smash moves are awesome. They are fun to pull off, and fun to watch. I can't count the times I've laughed at Ness's famous baseball bat making contact with Pikachu's body and watching the little yellow rat fly off of Melee's Final Destination stage into the black hole of oblivion. Earthbound fans who own the Smash bros. games will get some nostalgia from this awesome fighting series, seeing Ness's bat and yo-yo bring back a lot of EB-related memories. In this article, part II of my "Smashing with Ness" series(I guess it's a series now), I will explain Ness's most prominent and useful smash moves, the bat and yo-yo, and share my favorite uses for them. First of all, the yo-yo's ground move, or as I like to call it, the "walk-the-dog" trick, since that is essentially what Ness is doing. This move can be performed by pressing "Down-A." It is not the most powerful move, but it does have it's uses. If you are standing in-between two other character, the yo-yo can be used to hit both of them. When powered up, the yo-yo can pack a bit of a punch to anybody who is hit by it. It can also serve as a trap. While powering the yo-yo up, if any character is hit by the yo-yo, the character will continue being hit by the move as long as you power it up. Another use I've found for the yo-yo is it's ability to keep players off the stage. Ness must be talented, because he can keep a sleeper walk-the-dog spinning, even as it touches the ground. If you stand near an edge, perform the move with Ness's back turned to it, the yo-yo will hang off the edge, sometimes preventing your opponents from making their way back on the stage after being hit off. Like the rest of Ness's Smash moves, the yo-yo has many uses, and again, it is the Smash player's job to find their own favorites.

Next, we'll talk about the "around the world" yo-yo move. This move is performed by pressing "Up-A." The yo-yo spins on the ground, like the "walk-the-dog", but after this, it spins around above Ness's head before he catches it back in his hand. This move can also be used in the same way as the "walk the dog" move to prevent opponents from getting back on the fighting stage. Just do the same thing, but without your back to the edge, and virtually the same effect will be achieved. I normally use this move to counter Fox or Falco's "Fire Fox" move as well. As they power up the "Fire Fox", power this move up, and finish the move just as the fox or falcon hits you. The timing takes practice, but this move can be quite useful in this particular situation. Finally, my favorite way to use this move is to get a character in the air somehow, hit them with Ness's aerial "Up-A" move(Ness hits them with his abnormally large head), land, and finish the juggling act with an around-the-world. The damage accumulated can be quite high, if the cycle is done correctly, or if moves are added to the cycle. Try it! And finally, we've saved the best for last. The bat. Ness's best Smash move. The bat has ENDLESS uses. Run away from a computer-controlled opponent, power your bat up, and beat them into the stratosphere as they approach you. Hit an opponent off the stage, stand near the edge, bat ready and powered up, and whack them even farther into the sky. Simply run up to a character and hit them. All these are uses for the bat. It feels great to hear the old smash sound and watching a character fly upwards and bash into the TV screen.

Well, I hope this provides some help for those of you having trouble mastering Ness. Just remember, look for the right situation. This is the key to mastering any character. Develop a strategy, and use it. Soon, you'll find yourself utilizing these solutions without even thinking about it. Well, that concludes my article. Thanks for reading. This is EB 4 GBA, signing off.


-That Ness's yo-yo pictures a figure that somewhat resembles Giygas' final form, and reads "Dolphin Loop, Nintendo 2001?"
-That Ness's bat reads "Nett Sports?"

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