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Winter of 1989 - by PsiHeroNess

Winter of 1989

I cool remix of the Snowman theme from Mother, it could be from Earthbound as they are very, VERY simliar though.

Other Submissions by PsiHeroNess

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PsiHeroNess 4 to 1
My version of the Giygas themes, dirty and meant to be listened to with headphones and alone and in the dark.
11/5/07 0.00
PsiHeroNess Ebtastic Farmville!
Took 5 hours altogether! Listen to whole earthbound soundtrack and then some
11/22/09 0.00
PsiHeroNess Fake Snow
A cool synth remix of winters, inspired by Digital Winters.
1/6/08 0.00
PsiHeroNess School is Cool
Stay in school fool :D
1/6/08 0.00
PsiHeroNess The Hippie's Drug Store
Ya just gotta love this silly little mix!
3/15/07 0.00


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